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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 268: Today's theme, maids!

School district 7, Wu Yan's home.

Wu Yan looked at his living room which looked like it was visited by a hurricane. The whole place was wrecked and he didn't know what to do other than twitch his lips.

The ones who did this are looking at the ceiling like it wasn't their fault.

The perpetrators: Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou.

The 3 girls are wearing mad costumes and they stood in front of him in all their glory. They are very cute even without trying, Wu Yan can just see the moe beaming off of them. Wu Yan almost went giddy when he saw them looking like this.

Except, when he saw how bad a state his living room is in, he just couldn't find the energy, only a faint sense of pain.

Wu Yan regretted his decision to bring these three cute girls in as maids, he had the skills to do it properly. Technically, it is his fault things turned out the way it is.

Can't blame him, those who would definitely don't have 3 cute maids in their house, who would pick up after themselves with them in the house?

Lucky for him, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Astrea went out for shopping. Otherwise…

But, he didn't understand why Hinagiku and Mikoto would tell him to clean up the house. Wasn't Ikaros the one who usually does this?

Also, what's up with their terribly upset expression when they ordered him to clean the house.

It appears the wolf still isn't aware that his wives had already known that he shagged a loli.

Maybe the girls thought that Wu Yan ate a certain crumpet known as Frenda because they wouldn't let him in their room. They decided to let him off the hook by making him clean up the house and making sure Ikaros won't be there with him.

Cute girls, they probably didn't know about his mission 3 as well, if they did they would probably facepalm.

Well, Wu Yan felt odd but that's it, it's just a task of cleaning up the house, it's nothing as Herculean as cleaning up the entire city so, in a way, they really did let him off the hook quite easily, what kind-hearted girls.

He was too naive as always.

He forgot to consider the fact that a house that kind easily house 8 people with rooms to spare is huge.

That is the reason why he picked up a cloth, scanned the area of his house, spaced out for a moment before he gave up the notion of going at this alone.

It was also the point in time when the 3 girls who just entered his house on the pretense of being maids entered his sights.

Spouting something like: "Maids should do some maid jobs.", he got the 3 girls to wear maid uniforms with a bit coercion and watched them go about doing their jobs in satisfaction.

And, once again, he is reminded of how naive he was.

If the desolated scene isn't a reminder of his mistake, what is?

This is what they meant by cleaning? Surely, they are not taking vandalism on synonymous terms with cleaning? That has to be the case right? Right?!

Wu Yan flipped a lot of metaphoric desks to express his unamusement.

Maybe this meant that Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou didn't know how to do chores?…

Well, maybe that's part of the reason. But the major reason for how wrecked this place is would be because of the dissatisfaction of two girls.

Being forcefully abducted here, taken advantage of, and being treated as a maid. If she didn't destroy a thing or two when made to clean up this place, Kinuhata Saiai wouldn't be able to look herself in the mirror.

Kinuhata Saiai, despite her mounting dissatisfaction, she followed Wu Yan's command to the word and swept what needed to be swept, wiped what needed to be wiped and it would appear that way to the observer.

If they looked closer, one would see her cheekily using her Nitrogen Armor when doing chores.

When she swept the floor, the ground would mysteriously crack and when she wiped a table the table would suddenly collapse while chairs would be sent to Hades.

Kinuhata Saiai's unamusement is probably a sentiment shared by Frenda if not to a greater extent. She just arrived here yesterday and she already got her pink fortress attacked by a certain brute. Not to mention a second siege early this morning. Now, she's being made to clean the house after exiting her room for not more than a few hours?…

In freaking maid uniforms!

Frenda is triggered, albeit secretively.

Frenda's aim aligned with Kinuhata Saiai and that is how they basically destroyed the house.

Frenda didn't have Nitrogen Armor like Kinuhata Saiai but in terms of how to creatively unleash hell, would a girl with an epithet of "Missile girl" lose to Kinuhata Saiai?

She just casually placed a bunch of minor modifications to the chairs, tables, and floor before igniting said modifications to bring about destruction.

Oh, the poor tables, chairs, and floor who did nothing wrong.

As to what Takitsubou Rikou did, well, she just watched this all unfold.

Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda looked at the ceiling with a sassy attitude while Takitsubou Rikou looked back at Wu Yan with lowered head. Wu Yan slapped his forehead and complained.

"I say, what grudge do you have against this house…?"

Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda snorted coldly before turning their heads the other way. Takitsubou Rikou looked flustered as she glanced left and right at the two girls, she probably wanted to stop this from escalating.

Wu Yan sighed, he could more or less guess that these two Moe blobs caused the damages and their hatred was directed at him rather than the house.

But, House-kun is innocent!

If you girls don't want to stay here, that didn't mean we don't want to!

In a way, it's his fault (Author: What do you mean "in a way" it is your fault, clear as day). He understands why Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda would do this, he decided to pass it off as them venting their frustration.

He slapped his cheeks and told at the two grumpy girls.

"Now that you two clearly got it out of your system, surely that means you won't continue ripping this place to shreds? Hinagiku and the others are about to return so let's get serious about cleaning up okay?"

The two girls snorted and turned their heads the other way again. Takitsubou Rikou felt awkward as she didn't know how to speak for her friends. Wu Yan's lips twitched and he was stumped for words.

He had tried being nice and asked the girls properly only to get cold hmphs from them. Although this meant that they are still upset, the fact that the two girls ignored him tugged the wrong nerves.

I wonder if I should perform some tuning on these two…

He still had to clean up the mess in the living room so he endured the urge to give them some Pavlovian conditioning of the hard and stiff stick kind. He tried another round of polite petitioning only to end up with similarly ineffective results.

If this went on, he can't possibly finish this task before Hinagiku and the other girls return with just Takitsubou Rikou helping him.

What to do?…

He slapped his forehead and sighed at these 3 girls in unique maid uniforms.

If I had a maid that is handy (Author: If you know what I mean) with a lot of things, how nice would that be…

Now, who could possibly clean this large an area in such a short time?!

Unless the individual had the ability to stop time…

And it was then that Wu Yan suddenly had a bright idea.

"Maid… time… stop…"

Mumbling that line, his eyes shone brightly.

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