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The ojou-samas residing in Tokiwadai dormitory had no idea that their most respected and admired Shokuhou Misaki Joou-sama is having her Purnania explored thoroughly while they are busy discussing what skincare products are the best or what clothes can make them shine. The adventurer also happens to be no.1 on their shit list.

The intense feeding of the kitty is still ongoing in the room. The outside world seemed so distant relative to that inside the room.

Outside the room, it’s pretty much the same old boring and quiet corridor while an intense and heart-racing action scene is going on inside the room.

Joou-sama stopped holding back. On all fours, she clenched the bedsheet while her body and face are tinged with a rosy blush. She moaned in pleasure rather than trying to stifle it from coming out.

Her body rocked back and forth as her magnificent jugs swung in rhythm with her rocking motion. Every time he plunged into her, she would gasp and moan.

Her appearance turned on a certain werewolf behind her and he sped up while grabbing her by the waist as he cleared the cobweb with his womb broom.


Shokuhou Misaki was like a small boat at the mercy of a storm that is still being pumped out from being her. She’s not too sure when she would lose it…

She didn’t know that her expressions and jiggling boobs caused the one behind her to ram up his RPM, initiating an even more intense round of hot beef injection.

Droplets of sweat emerged on her skin and curvy body that’s tinged pink. With each emergence of sweat, a curious and oddly pleasant smelling scent would waft around the room, adding excitement to the two who are busy doing hot yoga on the bed.

Like valiant soldiers who went out in a blaze of glory, after evaporating slightly, the sweat droplets would leave an enchanting trail on her sweet body and fall onto the pure white sheet, leaving a small stain.

With each instance of this, the sheet beneath her had turned into a sloppy and moist mess.

This moistness didn’t cause Shokuhou Misaki or Wu Yan to feel turned off. Quite the contrary, they felt the urge to go even more wild and primal.

Hence, Wu Yan railed her hard from behind like there’s no tomorrow.

Like a piledriver he kept smashing her hard causing ripples to undulate across her voluptuous figure, of course, her breasts danced to the tune in a manner which would turn on the most celibate of any saint.

At a certain point, her body started tensing up as she clenched down on the bedsheet. Her toe also started to curl up. An unknown sensation started pouring forth and she wasn’t sure how to deal with this. She quickly turned around and whimpered, still blushing a deep red.


Wu Yan sucked in a big mouthful of air. Shokuhou Misaki really doesn’t have a clue how big an impact her charming features had on people, she didn’t know how perfect she looked with that blushing face and misty eyes.

Heaving, Wu Yan didn’t stop as Shokuhou Misaki imagined he would, he sped up and rammed her even deeper and harder than before.

His harpoon hit her right in the critical area, making her howl. The way he’s ramming her right now, she felt like she might just get impaled by his Longinus.


She cried out in pleasure and it was like a scene straight out from a painting. Her voice filled the room and even the mighty sound insulation of the room could not stop her passionate moan. This time, the sound traveled outside for just a short distance…

Had there been anyone nearby, they would have noticed something was up…

Wu Yan released a breath of pure satisfaction, he looked like a heavy burden had been lifted from him, like he had released the demon inside and achieved apotheosis.


After the drawn-out moan, Shokuhou Misaki’s body remained twitching on the bed as she mewled. Anyone around her would find their loins on fire just by hearing her.

The only audience, having unleashed his carnal lust onto her, stayed relatively calm. If he had recovered just a bit more, the flames of lust probably would have engulfed him once more.

After a bit of time passed, Wu Yan smiled in a satisfied manner. He laid there as Shokuhou Misaki collapsed onto the bed. Glassy-eyed, her twin mountains moved up and down while she panted.

Prying her starry eyes to make them stay open, she turned around and looked at Wu Yan.

When she saw Wu Yan and his satisfied beaming face, she felt furious so she grabbed a slab of meat at his waist and gave them a good twisting or two.

Her definition of a good twisting differed from the norm because she is currently languid from the fierce humpy-squirty session they had.

“Speak! You planned this didn’t you?!”

It’s reasonable for her to think this way, he found her at a time when she’s bathing, how could this be just a coincidence?

Shokuhou Misaki has yet to acquaint herself with a certain characteristic of a being known as the Fukou-da spiky-haired guy. Every time the guy falls down or open a door, you can bet your ass there’s going to be fan service waiting behind that door, it’s like he’s doing it on purpose.

Shokuhou Misaki’s strength couldn’t even pull a hair off Wu Yan if she tried. But, Wu Yan faked it as though it really hurt. He cried out.

“That’s defamation! It really was a coincidence!”

“Like I believe you!”

She rolled her eyes at him. She remembered how Wu Yan forced her into various positions like suspended congress style, doggy style, and various other position. It infuriated her to no ends.

She just couldn’t amuse herself with the thought of being treated like a sack of meat, being pounded hard without being able to fight back.

It probably had something to do with her past, but she didn’t like being manipulated, not even if it’s on the bed… Instead, she settled on a solution pretty quickly.

Getting up, she straddled on top of Wu Yan in a cowgirl position, surprising him. She proceeded to laugh.

“Now that you had your fill, it’s my turn!”

Wu Yan looked like he had seen a ghost. He stuttered.


Shokuhou Misaki glared at him and viciously snorted at him.

“What?! You got something to say?”

Stunned by her, he managed to squeeze out a line.

“Erm… are you still up for it though?”

Shokuhou Misaki blushed and she got angry.

“Oh, what do you care! You’re the one who walks away from this the winner here! Stop questioning the good things!”

He zipped his mouth and although he felt that this situation was fresh, he somehow liked the notion that she might be the dominant one.

Shokuhou Misaki gnashed her teeth and she slowly lowered her trembling body…

When they restarted their lust-and-thrust session, he kept groaning in pleasure whereas Shokuhou Misaki moaned.

She started practicing the techniques she had picked up from reading other people’s brain using her Mental Out in an awkward manner.

Enjoying the magnificent view on top of him, specifically a pair of jiggling meat buns, listening to the tender and sweet voice whimpering nearby and the tight sensation grabbing his twinkie, he just closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the moment.

Thus, the sounds of mattress-dancing kept echoing in the bedroom.

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