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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 225: A small win! Aleister's threat?…

Aleister and Wu Yan stared each other down and nobody said a word. The scene, however, is not a serene one, like a raging body of water, the place seemed to be constantly moving.

With his True Ancestor status, his wine-red eyes had turned golden. This condition usually appears under two circumstances. The first is when he can no longer control his urge to feed and his eyes would turn golden. This is impossible because the white fruit of purity had cleaned him of the urge to feed. This circumstance doesn't really apply to him.

The second circumstance is when he is channeling the full power of a True Ancestor.

Even as he is wielding the full power of a True Ancestor, he can not mitigate completely the pressure being exerted on him by an unknown source.

This power shouldn't be something that Aleister can wield, the only other possibility came to his mind.


The angel summoned by Aleister using his own wife as the medium. An angel unlike the ones in the bible.

This rumbling place had another presence, it started gathering at a certain sport and it looked like a miniature black hole sucking in the matter around it much to Wu Yan's shock.

A radiant light congealed in that miniature black hole and shot out towards Wu Yan with godly speed.

Danger! This is fucking dangerous! Crap!!! I think I am going to die once!

These thoughts clouded his mind and the attack hit him the moment he had these thoughts.

Wu Yan calmed down in the face of this attack, it's because he knows that this attack can't be dodged.

Although he acknowledges his own inability to dodge it, it didn't mean he's going to roll over and accept his death. Not that he could die permanently with him being a True Ancestor and all.

His measures aren't just limited to True Ancestor as well.

The destructive beam hit him and if it did work, it would have no doubt tore a big hole in his chest.

The moment the attack hit, a mysterious wave emanated from Wu Yan and coated his body.


A light and incredibly mixed up voice rang the moment the mysterious wave coated him. Even Aleister turned grim.

He knows that the voice wouldn't sound so surprised if it weren't true. It appears the attack got nullified.

The ray of light hit the formless ripple protecting  Wu Yan, the ray of light and the trembling subsequently disappeared.

Wu Yan released a sigh of relief. Drinking Resplendent Breath before coming here was the right move.

Aleister observed an unharmed Wu Yan and his expression remained an indifferent one, although if one were to examine closer, his liquid started bubbling just a bit.

When the light and ripple disappeared the sound that made an "eh" rang again.

"How did you do that?"


Wu Yan sarcastically replied.

"You want me to tell someone who is going to kill me how I survived the attack?"

The owner of the voice, Aiwass responded with its usual highly modulated voice.

"True, It seems odd for me to ask that question. But, I can more or less guess that you borrowed an external force to block my attack, is that true?"

"I don't know, maybe I blocked that with my own abilities?"

"No. You do not have that kind of power!"

Aiwass called him out immediately, not that Wu Yan minds.

Maybe it's because Wu Yan wouldn't give him the time of day, Aiwass, still invisible, whispered at Wu Yan's ears.

"If I am correct, your present status is restricted by duration."

Wu Yan is shocked inside. He can't help praising Aiwass for having observational powers and abilities befitting a boss in Toaru no Majutsu. Truly fear-inspiring…

Wu Yan decided not to hide it and nodded.

"Correct! I can drink tea, chat a bit and then my time would be up…"

Of course, he's implying that during this teatime they can't do anything against him.

"It seems so…"

Aleister opened his mouth.

"External powers are just that, a temporary aid. It is true that it would be impossible to harm you but I think we can manage to restrain you quite easily despite being unable to inflict harm upon your presently invulnerable status…"

"As long as we bind you, the moment your invulnerable status is up, we can…"

The mysterious and hostile aura enveloped Wu Yan once more, locking onto him. He threw a disdained look at Aleister the moment he threatened him. Wu Yan took out a crystal scroll and he squeezed it within his palm as he threw Aleister a sardonic grin.

"You can try, maybe, just maybe you can capture me…"

Aleister narrowed his eyes and fell silent as he examined the scroll in his hand. It was hard to discern what he is thinking just from the looks of his expression. Aleister then examined Wu Yan's expression and eyes to see if he can obtain some information.

Aleister's effort brings him only disappointment as he could see that Wu Yan is both poised and confident.

"To think you would have this many counters prepared…"

Wu Yan played with the scroll in his hand.

"No need for scorn my dear, you are using external powers just as much as I am…"

Aleister didn't care about his sarcasm, he knows what the implications were.

"It seems, it would be nigh impossible to restrain you."

Wu Yan calmly listened to Aleister before Aleister's next words riled him up.

"It's just that I am wondering whether your little girlfriends are so prepared?"

His golden eyes had a dangerous glint, despite that, he's trying his best to hold himself back.

The more he tried to calm down the hotter the fire within him burnt. He feels that if he kept this anger held down, his True Ancestor body would immolate.

Aleister acted like he didn't see anything, he merely continued.

"Even if your little girlfriends had the same protection you do, I highly doubt that after I send out warrants of arrest, you guys will be able to stay safe."

"Perhaps your relationship network isn't that far-reaching but if my information is correct, it seems that Misaka Mikoto has a very wide network of friends…"

His pupil shrunk, his killing intention turned into one deeper storm of fury and the fire only ever got bigger.

Aleister seemed to think that he hasn't said enough. He continued.

"Misaka Mikoto is a person who values friendship. Surely if I were to issue a warrant then those she values would have to take actions gainst her under the protection of Academy City.

A very heavy fume of bloody aura started radiating out of Wu Yan. His expression remains unclear because he lowered his head.

"At which point, Misaka Mikoto will stand together with you, no doubt, and she would have to fight against her beloved Academy City, against the very friends and families she treasures."

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