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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 253: Remove your filthy hands at once!

When Kakine Teitoku lifted his head, his dark expression had disappeared but Mugino Shizuri isn't relaxing just yet. That's because she can still feel the tense air around them.

Mugino Shizuri subconsciously retreated a bit as fear started welling up within her. A motion shared by Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou.

Their leader, intimidated by Kakine Teitoku, the girls knew the jig is up and despair soon filled their thoughts. Another defeat for Mugino Shizuri and this time they won't be getting away so easily…

Kakine Teitoku lifted his hand and the Dark Matter around him shone as they concentrated in his hand. Mugino Shizuri, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou each had a different expression but Kakine Teitoku ignored them and soon he formed a dark orb in his hand.

Without delay, he threw it at Mugino Shizuri.

The alarm within Mugino Shizuri went off like mad. Her mind went blank as the ball filled with a destructive aura approached her. She bit her lips and threw away the Diffusion Aid Semiconductor and she quickly formed an electron shield with all her might.

The next moment, the dark orb exploded 1 meter away from her.


Following a loud boom, a mushroom cloud could be seen as if a miniature nuclear bomb had gone off. The cloud suffused the immediate area around the warehouse and went up towards the sky, the whole thing really looked like a scaled-down version of the real thing.

Although it's on a vastly smaller scale, the explosion was enough to wreck the immediate area, everything got decimated and the cloud covered the sky, stones danced in the aftermath and within the mushroom cloud.

Those close to this area could hear the sound and when they looked they could see a small mushroom cloud coming from a bit further away.

Kakine Teitoku flew out of the mess with his shiny wings. He floated in midair with 3 pairs of wings as he surveyed the area. He locked onto a certain area of the explosion site as if he can see beyond the thick cloud of dust and smoke, he did this all with a grin.

A wind blew past the area cleared up the mushroom cloud. When the cloud cleared up, he could see what he did.

Not a single spot left intact, big and small holes riddled the area. Debris was everywhere and at the center of the event, in the biggest hole of them all, Mugino Shizuri was there.

A bit further away, Takitsubou Rikou and Frenda were left with tattered clothes, they were injured all over and their face had been marred by dust. They all squirmed as they laid on the ground.

Mugino Shizuri couldn't stop coughing because of all the dust, It was very uncomfortable to say the least, her clothes were totally messed up but compared to Takitsubou Rikou and Frenda, she's still relatively okay.

Her eyes were filled with terror as she looked at Kakine Teitoku who leisurely floated there.

One move, it was just one move, even after deploying her electron shield the ensuing shockwave was still enough to harm her significantly.

Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou who were at a safe distance away ended up being hit hard enough that they couldn't stand up.

How is this possible… how can anyone be this strong… this is impossible…

Mugino Shizuri shrunk back as this thought reverberated throughout her head.  She can't help mumbling a bit, it looks like she's going to suffer a bit of PTSD after this.

She struggled to look at Kakine Teitoku who is still floating midair. she couldn't believe that despite being fellow Lv5s, they are so vastly different in strength.

Is Dark Matter really that strong? Misaka Mikoto, how did she beat this monster…

Kakine Teitoku flapped his wings and he slowly descended towards Mugino Shizuri making her flinch in surprise.

Kakine Teitoku narrowed his eyes as he examined her slightly trembling body.

"Is this it? How boring…"

Mugino Shizuri clenched her teeth, a laser hit Kakine Teitoku but his Dark Matter dispelled it pretty easily.

Mugino Shizuri was stunned for words, she spammed lasers at Kakine Teitoku but without exception, all of them were dispelled pretty easily despite coming as close as 10cm from hitting him.

Kakine Teitoku's haughty attitude disappeared as he observed Mugino Shizuri going berserk on him. His expression became one of a calm expression. He is looking at her like she's at death's door.

A laser came out of his wing and hit Mugino Shizuri. She got thrown away from the impact and she hit the ground pretty hard, blood had already dyed her red.

Walking to her front, Kakine Teitoku looked down at Mugino Shizuri who is still struggling to get up. He laughed at her.

"I don't get it, why did you come and pick a fight when you are so woefully weak? You have a death wish or something?"

Mugino Shizuri didn't say anything in response, not because she didn't want to, but because she couldn't as she felt pain all over her body and she could barely move her body. She could taste blood in her mouth and her eyes had lost its colors. Despair started welling up within her.

Clicking his tongue in an annoyed manner, Kakine Teitoku turned away and walked towards Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou. He had a sinister smile as he left a line for her.

"Seeing as you're a lv5, I am going to kill you last."

Kakine Teitoku laughed like a maniac as he turned to look at Frenda and Takitsubou Rikou in their ragged forms.

"I am going to dispatch your subordinates real quick!"

Frenda started ppanicking and fearing for her life when she saw Kakine Teitoku approaching her. She put all her strength into begging.

"Pl-please don't ki-kill me… I-I don't want to die…"


Kakine Teitoku looked at Frenda and laughed. Nobody knew why he laughed as he did but he seemed pleased with her.

"This is unexpectedly cowardly of you. Very well, I will leave you be for now…"

Kakine Teitoku looked at Takitsubou Rikou at the side, he bent down and grabbed her by the collar as he lifted her up. Laughing like a maniac, he said to her.

"In that case, I will start with you first! I was going to leave you for last since actually managed to track me down. Since your leader is a lv5, I can't let her die in front of you girls right? Your teammate also begged for her life so I am just going to have to start with you first!"

Takitsubou Rikou's tired eyes fell on Kakine Teitoku, her eyes were moist as she looked at him laughing.

Her life started floating past her eyes, and it is at this point that Takitsubou Rikou discovered how most of her memories had been with ITEM.

Because of the downside of developing her ability, she spent most of her time sleeping. In fact, for the most part, she slept through the day. Every time she is conscious, it would be something related to mission and using her ability to track stuff down.

At the brink of death, Takitsubou Rikou scanned her memories and found that her life had lacked substance…

If she can live one more time, how pleasant would that be?

The next time, I am going to create my own memories…

A sudden scene appeared in her mind, a scene that was different from her memories. This scene had been a real eye-opener for her.

It's not sleeping, it's not a mission, it's herself laying in another man's embrace. And this man touched her all over…


Kakine Teitoku said while raising his hand. Someone immediately grabbed his hand.

"Remove your filthy hands at once!"

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