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Chapter 455

Kotori regretted the fact that she agreed to come here at the spur of the moment . If she didn’t come here, she wouldn’t be subjected to this treatment .

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Kotori used all the strength she could muster to try and stop Wu Yan’s hand . But, no matter how hard she tried it’s all for naught . He rubbed her thigh so much he could probably reproduce a plaster replica from memory alone .


Kotori’s heart would skip a beat here and there, she’s also having trouble catching her breath as she started panting adding a bit of voice to this quiet hot spring .


The more she heaved and sighed the more her strength got sapped away . At this point, her hands are not doing anything other than being placed on Wu Yan’s hand .


Blushing like a peach, she started sweating hard while wheezing . One sweat droplet flowed slowly down her forehead and her nose before dripping into the hot spring . The hot spring started smelling raunchy .


The weird sensation started making her lose control of her body . She tried to hold back her moaning but a few escaped nonetheless . Her red eyes started turning moist while she is still short of breath .


Wu Yan shook his head while smiling . If she’s already like this when he’s just touching her legs, what is going to happen if he moved on to other areas?…


He licked his lips in anticipation . He started kneading her soft meat .


Kotori clenched her teeth as she tried to endure the surge of pleasure . She really didn’t know what to do with this new experience .


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She looked at her Onii-chan, she wanted to beg for mercy but her sound became incessant moans whenever she tried to open her mouth . She can only hope that Wu Yan would get the message from her eyes .


Unknown to Kotori, her eyes are the most enchanting part right now . Her moist and pleading eyes would make anyone with their guards down into her captives .


Wu Yan moved his hand in a faster and more vigorous manner .


Kotori hated this Onii-chan of hers . Fine, she could forgive him if he took her first kiss, she could also forgive him if he rubbed her all over but it’s a bit too much if he ignored her when she’s begging him not to embarrass her in front of other people .


I should have brought my black ribbons…


Kotori isn’t aware that Wu Yan only has the guts to bully her softer personality . He didn’t have any plans on messing around with commander mode Kotori . After all, he didn’t want to die just yet .


Wu Yan decided that the wiser route would be to first conquer imouto mode Kotori . Commander mode Kotori would have to admit her defeat if that happened .


This is the reason why Wu Yan either took her black ribbons away or make sure to ask if she had her black ribbons with her .


This method seems quite effective .

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At the very least, imouto mode Kotori didn’t reject Wu Yan, she would always put up a small protest before allowing Wu Yan to do whatever he wanted .


Wu Yan felt dissatisfied with just this much, he narrowed his eyes and he inched his hands upwards .


Kotori’s eyes widened and she started panicking . Her heart is beating so much she’s sure the others can hear her heartbeat . That’s just how tensed she is right now .


No! Oh god no!


She prayed that this wolf of a man would be able to listen to her heart’s voice but alas Wu Yan didn’t have mind-reading powers .


Wu Yan discovered her secret garden where the sun doesn’t shine and he flicked something hidden by a bush .


That flick alone was enough to make her moan out loud . It was music to Wu Yan’s ears, he started unleashing a torrent of finger movements at her you-know-what .


It’s like her body is wrapped in an electrical storm, the jolts of pleasure assaulted every cell in her body . She threw her head back with her mouth wide open . It’s clear from her eyes that she’s wandering the border between being conscious and being unconscious .


Wu Yan’s breath stopped when he saw her entranced look . He used his free hand to remove her bath towel .

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He got a close-up look at the development of her tender young body . Satisfied with how she’s developing, he made doubly sure to imprint her tiny twin bunnies in his mind .




Kotori muttered . She’s so bashful about the fact that her body is exposed to Wu Yan’s view . His hand never stopped which put Kotori in quite a dangerous position where she can’t do anything but be a subject of his lewd torment . She writhed around at Wu Yan’s mercy .


He grabbed one of her still-developing jugs and he started molding it into different shapes . This was a two-pronged attack aimed at her upper and lower swimsuit areas . Following up without any rest, he bit down on her earlobe .




A sweet yelp escaped from her . Her face is tinged in a deep shade of red, she grabbed Wu Yan’s arms in a weak manner . If an outside saw this, it would look like Kotori is the one guiding Wu Yan right now .


The rare resource known as rationality started collapsing as she sighed and panted away . Her moans echoed in this hot spring without Kotori being aware of it .


To avoid detection, Wu Yan closed her mouth by plugging it up with his mouth . He also didn’t forget to pry her clenched teeth open with a delightful dance of his tongue . Once he slipped inside, he took her small tongue hostage and he made sure to teach her who is in charge by coiling his tongue and hers together .


The hot spring which is already steamy in the first place got even more steamy as if the hot spring is embarrassed to be a host to this kind of racy event . The steam obscured the two of them from view like some kind of censorship .


Tohka, Yoshino, and Yoshinon really dozed off as they didn’t notice this M-rated event going on in front of them . If they did see it, it would probably ruin their innocence .


The two pairs of red eyes with different shades met each other as the two of them parted lips . They are both out of breath .


He gave her one more peck and he released the hand that was attacking the area around her inner thigh . He hoisted her up by her butt and he straddled her in front of him .


“No… Onii-chan…”


Kotori gasped .


“Not in a place like this… please…”


Wu Yan finally realized where the venue is and his mind cleared up a bit . He bitterly laughed and he didn’t press her hips down and towards him . Instead, he rubbed her fanny up and down .


Faint panting sounds could be heard reverberating in the hot spring again and again…

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