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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 224: The standoff with Aleister, the hard way.

Seventh school district, the windowless building…

Almost at the center of the seventh school district, the building is very conspicuous and weird yet no life could be detected near the building.

It looked like a neglected place that nobody had visited in hundreds of years and it looks as though it will stay this way for the foreseeable future.

This place will not have its peace, however, two figures appeared in front of the building, 1 male and 1 female. It added a little bit of life to this very classified area.

It is none other than Wu Yan and the guide, Musujime Awaki.

He looked at the weird building and a stream of data flowed before he went speechless

Weirdly sealed building: level 50

This is the second time he had seen an inanimate object with levels. The first time was with that wall in the youkai cave. This building is the second one he had seen so far. That wall could have been explained as it later turned out to be a youkai, of course, it would have levels. But this thing in front of him is a huge ass building so what the fuck?

Surely it couldn't be another youkai? Much less one at level 50?!

He couldn't figure this thing out and that led to a sudden urge to draw his blade and slash it a few times to see what it is made out of. No wonder Accelerator couldn't damage it in the slightest with his full powered attack, he's mentally damaged at that point but he could still fight against other lv5 so surely that isn't a huge factor. It would seem that Aleister's machinations aren't the only reason that the building couldn't be moved by Accelerator, the building itself appears to have some special properties.

Musujime Awaki didn't dare push Wu Yan to go inside. To her, he might as well be someone who is a walking calamity.

Wu Yan noticed this terror in her, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry in response. He didn't want to be associated with the old fox but she went ahead and lumped him in with the guy.

He looked at the weirdly sealed building again and questioned whether or not it is inanimate or animate like the wall he had seen before.

He didn't bother to continue his train of thoughts. He put his hand on her shoulder, making her tremble slightly. He seriously doesn't know what to say towards this girl.

Her guts, consistent with the original work is really a contrast between her mighty twin peak and her courage.

♦ ♦ ♦

He is calm even though he knows that it is time to meet Aleister, perhaps it's because he had seen him on screen during his younger years or maybe it's the confidence from knowing that he has made due preparations, or maybe it's because of his True Ancestor status.

Either way, the moment Musujime Awaki teleported him into the building, she disappeared a few seconds later, as if she would stay and watch these ferocious beasts go at each other. Just their roars would probably be the end of her.

The science fiction like settings around him could not garner his attention. His wine-red eyes focused on the figure within the culture tank.

Aleister didn't say anything and Wu Yan watched him without saying anything as well. The two fell into an awkward silence but they each had their own thoughts.

He didn't know what Aleister is thinking but he knows that if he spoke first it would make him seem weaker.

Unknown time passed and just as Wu Yan is getting tired of this facade, Aleister spoke first.

As if modulated by machines, the sound echoed in the air as it entered his ears, jolting his senses.

"Of the ones that came here before you, none were indifferent to the way I look, it seems sire is more composed than I had predicted…"

Wu Yan smiled, he glanced at his body which is floating up and down inside there. He isn't impressed but he won't tell Aleister it's because he had seen him looking like these countless times before on screen.

"Director surely jests, I am very shocked…"

Spouting bullshit he himself wouldn't even believe, he didn't know what Aleister thought of it. It would be easier to climb up to the heavens than make Aleister reveal his thoughts in his expressions.

"I see…"

Aleister continues.

"Yet I see no significant shock on sire's expression…"

Wu Yan laughed and shot back at Aleister.

"I still have a lot to learn from Mr. Director in regards to putting on a poker face…"

"I am flattered…"

Aleister seemed like he would continue his banter for an indefinite period but the faint tense aura in the air told Wu Yan that the real conversation is going to begin in just a short while.

"Sir, you have brought much hassle to me…"

Wu Yan knows that the jig is up, Aleister knows he's Hunter, the one behind the thefts of the sisters.

Wu Yan didn't want to know how Aleister figured him out, he had made the job very easy anyway. He's not someone who stays in his home all day long. Plus, there are those events surrounding Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki, the whole of School district seven should already know about the news. There are just way too many leads that it would be weird that Aleister didn't catch up to him.

"Nope! You're wrong in that regards."

He stared at Aleister.

"You're the one who is bringing trouble to other people, and it will always be you."

Aleister's body stopped for a bit before resuming his usual state of mind.

"You appear to know quite a lot of things!"

"Oh, I wouldn't say I know that much…"

Wu Yan plainly continued.

"I know only those that concern me to prevent getting screwed over from behind."

"Surely you must be joking, the Misaka clones are a result of using Misaka Mikoto's DNA, even that should be obvious to anyone who had seen it, hardly a classified information…"


Wu Yan sniggered.

"I see if that is so then would it be too much for me to expect no further hassle coming from some unknown people going after her?"

Aleister stayed silent before responding.

"If you can answer my requests…"

"If your requests are not too much, that is!"

Aleister fell silent before replying.

"I fail to understand why you are so obsessed with some mere products of science. Why?"

Wu Yan's eyes had a cold glint, the imposing aura of a True Ancestor began radiating from Wu Yan and suffused the space.

"It will continue to bedevil you, that I assure you!"

Aleister fixed his gaze on Wu Yan, it is unknown whether he felt the aura's pressure, he kept his indifferent expression as he stared down at Wu Yan.

"If you will not cooperate, I am afraid I will have to take drastic measures…"

The silent place started churning with a boom. Like boiling water, invisible ripples started forming in that area.

A strong pressure came out of nowhere and locked onto him. Wu Yan's body started tensing up and all his muscles tightened.

An alarm went off inside Wu Yan, telling him that he is a very dangerous place.

Clenching his teeth, his wine-red eyes turned golden as he concentrated his energy to resist that mysterious power acting upon him, all the while defiantly staring back at Aleister.

The scene continued for quite some time until a movement was detected from a certain area there.

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