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“Hah~ Ahh~ Ugh~”

Shokuhou Misaki’s misty-eyed appearance really blended well with her starry eyes. It’s like he’s looking at two stars reflected off a lake. Her eyes are enchanting in this sense.

She looked like a sobbing girl except she moaned and her eyes were moist. Although, to those who aren’t aware of the present proceedings, they might really think she’s crying.

As the two exchanged blows with their tongues, her groan escaped between their moist lips. Due to her sensitive body, any stimulation would make her weep tears of pleasure like a helpless girl.

A few more makeout sessions later…

The two finally parted lips with a chupa sfx after Wu Yan used a bit of strength, their appearances made Joou-sama even more embarrassed.

Seeing her bashful appearance, Joou-sama had no idea how alluring she was, Wu Yan’s eyes almost popped out gawking at her. Moreover, she’s still butt-naked.


She gasped as Wu Yan sent two division to invade her homeland. One would be in charge of wreaking havoc on the north side and the other, the south side.

“Mugh~ Uu~ Nnha~”

Her bases were conquered pretty easily as they submitted to his tyranny. She threw her head back as a voice mixed with both pleasure and pain came out of those exquisite lips of hers. Wu Yan felt his lustful fire growing ever bigger, how he wanted to nail her right there right then like a brute.

He touched her inner thighs and found that it is not yet time to pull out the Rhongomyniad against her. Enduring the carnal lust that threatens to consume him, he played with her sensitive body. For some reason, even though she is very sensitive, she managed to hold out for so long it’s killing him to endure his lust.

The strength that sustained Shokuhou Misaki was sapped from her as her hands fell softly onto the bed like it had lost its bones.

She can only muster enough energy to close and open her lips repeatedly. She heaved, moaned and begged for him to go easy on her…

Somehow, she lost strength from exchanging kisses with him…

Embracing her voluptuous figure, he could feel her soft, smooth, and tender skin brushing up against his body, he thoroughly enjoyed caressing her body.

It didn’t matter where he touched her, her skin was soft and it seemed as though it would absorb him if he didn’t stay on his toes.

“What… are you doing…”

Realizing that she is within his arms, she felt his skin and that powerful heartbeat of his, Shokuhou Misaki held his hand and muster up what strength she could to squeeze out those few words with a worried tone.

Shokuhou Misaki isn’t completely prepared for what’s about to happen. Even without saying it, Wu Yan can feel the anxiety in her heart just as she could read what is in Wu Yan’s mind without reading it with her ability.

Shokuhou Misaki’s worry is understandable, this is all happening too fast for her. It’s only been a short while since the last time she had such intimate contact with him.

She was taking a bath not long ago as per her habit, yet, she is now getting treated like a delicious crumpet in front of a starving man.

Shokuhou Misaki hadn’t considered the possibility that Wu Yan is going to shtup her.

She had only got to know him for not more than 3 months. Furthermore, they had only seen each other a few times within this short frame of time.

What a wonderful world we live in…

“Of course, it’s to do a bit of how’s-yer-father…”

He had a hand on her booty and the other on one of her melons. He kept moving his hands even as he sneered at her with a lewd grin.

Wu Yan could feel a strong throbbing sensation coming from her soft but sizeable rack. No doubt about it, she’s panicking…

“Wait wait… wait wait…”

Shokuhou Misaki shook her head vigorously even as she still looked lethal with that tinge of blush on her.

“I-isn’t this a bit too hasty…?”


Wu Yan kept his hand on her boiling chest, giving it a quick squeeze, she piped down as her body flinched.

“Somethings can’t be defined in strict measures of time~”

It might sound philosophical but when he says it, Shokuhou Misaki felt like he’s just being a complete douche about it.

He lifted her up onto himself, still grabbing her boob and tushy, he straddled her on himself. He liked this position for some reason.

Shokuhou Misaki got pulled up and onto Wu Yan, the moment she got put into a straddling position, she knew what the guy is thinking about. She felt a sharp object propped up against her nether region and she became very nervous.

“Wait wait!”

Two firm and strong hands grabbed onto her ass and though she screamed in alarm, it did nothing to stop her curvaceous body from being pulled down onto his divine spear.



Along with that sound, she felt something entering her the same time she heard the tearing of something inside her.

She threw her back like a swan hit by a poacher. She whimpered ever so slightly and the sound reverberated around the room.

“Uu… uuu…”

The pain hit her like a truck, she had never been hurt so badly before so it was enough to bring her to tears. The tears started flowing down her cheeks and onto Wu Yan’s body.

“That hurts… you mean jerk, you are hurting me…Uuu…”

She clenched her hands that were on his shoulders, even as she clenched as hard as she could, it was insufficient to alleviate the pain she felt so she directed that anger towards Wu Yan who took her purity away from her. She had all the rights in the world to be angry with him.

“Okay okay, don’t cry… it will be okay…”

As if consoling a child, he lied to her. This method, simple as it is, seems effective at calming her down as seen by her gradually decreasing amount of tears.

When the pain faded away, she felt a sense of emptiness enveloping her. She subconsciously twisted her body. Noticing her signal, Wu Yan moved his body and made her howl in pain but more than that, pleasure.

Unbridled from his restraints, he embraced her tight and started rocking her up and down as he enjoyed the divine tightness working magic on his Excalibur.

The moans never stopped cumming coming… and neither did somebody.

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