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Wu Yan didn’t know about the conversation between Kanzaki Kaori and Tsuchimikado Motoharu. He also didn’t know that the magic faction had already deemed him a power on par with them.

If he knew, Wu Yan would probably be stunned that his little performance would result in such a big effect. This is probably why other world travelers would act like a poser every now and then.

Wu Yan isn’t from some mysterious and powerful organization, his strength is the only thing they got right.

Even if they only had a group of 5 people. The weakest among them, Hinagiku Katsura is already a tier 7, an equivalent of Lv5 in by Academy City’s standard. Wu Yan is also a tier 7 but after the battle with the archangel Wu Yan had leveled up to Level 67.

Although the archangel disappeared due to the destruction of the ritual ground, but because it had animosity towards Wu Yan, it counts as experience for Wu Yan in the System’s perspective.

Even Kaichou-sama got bumped up to Level64 as a result of this battle.

Although Wu Yan is a tier 7, he had Meteor Storm and True Ancestor so he can fight a tier 8 in a fight of attrition. If the opponent is careless, he can even turn the situation in his favor if he is given the opportunity to shoot.

Regarding the remaining three, Mikoto finally leveled up to 71 while Astrea and Ikaros are at Level 76 and Level 78 respectively.

The fight against the archangel had increased Wu Yan & co’s levels by one each.

Astrea had accumulated a lot of experience points from the fight with Accelerator, plus all the miscellaneous experience she had gathered since summoning.

Ikaros also gathered a ton of experience since summoning. She had been gathering experience since the treasure hunting trip, the fight with the 3 tier 8 at the end of the treasure hunting trip, and now, the fight with the supers in Academy City. The road to her leveling up is long.

Levels are not representative of real strength. Take Wu Yan as an example, he is at tier 7 but because he had Meteor Storm, he could go one or two rounds with Gabriel. Meanwhile, Ikaros and Astrea had strong arsenals that put them at the peak of tier 8.

With 2 tier seven and 3 tier 8 within their group, their power had already become something the magic faction cannot ignore. Academy City came into the magic faction’s sight even though the city only had Accelerator and Aleister who are tier 8 individuals. This excluded Aiwass who the magic faction probably had no clue the real strength of and who did not appear last time Wu Yan confronted Aleister.

Granted, the Academy City itself is also a big factor.

Wu Yan couldn’t care less what happened after he left, the point is, he’s happy that all of them leveled up.

Wu Yan flew his way into Academy City, he returned relatively quicker than he had ventured out. He sighed at Joou-sama’s frail stamina, if he had gone out with his own body, maybe he could have flown all the way over to the archangel himself.

With EM barrier on, he’s not afraid of being recorded by the security cameras in the Academy City. He’s technically breaking a lot of traffic law but he would have made it home had he not seen a figure down in the streets.

She had brown hair cut in a bob cut, a petite face and figure. Her slender legs were pretty visible as she walked her own merry little way. She’s a girl who liked adding super as a verbal tic to her sentences.

At this time, the young girl moved her dainty little legs in an alley with her hoodie on, her expression can’t be seen from his angle but she seemed to be mumbling about something.

Having his interest piqued by this girl who was petite but alluring in her own unique way, he rubbed his chin as he slowly landed behind her.

As a member operating on the dark side of the Academy City, how can she not have her guard up in an area like this? When she felt someone closing in on her, she turned around only to be surprised by Wu Yan who was grinning at her.

“What the super fuck, it’s you!”

Her usually collected attitude changed pretty drastically when she saw him, it was like Wu Yan is a ferocious beast who can’t be reasoned with. So, she ran faster than a speeding train out of there.

As if expecting her to behave in such a manner, Wu Yan grabbed the girl before she could escape and bear hugged her as he teased her.

“Yo, Kinuhatchan, why the rush to get away from me the moment you see me?” (Translator’s note: appended -chan suffix because Young girl Kinuhata sounded weird, -chan suffix is basically when you’re talking to someone who is your junior in standing.)

“Let go of me super right now! You super pervert!”

Kinuhata Saiai struggled to get out of his grip. But, Wu Yan who is a True Ancestor is physically stronger than this young girl so her weak attempt got duly dismissed by him.

Kinuhata Saiai seemed to have forgotten that she had her own power as well. It’s unknown whether or not she subconsciously chose not to use or that she had really let it slipped her mind due to her panic. In any case, her futile struggle amused Wu Yan.

“Oh? Is this how you greet a dear friend whom you have not seen for a long time? Hmm? Little brat.”

“You’re the brat! Super little brat! Who you calling your friend, you super pervert!”

Kinuhata Saiai is evidently peeved that he called her a brat. She’s also a girl who wish to be seen in a more mature light and she wants to be called beautiful. To be called a brat is something she can’t take lying down, even more so when she thinks that she has a lot of charm.

Listening to her screeching ‘super’ made him lift an eyebrow.

“Oh my, Kinuhatchan, such audacity, have you forgotten the lesson you were subjected to last time? Should I remind you then?”

He put his hand onto her alluring thighs, sparking doubts that he came here with the indecent purpose of doing this to her.

Her prided thigh got touched by his hot hand and she froze up while in the middle of struggling. Feeling his familiar palm, Kinuhata Saiai gave up struggling having already known this scenario from a previous instance. She started wailing.

“You are really one super pervert, uuuu…”

The moment she said super pervert, the palm on her leg suddenly tightened eliciting a cry from her as she shut her mouth.

Wu Yan fondled her thigh and enjoyed her smooth silky skin.

“Little brat, if you change the term super pervert to something else, I wouldn’t mind letting you go, how about it?”

He thought Kinuhata Saiai would listen to him and change the term with glee but Wu Yan forgot that Kinuhata Saiai will get butthurt from hearing little brat or any other similar terms.

“I am not a super little brat!”

Kinuhata Saiaia shrieked, she endured the sensation coming from her thigh as she protested.

“You’re saying you’re not a super pervert? Look where your hand is at?”


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes as he put on a smile that terrified Kinuhata Saiai.

“Where is my hand? Could you please tell me…”

He inched his hand upwards as he said that. His hand arrived pretty quickly at an area that Kinuhata Saiai could not ignore.

She yelped and started struggling.

“You better let go of me or I am going to scream!”

Wu Yan wanted to say “Scream your little heart out, nobody’s coming for you.” but on second thought, that sentence seemed pretty contrived like a second rate villain so he abandoned the line.

“Scream, scream so hard your throat becomes sore, nobody’s coming for you…”

Said the second rate villain named Wu Yan.

Already at her inner thigh, Kinuhata Saiai screamed when his hand was about to reach into her little shorts.

“Okay! I super get it! Just super let go of me!”

Kinuhata Saiai wanted to cry but can’t for the lack of tears. It isn’t even dark yet, she’s not even walking in a dark alley, why would she have the misfortune of encountering a wolf here…

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