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Rubbing her thighs, Wu Yan had to admit that Kinuhata Saiai is justified in being proud of her legs.

Although it’s not as thicc as Ikaros, Astrea, or Shokuhou Misaki’s, it wins in terms of smoothness, on par with Mikoto and Hinagiku Katsura.

For a 12-year-old to develop something like this. It seems her research to bring out the charms in her legs paid off. She crunched the numbers about how to show just enough of her legs that one wouldn’t be able to catch a glimpse of her panties. Her level of charm had risen and as someone who personally examined her legs, he can vouch for her legs with absolute confidence.

Maybe that’s why he can’t help but want to tease her.

Lightly patting her cute little cheeks, he exclaimed as though he’s very disappointed.

“Oh jeez, if only you relented for a bit longer, I can continue playing with you…”

Kinuhata Saiai gnashed her teeth, she wanted to punch this guy to kingdom come but his hand that is patrolling around her lower abdomen and inner thighs made her give up on those tempting ideas.

“Let go of me right this super instant!”

Grinning, Wu Yan released her and as soon as he did, she quickly put a distance between them with a ridiculous pace unimaginable for her stature. She stopped only when she was sure the distance was sufficiently distant enough from Wu Yan as she glared at him in vigilance.

With 囧 expression on his face, he retorted at Kinuhata Saiai.

“I say, don’t you think it’s going to hard to talk at this distance?”

“I don’t have any words to super share with you!”

Because of the distance, she had to raise her voice. Truth be told, the guy has a point, it’s a bit hard to talk like this.

She is saying that she didn’t want to talk to him but it is apparent that she is not going to leave soon. Looking at this girl with a bit of tsundere in her, he decided to mess with her.

“So, little brat, what evil deeds are you going to do by travelling through this cramped alley?”

“I am not a super small brat!”

When she heard the words “Little brat”, she immediately screeched and it appears that she hasn’t learnt her lesson.

“Also, I am not super trying to start bad stuff!”

“You’re not?”

Wu Yan curled his lip.

“You’re telling me ITEM has never done any sort of evil deeds?”

Kinuhata Saiai flinched and she bit down her lips as she glared at him without saying anything.

ITEM is one of the forces operating in the dark side of the Academy City. Saying she didn’t dirty her hand is a lie she herself wouldn’t believe.

That super pervert must hate girls who have blood on their hands…

Kinuhata Saiai couldn’t stop herself from subconsciously considering this. This is part of the reason why she stayed silent, she herself didn’t understand why she would worry about her image in front of this super pervert who did more than just touching her.

Kinuhata Saiai also didn’t know that Wu Yan who had examined as many anime girl archetypes as there are stars in the sky could never hate a girl unless she is bad to the bones and completely lost themselves in the moral event horizon. Of course, being the douche he is, the prerequisite for such lenient judgment is that she’s got to be a cute chick.

Looking at Kinuhata Saiai who isn’t opening her mouth, Wu Yan felt that if he continued this discussion it’s probably not going to end well. Thus, he decided to change the subject.

“Well then, little brat, where are you off to? It’s dark and you’re all alone in this little alley, don’t tell me you’re planning on robbing some hoodlums?”

“I super siad not to call me super little brat!”

Kinuhata Saiai reee-ed. It was all in vain as Wu Yan completely disregarded her.

“Yes, little brat, I understand. Little brat!”


Her veins started popping on her head. She endured the urge to punch Wu Yan right in the face as she walked away.


Wu Yan tried catching up to her.

“You didn’t tell me where you are going!”

“To do bad stuff!”

Kinuhata Saiai quickened her pace as she gave that sultry reply. She didn’t want to continue the conversation with Wu Yan anymore.

Kinuhata Saiai seriously underestimated the thickness of Wu Yan’s face and arguably the speed of his legs as well.

One of them sped away not wanting to get caught up with while the other followed behind with as much ease as a brief walk in the park.

And so, in the alley, the scene of a girl being chased by a guy unfolded without anyone to watch it.

Kinuhata Saiai kept running even though she is already flushed red. It’s unknown whether the reason is due to lack of stamina or that she is really pissed off. When she looked back and saw Wu Yan casually keeping up with her she gave up right there and then.

Stopping, she frustratedly yelled at him.

“What do you want…”

Wu Yan laughed and crossed his arms before asking her the question again.

“Of course, I am here to ask you what are you planning on doing.”

Kinuhata Saiai looked at him in a confused manner.

“Why do you care so much about what I am going to do?”

Wu Yan might be grinning but he is practically beaming inside. He had a reason for being so persistent.

Transcript world: Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Main Mission: Rescue operations

Mission 1: Save all 20,000 sisters. Revive the dead sisters, repair all damaged sisters and store all 20,000 sisters in the bio-containment unit. (Completed)

Reward: Equipment points, Item points, Ability Points, Summoniing points x100,000 each

Mission 2: Defeat the strongest esper, No.1, Accelerator in Academy City. (Completed)

Reward: Random summoning x1

Mission 3: Dip your wick with 3 or more characters in this transcript world and persuade them to leave this world with you together.

Reward: Free summoning of all girls who fit the mission 3’s descriptions.


The mission 3 is practically telling him to go all out in completing this mission, it is clearly waiting to be completed in the System menu.

Easier said than done even if the mission is very enticing. Girls don’t just come knocking on one’s door. Yes, Kinuhata Saiai is on his radar.

When Wu Yan got mission 3, two people appeared without him deliberating any further.

The first one is Shokuhou Misaki.

Wu Yan rose up to the challenge when Joou-sama teased him. But, it’s going to be hard subjugating Joou-sama. After the trip to the amusement park, the remaining obstacles are surmountable in his opinion.

The second one to appear is this cute and charming girl who got screwed over metaphorically last time, Kinuhata Saiai.

Besides Joou-sama, she’s the one who appeared in his mind.

Inside ITEM, except for Mugino Shizuri, he had taken full advantage when Kinuhata Saiai, Takitsubou Rikou, and Frenda lost last time. When he got this mission, Wu Yan thought of them when he saw the number 3 or more, talk about coincidence!

To achieve the minimum of the mission would be hard but the difficulty would decrease if it’s these three girls since he left a pretty deep impression on them the last time he was alone with them. Even if the impression might be bad.

If it’s someone who he had previous experience with, perhaps it might be easier to attack?

Furthermore, he liked the girls as well.

Granted, Wu Yan had conveniently dismissed the fact that Kinuhata Saiai is 12 years old and Frenda looked minor.

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