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Chapter 456: 456
Hot spring resort…

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After a while, two young ladies made their way out of the hot spring . They were draped in towels . They are obviously very pleased with their time in the hot spring judging from their expressions .

“That was so comfortable…”

Tohka wiggled her nose .

“Hot springs are really fun…”

Yoshino also nodded as she agreed with her . She also looked quite after taking a bath in there . Although she didn’t express it in words, her eyes are beaming up with joy .

“Oya, where’s Shido?”

Yoshinon waved her rabbit hands, making the two spirits note the absence of Shido .


Tohka gasped .

“That’s right, where’s Shido?”

Yoshino looked at Tohka with a confused look . She asked the wrong person .

The two of them exchanged a look and Yoshinon continued .

“Maybe he’s still in the hot spring?”

Yoshinon suggested while sneering with its rabbit hands covering its rabbit mouth .

“Looks like Tohka doesn’t care about Tohka anymore, Yoshinon will make sure to tell Shido, he’s going to be so sad he won’t care about Tohka in response . ”

Tohka’s expression went pale, she frantically shook her head .

“No no no! Shido will never do that to me!”

“That I am sure but do keep in mind, Tohka…”

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Yoshinon continued grilling Tohka .

“You forgot him first…”

“I have a feeling Shido’s not going to take this news well…”

Tohka protested with tears at the corners of her eyes .

“But Yoshino also forgot about Shido right? That means he won’t care about Yoshino as well!”

Yoshino panicked when she heard this, her eyes started turning moist . Yoshinon silently yelled, she didn’t want to freak Yoshino out .

“Come on girls, you were all in the same hot spring, why didn’t you girls notice him?”

Tohka tilted her head before she replied with a serious expression .

“I forgot…”

Yoshino lowered her head while mewling in a low volume .

“Me too…”

These two spirits are too air-headed .

However, they are so hung up about Wu Yan that they forgot all about Kotori .

Tohka and Yoshino are both frightened by the prospect suggested by Yoshinon .

Tohka put up her hand as she announced her intention .

“I am going to find Shido!”

Yoshino nodded . She followed Tohka in an attempt to join her search for Wu Yan . Before they entered the hot spring, Wu Yan came out of the bath with a sunny face . It’s like he just came back from an all-you-can-eat buffet . A brief look and one would be able to tell that he’s in a very good mood .

Wu Yan scolded Yoshinon .

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“Yoshinon, was it fun teasing Yoshino and Tohka?”

Yoshinon giggled .

“Yoshino didn’t intend on bullying Yoshino, just Tohka…”

Tohka gasped and she realized just right now that she’s being played like a violin . Of course, she got mad .

She yelled at Yoshinon .

“So you have been bullying me?!”

“Well, you’re gullible…”

Yoshinon waved her hands at her in a manner that would make people want to beat the puppet .

“Please don’t fight…”

Yoshino pulled the hand hosting Yoshinon back a bit . Her calming voice made Tohka less riled up .

Wu Yan shook his head while bitterly smiling . They shouldn’t have played along with the puppet if they wanted to find Wu Yan they should have just gone into the bath .


A foot hit Wu Yan’s waist, this ambush caused Wu Yan to fly away like a sack of potatoes .


Wu Yan spat out a mouthful of saliva from this sudden kick to his waist .

He fell in a beautiful parabola, his feet twitched a few times before he went limp .


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Tohka and Yoshino cried out . They can’t believe the identity of the aggressor .

“Kotori! Why did you kick Shido?!”

Tohka questioned Kotori, Yoshino also looked uneasy . Kotori’s behaving out of character .

Her red eyes are beaming with malevolence . She looked very angry and mad as her body trembled . This isn’t even half the wrath she wanted to unleash because she looked like she’s still holding some back . But, she also looked flushed and passionate at the same time, just what is going on?

Wu Yan struggled to get up . He took a look at her ribbons and sure enough, she wore black ribbons . He fell into despair .

She is in her commander mode .

Kotori narrowed her red eyes at him . She didn’t care that she’s barely covered by her towel . She stomped her way over to Wu Yan . Even Tohka and Yoshino are frightened by her behavior, the two of them hugged each other while trembling .

Wu Yan flailed his arms around while awkwardly smiling . He made sure to move his butt as far as he can from Kotori .

Kotori stood in front of Wu Yan and she looked down upon him with stern eyes . She didn’t care that Wu Yan can see her goods from this angle, she continued in a low tone .

“Speak, how do you wish to die?…”

Wu Yan laughed in a cheeky manner .

“Must we resort to death by execution though?”

“So you don’t have the resolve to choose your own death…”

Kotori continued .

“Let me choose for you then!”


Wu Yan shrieked .

“Please listen to my last words!”


Kotori gave him the chance to speak his mind .

“Speak up, this will be the last chance for you to speak so use this chance well . ”

Oh fuck oh crap oh shit

Looking at Kotori who is on the verge of turning into a berserker . Wu Yan scrambled his brains trying to look for a way out . The cruel reality, however, is that he didn’t know how to get out of this one .

“You’re testing my patience . ”

Kotori gnashed her teeth, she lifted her leg .

“If that is the case, let me put an end to your miserable existence!”

Wu Yan grabbed her hands before she can stomp him .

Kotori yelled out loud in surprise .

“Let me go!”

Let you go, not even if my life depends on it…

He hugged her and Kotori froze up .

She blushed hard as she worked hard to push Wu Yan away . She panted as if pushing Wu Yan away took up all her energy . She wavered before letting him go .

She snorted .

“You got off easy this time!”

Kotori grabbed her clothes and she went into the fitting room much to the other three’s relief . They looked at each other .

The moment Kotori entered the fitting room Kotori slumped down on the floor . She is still flushing red but her menacing glare had turned into a mellow look . Her skin is also tinged in a fluffy pink shade .

Kotori is still embarrassed about what they did in the hot spring .


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