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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 254: I want your 3 subordinates as my compensation!

"Remove your dirty hands at once!"

A cold voice rang in this relatively still place. Mugino Shizuri and Frenda were surprised by the sudden sound and Kakine Teitoku froze up as well.

The next instant, a strong force entered Kakine Teitoku's hand and he felt an intense pain coming from the vice on his hand. Making him yelp in pain.

Takitsubou Rikou opened her eyes with the fastest speed she had ever muster up in her entire life.

Takitsubou Rikou saw that the person here is the same person she had recalled in her mind.

"I am telling you to remove your dirty hands! Are you deaf?"

Before Kakine Teitoku can respond, a fist came straight for his face and hit him right in the middle of the face.

Another round of pain made him yelp as he got sent flying through the air with a punch from Wu Yan. Because of the impact, he had released his grip on Takitsubou Rikou's collar.

A pair of hands hugged Takitsubou Rikou before she could hit the floor.

The paradoxically familiar yet unfamiliar hand made her heart tremble. She almost cried when she saw the face that she had not seen more than 3 times in her life.

"Takitsubou! Frenda!"

Kinuhata Saiai came just in time to see Kakine Teitoku being sent flying by a knuckle sandwich. She saw Frenda lying on the ground and Takitsubou Rikou in Wu Yan's arms, she also saw the extent of their injuries as she exclaimed.


Kinuhata Saiai was stunned by the scene of Mugino Shizuri laying on the floor at the mercy of her enemy. She ran on over to Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou's side.

"Are you guys super okay?"

Kinuhata Saiai asked the two in a worried manner. She just couldn't fathom the idea that they would get so badly hurt in such a short period of time they had not seen each other.


Frenda mewled in a weak manner.

When she saw the one who is hugging Takitsubou Rikou, the very same person who sent Kakine Teitoku flying with one punch, she can't help but exclaim.

"It's you!"


Wu Yan used a cheeky tone on her.

"Why can't it be me?"

"Why are you here?"

Frenda asked with her guard raised. Wu Yan is still their enemy so she can't be careless.

"Kinuhata, why are you with him?"

Before Kinuhata Saiai can say anything, Wu Yan tightened his hug as he grinned at a dazed Takitsubou Rikou.

"Well, naturally it's too save you girls!"

"Save us?"

Frenda felt her brain going into short circuit.

"Y-you why did you save us? In the end, aren't we enemies?"

"No way, I want to be your man!"

Wu Yan threw that line out without considering the effect of said line on Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou's brain which can't deal with the turn of events. He let them sort out their thoughts before turning around.

"It's you!"

The exact same line as Frenda, but her tone was one of surprise whereas Kakine Teitoku's is of pure untampered hatred.

Grabbing his face, Kakine Teitoku stood up while glaring at Wu Yan. Old and new grudge is now up to him to settle.

The new grudge would be the part where he got sent on a short flight by his punch, the old grudge would be because this man is the boyfriend of Misaka Mikoto.

"Kakine Teitoku!"

Wu Yan plainly puts it, he passed Takitsubou Rikou over to Kinuhata Saiai before standing up.

"I remember you, you're No.3's boyfriend…"

His eyes had malice and killing intention interwoven into a sinister leer. Anything related to Mikoto is enough to bring out the hate within him.

Wu Yan laughed when he heard Kakine Teitoku talk.

"No.3? Bitch, please. She's No.2 now!"

Kakine Teitoku's body trembled and if eyes could kill, his probably could. Wu Yan hit him way too close to home.

"Hey hey hey!"

Frenda shivered in fear as she called out to Wu Yan.

"Essentially, you're just pissing him off? You must be mad! Mugino can't even touch the guy, just because you can defeat her doesn't mean you can defeat him, let's run while we still can!"

Kinuhata Saiai and Takitsubou Rikou cast their eyes on him. They were worried and afraid at the same time. They seem to share Frenda's thoughts on running away. Wu Yan bitterly smiled.

The guy has wings, it's going to be far easier for him to catch us if we ran on the ground.

Plus, there isn't any need to run…

Ignoring the killing intention pouring out of Kakine Teitoku, he walked on over to Mugino Shizuri and told her off as she squirmed on the ground.

"You, look at what you had wrought with your petty pride!"

Mugino Shizuri's pupil shrunk, a hint of pensive sadness could be observed on her face.  She replied while coughing.

"You… are you here to laugh at me? If so… you won…"

Wu Yan shook his head and continued.

"Oh don't you worry, I am going to have fun laughing at you after this."

"After this?"

Mugino Shizuri bitterly laughed and she looked at Kakine Teitoku, she continued in a depressed tone.

"I don't even know if I will be alive after this…"

"I will be covering you!"

Wu Yan's sentence made Kakine Teitoku laugh. Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, and Frenda flinched in response while Mugino Shizuri's eyes beamed up, she returned back to her depressed state pretty soon.

"You don't understand, Dark Matter isn't just for show."

Wu Yan waved his hand and asked her another question.

"You tell me, you want to live or not?"

"Yes, I do!"

Mugino Shizuri replied back. If at all possible, anyone would want to stay alive than die, Mugino Shizuri is the same.

"That is all I need to hear…"

Wu Yan eyed Kakine Teitoku and told Mugino Shizuri.

"First thing first, I am going to need a compensation for all of this trouble.

Mugino Shizuri turned to look at Wu Yan, signaling to him that she's listening. Wu Yan smiled and looked at Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, and Frenda.

"I want your 3 subordinates as the compensation.

Mugino Shizuri, Takitsubou Rikou, and Frenda were too stunned for words. Kinuhata Saiai cussed silently but she looked at Wu Yan without speaking anyway.


He's definitely pleased with the expression the 3 girls at the side had. He grinned at Mugino Shizuri.

Her expression is dark, she's not the type that would weep for dead comrades, she probably wouldn't even feel too bad if all of them died.

With Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou gone, ITEM would have to be reorganized even if it weren't disbanded.

When she saw Kakine Teitoku's figure, her heart jumped and she quickly agreed to his terms.

"If you protect me, I have no disagreement…"


Frenda couldn't believe that she got traded off so easily, she felt a bit hurt by her. She had seen humans being traded like commodities before but Frenda never thought that a day would come where she would be sold off like this.

Kinuhata Saiai clenched her teeth, it seems as though she wanted to give Wu Yan a big fat chomp. Meanwhile, Takitsubou Rikou seemed a bit pleased with the idea.

I am going with this guy from now on?…

Wu Yan thought he had only made a bit of progress on this harem route involving Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, and Frenda. He probably didn't know that he had progressed even further on this route…

Now that Mugino Shizuri agreed to his term, Wu Yan smiled before turning his attention back on Kakine Teitoku with a cold expression.

Within ITEM, excluding Aunty Mugino who seems to have a permanent sandpaper carrot up her poop chute, he loved the other 3 girls.

When he saw how badly Takitsubou Rikou and Frenda got roughed up, Wu Yan made up his mind.

He vowed to give Kakine Teitoku the most splendid funeral!

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