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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 315: The 4th floor, pass!

The design of the room looked the same as before. Plain walls on all sides, a plain ceiling with an arena that covers the whole floor. Finally, the floor master sitting cross-legged at the center of the arena.


This floor master differed from the previous floor masters, this one looked like a magician.


"So you are here…"


The magician opened his eyes.


"Breaking past the 1st, the 2nd, and the 3rd floor. I had assumed you would stop for the day and come challenge the 4th floor another time. Yet, here you are…"

Wu Yan smiled.


"Sorry bro, I am a bit pressed for time you see…"


Wu Yan mused out loud.


"I thought the floor masters would spend all their time in this dull room…"


The 4th-floor master guffawed.


"We are not automatons. Of course, we do get out of here from time to time. Furthermore, we have heard of the news about you coming for us!"


Wu Yan shrugged.


"It would be more accurate to say I only wanted to get to the higher floors…"


"Same thing."


The floor master had a steely gaze. 


"Since you want to go to the higher floors, you must understand one thing: there is a wide difference…"


He flinched as he scanned the floor master with his eyes.


"Oh I see, it's becoming clearer to me now…"


Wu Yan parted his legs to the side and got into a battle stance.


"The 1st floor master had lower tier 6 strength, the 2nd floor master had middle tier 6 strength and the 3rd one had top tier 6 strength. And you, your power is at tier 7, I am right aren't I?!"


The 4th floor master laughed as he channeled his mana. The force generated made his clothes flap around like he's in the middle of a storm.


"That's right! It is also the reason why only special students can go up there. To defeat me, one must have at least tier 7 strength!"


The 4th floor master laughed out loud.


"Granted, I might be wrong if someone actually had a method to surpass the gap between different tiers."


The floor master floated up like a green leaf and he landed some distance away.


The magic power around him resonated and sparks appeared, the sparks became flame rings that gradually increased in quantity.


The floor master had a battle-hungry look. His bloodlust made him look like a warrior and not like a magician…


"You are strong! There are many who had beaten me in combat but there are few who can make me feel like I can't win the battle. All of them are all rankers who are within the top 10."


The 4th floor master continued in a low tone.


" I know I probably can't beat you. Wait, make that absolutely can't beat you. However, I won't make this any easier for you either!"


The dozens of flame rings turned and trained themselves onto Wu Yan.


"Let us begin!"


The flame rings shot fireballs out of its hole.


Magic can be used like this?!!


The fireballs startled Wu Yan. He jumped back to dodge the fireballs that are more than enough to give him severe burns if he got into contact with them.


"Evading will do you no good!'


The floor master who had turned into a berserker-esque combatant waved his hand and the flame rings all stuck to the ceiling like chewing gum.


Now the floor master is basically making it rain fireballs!




He made a fist and charge towards the floor master.


Along the way, countless fireballs rained down on him while he blasted them away with sheer force.


True Ancestor gave him incredible stamina and regeneration along with the augmentation of his physical capabilities. The fireballs are very hot but against his resilience, the fireballs can do nothing but be reduced to sparks…


However, the fireballs are just too numerous. The flame rings kept spitting out fireballs at Wu Yan and he chose to passively resist it.


Gnashing his teeth, he retreated with dissatisfaction.


He had all these physical capabilities to deal with the fireballs but he didn't have the appropriate techniques to apply it. He lacked the skills even though he had the strength. Brute force isn't going to work for him this time.


I have to get an ability that allows me to utilize all my strength and agility.


After making up his mind regarding this, Wu Yan steeled up and he charged forward with a blade in his hand.


"Return to Horizon Waltz…"


He swung Nietono no Shana at the ceiling and a crimson sword beam shot out from the blade towards the ceiling.




He destroyed the ceiling along with the flame rings in a magnificent explosion.


Although the floor master can't see it, he can sense that his flame rings had been reduced to nothing due to the severance of connection between his flame rings and him.


A figure rapidly made its way across the arena towards the floor master.


The floor master panicked and he channeled his mana to conjure up two massive flame pythons. The flame pythons whipped at Wu Yan as if they were animate.


Wu Yan laughed when he was confronted with the flame pythons. He held the sword in a vertical fashion before he leaped up.  He spun around in the air like a spinning top, his motion caused a storm of sword slashes. He entered the mouth of the flaming pythons just like that.




He chopped and slashed the flaming pythons to pieces from the inside out, right from the head until the tail.


In the end, the flaming pythons were turned into a flurry of sparks.


The floor master could do nothing but watch in a stunned fashion as a figure appeared in front of him, having emerged from the sea of flames unscathed. The cold touch of steel at his neck made him realize he had lost the battle.


"You lose…"


said Wu Yan while holding Nietono no Shana to the floor master's neck.


The floor master became dejected as he sighed.


"I lost…"

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