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A ray of sunshine got pass the crevice between the curtains and suffused the room with its radiance. The curtain dangling in the wind lost its purpose as sunlight found its way into the room and onto the eyelids of the two asleep on the bed.

Wu Yan who was still asleep felt the prickling light on his eyes and his dreams got dispelled rather easily. He slowly regained his consciousness and opened his eyes.

Normally, he would stretch his back in satisfaction but he didn’t this time. That’s because he already felt pretty satisfied as it is.

Feeling a tight sensation coming from near his cannon, he groaned in pleasure. Now that he is more or less awake, he recalled what had transpired last night.

He felt a pair of petite arms clinging to his waist and judging by the softness of the skin in contact with his, he grinned and conjectured that the one clinging on to him could belong to none other than…


His movements stirred Frenda from her sleep. She opened her eyes and revealed her sapphire blue eyes to him.

Her eyes suggested that the owner has yet to completely shake off the sleepy spell. Frenda turned her head left and right before rubbing her eyes. Finally, she noticed her present situation.

Her consciousness returned to her in an instant. She felt a sense of rich fulfillment that was fresh to her. She recalled what happened last night and her little countenance froze up. Noticing that she’s currently laying on top of somebody, Frenda lifted her head only to see someone grinning at her.

Frenda looked at Wu Yan’s face with a stupefied expression. She gave herself a facepalm and she sighed.

“Why… why wasn’t it all a dream?”

Wu Yan sighed and replied.

“Indeed, I had such a great dream…”

Frenda gnashed her teeth when she heard his annoying tone and words. She wanted to chew this guy to bits and given their proximity it was easy to do if only reality allowed.

Frenda wept internally, she knew this day would come if she followed Wu Yan. She just didn’t know it would happen so fast, on the first day of coming here no less!

I-I have been here for just one night…

She got completely devoured by him, how is she to face him now that they have to see each other every day!

The most unforgivable act for her, however, is that his savage treatment of her body actually bred a sense of reliance on him.

Is there any worse fate than this in this world? Is there? Huh?!…

Her emotions burst through the internal environment and manifested on her face as she started crying. Her crying expression mixed with her moe attributes made a deadly combo.

Looking at the wave-shaped tears flowing down her cheeks, the exact same expression he had yesterday when Katsura Hinagiku and Mikoto showed him how unprepared he was, he revealed a grin belonging to that of one who had his vengeance. He remembered distinctly how someone enjoyed his torture session yesterday…

He got up and sat on top of the bed, since Frenda was lying on top of him, when he got up, she got put in a straddling position.

At the same time, his Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon which was still inside her, moved a bit and stimulated her as evidenced by her sudden yelp.

“Wh-what are you doing all of a sudden?!”

When she yelled at him, Frenda remembered how many times she begged for mercy only to get ignored and railed hard, she remembered all the moans and groans she made under his embrace.

She got upset. Who does this guy think he is? Just because he forcefully had his way with her, fully immersing himself in the process, did he really think she would stand idly by and not unleash her built up anger?!

She channeled her fury into her yelp, forgetting what a terror Wu Yan is. Wu Yan raised an eyebrow and revealed a sinister sneer that made Frenda tremble.

Before Frenda can continue, she felt Wu Yan thrust his body. With that thrust, a surge of electricity hit her like a car, a sensation she knows all too well thanks to last night and she gasped.

This, however, is just the prelude.

His thrust multiplied into a lot more thrusts and it was accompanied by…

“Ahh…Mhn… Ngh…”

A faint blush started creeping up her radiant white skin. Her body went up and down with his thrusts as her golden locks danced along behind her back. And so, Frenda started another round of her bashful and angry gasp, moans and groans.

Looking at his smug face, she continued while moaning.

“Yo-ah… Y-ngu… You are-you are going at it again?…”

Wu Yan didn’t slow down as he kept bouncing her on top of him, dismissing her with a laugh.

“Of course I am doing it again. What? You don’t think I can? Aren’t you underestimating me?…”

He had wrecked her all through the night and if it were him in the past, he probably couldn’t do it so many times…

But, lest it is forgotten, he is a True Ancestor!

His stamina and regeneration had made him a demon lord of the night and bed.

He didn’t think True Ancestor had this kind of feature and it was a pleasant discovery. He congratulated himself for picking True Ancestor once more.

He thrust his hips like a rabbit in heat, his RPM correlated positively with Frenda’s increased frequency of gasps.

The sun’s ray had already hit the whole wide bed and the two of them who were doing the business on top of it. She felt more embarrassed than last night because of how bright it is and how exposed she feels illuminated by the sun.

They are practically doing it in broad daylight even though they were in a room and she felt bashful because of it.

She tightened her grip on his shoulders and squeezed out a coherent sentence between her moans and her blushing coutenance.

“Uuu… It’s already morning…”

Wu Yan didn’t stop upon hearing that, he just sped up much to Frenda’s horror and joy. She kept gasping and moaning while Wu Yan grinned.

“Morning, you say? Well, all the more reason we should do it since it’s when our Johnnys are the most active! Wouldn’t you say so? Frendchan…”

Frenda couldn’t say anything. Even if she wanted to, only moans would come out of her mouth, she just couldn’t stop gasping.

Wu Yan laughed and kept making her go up and down on him while being serenaded by her pleas and moans. He closed his eyes and just let himself go into the flow…

He was so in the flow that he didn’t notice two figures standing outside his room.

Katsura Hinagiku and Mikoto.

The two girls weren’t amused by the sounds coming from inside Frenda’s room. They gnashed their teeth and exchanged glances before sighing and feeling a tad bit jealous.

Mikoto endured the urge to form bolts of lightning. She continued with a resentful tone.

“I knew it! This Yan, of course, he would bring girls home for this kind of stuff!”

Katsura Hinagiku crossed her arms and sighed.

“Well… we expected this anyway. Why didn’t we let Wu Yan in the room last night? If we let him enter our room he probably wouldn’t…”

Hinagiku started blushing before she finished her sentence. Mikoto also sighed with a helpless expression. Certainly, if they let Wu Yan in their room last night, Wu Yan probably wouldn’t go creeping around into other girls’ room.

The two girls were aware of his motives from the first place. But, for some unknown reason, they couldn’t rationally process the situation when he brought girls home. Instead, they indirectly pushed him into other girl’s room.

They looked at each other and sighed again…

Fukou da…

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