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Frenda laid on Wu Yan’s bed in her birthday suit, her face and body had already flushed red for quite some time now. Her misty eyes told him she’s already too stumped for anything.

Her heavy gasping indicated that Frenda is both anxious and tense. Her porcelain white petite body was covered in a thin layer of perspiration. Droplets of sweat would slide around her smooth skin, trembling along with her body.

Her childish body that is without any mature curves suddenly had a tremendous charm to it.

Listening to the little moans she would leak out ever so often, he revealed a smug grin. He seemed to be proud of the fact that his skill managed to get her off in such an intense manner. He continued pressing her down against the bed as he stuck out his tongue to lick her perky little breasts before moving onto her neck.


She seemed to be moaning and crying at the same time. Frenda panicked because her body felt like it was no longer under her control.

Tensing up, she felt her mind going blank bit by bit. At this point, she’s already tipsy and due to her sensitivity and Wu Yan’s skillful teasing, he had made her twitch, spasm, convulse, flutter, quiver, tremble, shiver and shudder more times than she could admit.

Returning from a successful subjugation quest on her neck, his tongue arrived at her chest. Tinged red by the whole affair, he relished her sweet body odor and finally, he partook of her red cherry.


Frenda gasped in surprise. She had never experienced anything like this and so her heart raced, ignoring her attempts to calm down just like her moans which escaped her as well.

Wu Yan kept going at her petite body and she shivered and mewled under his embrace. She subconsciously grabbed his head with her hand as if she didn’t want him to let go.

Her other hand curled into a fist she used to suppress the voice coming out of her mouth. She even bit on her index finger in an attempt to muffle her own groans.

It was all for naught, seductive moans would escape her even if she tried her best to stop it. It was all music to Wu Yan’s ears in the end.

Wu Yan became more and more vigorous in his endeavors just as Frenda started panicking more and more. She felt like she’s floating in space and that made her worried and anxious about what is coming.

She wanted to push away this man who had pinned her down against the bed. But, her sensitive body just wouldn’t obey her. She can’ t muster any strength to push Wu Yan away, how could she when she barely had enough strength to support her body? If not for the fact that they were on a bed, she probably couldn’t even get up on her own.

Her body seemed to have another thought of its own, she rocked in tune with Wu Yan’s assault on her body. It’s as if she herself wanted this and willingly opened the door to allow him to invade her and unleash his carnal desires upon her. She is riled up, ashamed and angry all at once, a complex mix of emotions.

If Wu Yan knew what she was thinking, he probably would snigger and say if you can’t take this kind of play, what are you going to do about what’s coming up next?…

Under Frenda’s disbelieving wide eyes, Wu Yan’s hand made its merry way towards her privates.

“No! Uu…”

The moment his dexterous fingers entered her body, she quivered and her legs froze up. The reluctance she had became pleasure-filled gasps.

He used his fingers and gave her a good old session of finger banging. Soon, her snatch was dripping wet with a small stream of love juice. Wu Yan laughed. Isn’t this too sensitive? It’s only been how long, one minute?

Frenda’s body seized up, the feeling of pleasure hit her like a truck and the emptiness of that feeling felt like a void in her heart. When the jolts stopped coming, she collapsed on the bed while heaving, the last of her moans leaked out from her.

Her tender voice characteristic of a loli and her groans brought out the villain within him.

He moved his torso and his tongue glided smoothly over the tiny hills and a vast field of smooth skin before he assaulted her moist hill down under. The tongue made its way into the tightly guarded base of the enemy while wreaking havoc.


Frenda’s eyes went wide after being glassy all this from the pleasure. Her relaxed body had tensed up yet again and the endless rounds of moans played once more in that room. Frenda hurriedly yelled at Wu Yan after seeing her precious place being given the business.

“That place, you can’t!”

He ignored her. He had never gone down on Mikoto, Hinagiku, or Ikaros. He couldn’t test out the ideas he had in mind. He would always get turned down by Mikoto and Hinagiku. On the rare occasions that he gets to try it with Ikaros, she would cum hard after just a light touch of membranes down there.

Wu Yan couldn’t endure to urge to do this anymore.

While making her squeal, he forcefully stuck his tongue in and savored her.

“Mh! Ngah!”

Frenda’s outstretched hands flinched and fell down. She heaved and panted as her eyes narrowed. She twisted her body in what appears to be an attempt to wriggle her way out of his embrace but it was a futile attempt.

In this battle of the sexes, her mighty army had fallen and revealed its broadside to the enemies.

Her commander begged for mercy but would Wu Yan’s indomitable army listen when it’s having so much fun massacring the crap out of the enemies?

He ignored her mewling and plead for mercy, he grabbed her white butt and he propped her up against him. Frenda could do nothing as she watched him squat her down facing him in his lap while hugging her. Her heart started racing harder.

It is at this point that he revealed his mighty spearmen infantry.

Feeling the hard and throbbing sensation pressing up against her wet cunt, Frenda’s dismay burst forth. Her fear of this impending first-time experience shut out the pleasure threatening to destroy her rational processes. Thus, she purred.

“No… Please don’t…”

Her weak plea only served to fuel his lust and he was reminded once more of the: tender voice, soft body and easy to push down.

He has yet to see what’s so easy about pushing this down but he can vouch for her tender body and that sweet voice of hers.

Before Frenda’s rational thought process imploded, Wu Yan’s rational process imploded first.

He looked at her petite frame, he worried about whether or not her small body can take his gungnir.

He threw that thought way back into the recess of his mind. Now that he was already at this stage, if he backed down now, even he would laugh at himself.

He pressed her against himself and Frenda’s body slowly descended, much to her astonishment.

Following a brief sound of something being torn, he impaled Frenda’s petite body after getting through her thin membrane.


She arched her blushing neck back as the pain hit her hard. She yelled in pain as she revealed an anguished expression.

She clung tightly onto Wu Yan’s body with her limbs around him while tears leaked from the corner of her eyes. She begged him.

“Don’t move, please don’t move, it hurts…”

Wu Yan stopped and let himself drown in the pleasure of being clenched tightly by her cunt. The sweet pleasure made him feel at a lost of words.

After a brief amount of time, Wu Yan felt Frenda twist her body every so slightly. He grinned and went to town on that tiny frame of hers like a savage brute.

With each thrust and pull, Frenda moaned, gasped and groaned. She shut her eyes tight and enjoyed the waves of pleasure assaulting her, singing in tune with the motions as she whimpered.

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