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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 316: 4th floor cleared!

Beep, congratulations on clearing the 4th floor of the arena tower. Obtained 40,000 Equipment Points & Item Points, 20,000 Summoning Points & Ability Points.



Wu Yan


True Ancestor, Sword Master, Master Chef, Impeccable Memory, Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz, Electromaster Lv5


Nietono no Shana (Grade C), Imaginary Dragon Armor (Grade C), Meteor Storm (Grade B)


Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea, Flandre Scarlet, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, Misaka Sisters

Equipment points:


Item Points:


Ability Points:


Summoning Points:






Wu Yan stored away Nietono no Shana while the floor master awkwardly laughed.


"I knew I couldn't beat you but I didn't expect to lose so fast. With that kind of strength, you should be able to take your place among the strongest 10 rankers. Are the other 9 newbies as ridiculously strong as you?"


Wu Yan was surprised.


"You know about us?"


The floor master guffawed.


"Didn't I say it before? We do go out once in a while. Plus, it isn't every day that you hear about 10 special students entering Silvaria World Institute at the same time. How would we not hear about this kind of news?…"


Wu Yan bitterly laughed, he thought that this 4th-floor master might turn out to be a good friend, his cheerful attitude is a fresh change.


The floor master stopped laughing and he changed back into his business mode.


"I am sure you have heard of this many times now but I will repeat it anyway. Your information had been entered into the register. The next time you come to the tower, just step into the magic formation at floor 1 and choose floor 5 as your destination. Your credits for clearing this floor has also been credited to your ID card."


The familiar magic formation appeared in one corner of the room. Having been through multiple such formations, Wu Yan knew that's the one that would lead him to floor 5.


The floor master patted Wu Yan's shoulder as he pointed him towards the magic formation.


"There, that's the magic formation to floor 5, the true battlegrounds for special students like you. I will be here if you need me. I expect to see you emerging victorious tomorrow."


Wu Yan helplessly smiled while shrugging.


"So you even know about that huh? My name sure does travel fast…"


The floor master couldn't hold back his amusement.


"Ah, your name does travel fast but the content? Let's just say almost everyone in this institute has heard about how boastful, rude and lewd you are among many rumors…"


His smile froze up. Wu Yan felt a bit embarrassed but the floor master sure didn't alleviate his shame by laughing out loud.


Even Wu Yan with his thick face couldn't withstand the floor master's laughter. He quickly made his exit by entering the magic formation.


At around the same time, the arena tower which displayed the tower clearing progress of every student prominently displayed Wu Yan's name.


A mechanical voice came from the crystal ball projecting the image. The sound made everyone stop and listen.


"Special student Wu Yan cleared the 4th floor."


"Special student Wu Yan cleared the 4th floor." 

"Special student Wu Yan cleared the 4th floor."    

Everyone exchanged looks before they started making noises.


"Wu Yan? Isn't that the hotshot special student everyone's talking about"


"He cleared the fourth floor? That's impossible!"


"Tsk, what do you mean impossible? He's a newbie for sure but he's also a special student so what's so strange about him clearing the fourth floor?!"


"Shut up, retard. The 4th-floor master is a tier 7 individual so he wouldn't go down so easily even if he's a special student!"


"This newbie has got some skills…"


"Fuck that, the guy is probably very good. He just entered the academy today and he had already cleared the fourth floor. He did it all in one day, talk about being brutally strong!"


"Brutally strong my fat ass. Hah! I bet anyone on the fifth floor can fight just as good as he can. In the end, he's just an overrated newbie…"


"Man, you really need to check yourself. He's a new guy but he's a special student. You're not even an elite student so you can stop dissing on him unless you want to start planning your own funeral!"


"Why the hell can't I diss him?! I am older than him!"


"Oh? Let's see you go up to him and say that to his face. Come on, you scared?"


"Oh, that does it, you wanna throw down bitch?"


"Come at me, bro!"


"Oh, I am so going to punch you in the face!"


"I said bring it, biatch! Let's settle this in the arena! I bet 1000 credits I can whoop your ass so hard you can't sit down for a week!"


"You're on!"


A lot of people cheered for Wu Yan, about the same amount as those who think Wu Yan should really take it down a notch. Thus, Wu Yan's debut caused a bunch of conflicts in the student body. Naturally, the arenas are even more filled up now.


There are also other topics as well.


"That Wu Yan guy is here, does that mean the other 9 special students are going to make an appearance as well? Boy, I sure want to look at their pretty faces…"


"Oh please, those 9 other girls are as overrated as Wu Yan is. I want to see just how beautiful these girls truly are!"


"Even if they turn out to be as they described in the rumors, they are still special students, we are way out of their league…"


"I wouldn't be so sure, fate might just link me with one of the girls!"


"Wake up, genius. Take inventory of whether or not you can hold on to her. Those in the major factions are bound to target them, what? did you think you can fight with them?"


"Uuu… forget it. Those girls came with Wu Yan. Is it possible that he's in a relationship with all of them?…"


"Oh, crap you're right. When will my other half come?…"


"Pfft, ahahaha. All that glitters is not gold but a cow's dung will sprout a few flowers in the end so… what more can I say? Hahahaa


"That does it! You butthole, you wanna fight?!"


"Damn straight, I've been itching to beat your sorry ass all day long!"


"Fine! To the arena we go!"


"Come! Wait, Hold up!"


"What? You afraid?"


"Don't kid yourself. I want to check your ID card to see if you have enough credits."




The arenas are filled with people who are heretofore strangers, but, because of a certain somebody, they started fighting each other.


The news of him clearing floor 4 got buried as everybody started going off topic. A special student reaching floor 5 is only expected, if he was only an elite student, it would surely cause quite a stir…


However, this news still reached the ears of the major factions.


They aren't surprised he had reached floor 5. They didn't think he would be worth the time if he couldn't at least make it to floor 5. These factions are more interested in another thing.


Why is there no news regarding Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Flandre-chan, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou?…

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