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Frenda’s soft body made Wu Yan lick his lips. He touched her back and got excited at the stuff he had in mind.

Frenda’s petite frame is without a doubt, the dainty figure is arguably one of the most delicate among the women he had tasted. She’s unlike Hinagiku and Mikoto., who are developing further and further away from a loli. Frenda’s body looked like a loli even though she’s technically in high school.

Inside the heart of every lolicon is a dream, to push a loli down. Although Wu Yan isn’t a lolicon (Author: so he says). But, he could see why the lolicons of the world would have this kind of dream (Author: so you’re admitting it then!”)

Thus, Wu Yan is filled with unprecedented excitement. (Author: This guy right here, officer!”

Wu Yan placed his hand on Frenda’s shoulder. The moment he did, Frenda flinched and her expression froze up.

Her heart started racing and she put on a smile worse than crying. Just when Wu Yan thought she was going to beg for mercy, Frenda said something surprising.

“In the end, why did you pick me? Takitsubou Rikou clearly had the better figure. Kinuhata Saiai also had a pair of beautiful legs. Why would you pick me?”

Wave-shaped tears started streaming down her eyes as she complained. Wu Yan didn’t know what to say.

He patted her shoulders and continued with a smile.

“Frendchan, you must not underestimate your charms. You must understand that moe is justice, you are practically the embodiment of moe and thus you must stand proud like a ruler of your domain!”

Frenda’s jaw dropped, listening to that line which only a person who thought differently or a dimension traveler could say, Frenda snapped, her veins started popping on her temple. To think this guy had the nerve to mess around at this juncture…

But, angry as she is, she couldn’t say anything. The reason, Wu Yan hugged her tight and took her lips.

An explosion occurred in her head, her eyes widened in shock. She felt a big fat tongue knocking around her lips. She couldn’t believe that this is happening to her.

A girl’s first kiss is very important to her and only after her first kiss was taken from her in such a short period of time did it occur to her that such a precious thing can be taken so easily.

It wasn’t just any kiss, it’s a passionate kiss that a couple would engage in.

Wu Yan’s tongue got past Frenda’s teeth because Frenda wasn’t putting up any conscious defense due to surprise. He entwined his tongue with hers.

Frenda’s eyes went wide again as his tongue ravaged her oral orifice. She could do nothing but let her tongue be toyed by his.

Their tongues tangoed under Wu Yan’s guidance. Slowly but surely, Frenda’s body mellowed out and soon enough, she started moving her tongue almost out of instinct.

Her movements were amateurish at best, at least, in front of Wu Yan who had tons of experience, this much is amusing and he is almost condescending in evaluating her kissing skills.

Not one to stifle creativity, he let her take charge and loosened his control. Her inexperienced kissing is enjoyable to him a fresh manner.

Frenda didn’t know why her tongue suddenly had a mind of its own. She wanted to stop but the pleasure kept her going. And so, she continued letting her subconscious take her wherever it wanted while viewing this all with glassy eyes.

When the two parted lips, Frenda looked drunk. Her face was flushed and her body felt weak. if Wu Yan wasn’t hugging her, she would have fallen onto the bed.

After some tens of seconds, Frenda finally woke up from this enjoyable stupor. Her eyes went wide as she threw a disbelieving look at Wu Yan. This expression was actually meant for herself.

She didn’t think kissing would feel so good, she got embroiled in it and she let herself stay in that state. She just couldn’t fathom the fact that she actually took the initiative to french kiss another person…

No! That’s not me! I got forced into it!

Frenda denied and she found that her denial slowly died down.

Wu Yan pushed her down against her own bed. The colors drained from her face as she felt his weight weighing down on her. She struggled internally before mewing.

“Es-essentially, please be gentle, I am afraid of pain…”

Frenda closed her eyes in a bashful manner, she psyched herself up for the most important moment of her life as a teenager.

Wu Yan listened in astonishment and when she closed her eyes, he grinned. He thought he would have to “physically persuade” her one more time…

The flames of lust instantly exploded within him, there’s no stopping him now!

He isn’t in a rush to unleash his carnal desires. He placed his lips on her ear and licked her earlobe while simultaneously massaging her rump through her clothes.


Frenda didn’t think he would be so gentle with her body, she thought he would just rip her clothes off and forcibly turn her into a woman. This felt odd and new at the same time.

Although separated by a layer of cloth, the warmth of his hand transmitted well enough that she can feel it and she tensed up.

Anywhere he touched, that part would feel hot, as he kept grabbing her butt, her heinie felt scorching hot, it also felt ticklish and sore at the same time, it was a weird sensation.

Wu Yan had tons of experience in this department and that was clear enough, given this is Frenda’s first time, she’s about to get played with a like a doll.

“How is it, are you feeling good?”

Wu Yan distanced himself from her ears and he teased her with a smug grin.

“It felt good…”

Frenda replied without conscious thought. When she heard herself, she wanted to kill herself for blurting it out.

What in the world am I saying?…

Wu Yan laughed in satisfaction as he continued rubbing her all over, he focused on her lower half, when he touched her kitty, he was shocked by something.

Turns out, Frenda’s wet down there!

Wu Yan looked at Frenda in shock, he saw her body tinged in pink and her shy yet angry expression. And then, he realized something.

Frenda’s the sensitive type!

“No way…”

He removed his lewd hands from her inner thighs and spread it out in front of Frenda.

“You’re so…”


Her face was already deep red, she’s the one who is most familiar with her body. When she saw his hand, Frenda was ashamed and resentful and she expressed it with her cries.

Wu Yan laughed but he didn’t continue with the verbal teasing. Instead, he unbuttoned her shirt in a rapid fashion much to Frenda’s shock.

He undid her clothes easily in a timely fashion.

While yelping in surprise, her alluring and glistening young frame revealed itself before Wu Yan’s eyes.

Although he lost count of how many times he had seen naked girls, one thing won’t change: how excited he gets at seeing them!

Her body was different from Mikoto and Katsura Hinagiku’s half developing body. Her body was also different from Ikaros bombastic figure. This body before him belonged to someone who was underdeveloped. Wu Yan’s heart started jumping.

This is where it gets good.

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