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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 221: A love for the ages…

The iron sand threatening formed an iron wave barrier against the attack of the Spear of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli.

The formless light hit the black waves and dispersed them, seemingly obliterating them from existence. Wu Yan can't help but admire the lethal aspect of that weapon. Even if it's just a replica, it possesses ridiculous offensive potential, it didn't matter who the target was, even if it is Wu Yan, he wouldn't be able to come out of it unscathed.

If it were the Wu Yan of the past, he might need to take some precaution against this kind of assailant. That ability to disassemble its target was a threat to him. But, now that he is a True Ancestor, he can recover almost instantaneously from any form of disassembly. The only downside would be that he has to taste the sensation getting ripped to shreds.

Only a dumbass would want to taste that kind of sensation.

Etzali flinched at the sight of Wu Yan coming out of the barrage unharmed, he didn't care that his attacks were useless, he simply asked.

"Why are you able to use Mikoto's ability!"

Wu Yan stared at him and then he sighed.

"That's why you need to stop saying all you want is Mikoto's happiness when you are so clueless…"

Etzali stayed silent, his eyes had a hint of jealousy. He's jealous that Wu Yan is together with a beautiful woman and he is jealous that he has the same ability as the girl he likes.

His rational side is telling him that no one person in this world would have the exact same kind of ability, his ability is merely similar. But, his intuition told him that he's as clueless as they come.

He didn't know how Wu Yan managed to stay hidden for so low, not even his organization could get any real information on him. He also didn't know why he has the same ability as Mikoto. Moreover, he's mastery of that ability is too strong.

so many unknown caused Etzali a deep sense of dread, not terror at how mysterious Wu Yan is but the fear of his own ignorance.

He's afraid that he really didn't know anything, that he didn't understand what his crush is really thinking about, that all his ignorance really did make him look like a punk picking a fight with no rhyme or reason.

Wu Yan's action and words are telling him that he's the one who needs to hit the books…

"You asshole!"

The fear of the unknown caused Etzali to choose the denial route. He hysterically yelled at Wu Yan and he decided to swing his replica around without holding anything back.

However, before he could unleash his next round of attack, an orange beam hit his replica and destroyed it before he even knew what happened.

Etzali stepped back and he saw Wu Yan's fingers crackling with lightning, he continued in a disbelieving manner.


"Hard to believe isn't?"

Wu Yan calmly said. He took another coin from his pocket and loaded it,

"Want to see it one more time?"

As much as he didn't want to believe it, the sense of danger is telling him that he better not say yes. His face started going pale he fell down to the floor with the light gone from his eyes…

I am so foolish…

Wu Yan's wine red eyes retracted the cold gleam it had as he sighed. He's feeling a bit bad for the guy, perhaps his words were too harsh on the guy.

He's fundamentally acting for Mikoto's interest so even if it slightly pisses him off, he had no right to stop another person from having a crush. He might be selfish but he isn't that selfish he would deny a man his right to hold a crush…

Looking at Etzali who had lost all intent of doing battle, Wu Yan threw him a sympathetic glance. In the original work and in this world, it seems this guy really couldn't express himself honestly…

Wu Yan decided that he is not worth the time so he turned around preparing to leave…

When he walked pass Etzali, he lifted his head and asked Wu Yan.

"You, promise me you will look after her for the rest of her life?"

Wu Yan stopped and he felt a bit helpless with the guy.

Etzali got defeated by Touma in the original work, he turned his feelings into a request, that Touma look after Mikoto for the rest of her life. Alas, Touma treated Mikoto as just another friend, to him, a lv0, Mikoto is someone who is out of his league. Anyway, Touma said yes probably out of convenience or perhaps he really did have some other intention.

It's a replay of the original events, except, this time the target is him.

He turned around and sighed while looking at Etzali before replying.

"Keep your request…"

"You won't huh?"

Etzali bitterly smiled.

"You are right, I don't have the qualifications to make the request…"

Wu Yan shook his head and looked at the sky. Gazing at the wide blue sky, his voice lightly rang.

"My bond with Mikoto is something that had been decided since way before this, this bond is something others can't understand, I'm afraid…"

He rubbed his chest. He listened to the beating of his heart with his eyes closed. The moment he summoned Mikoto, their hearts were beating in sync.

"If the world has a place for us, we will be walking side by side down the street. If the world has no place for us, we will live and die together!"

Opening his wine-red eyes, the warmth within could melt the surrounding space. His eyes looked into the direction as if gazing at his partner.

"Our lives are intertwined, protecting her is something that had already been implied into our bond…"

Gratuitous is probably the apt word. As long as he doesn't die, Mikoto, Hinagiku, Ikaros,  and Astrea will be able to live as well.

With the attainment of True Ancestor, he had attained immortality, this immortal lifespan extends to his partners as well.

They fates are woven together and simply unable to be unraveled. Their lives are similarly merged as well.

Protect and whatnot, that's already a given isn't it?…

Etzali heard Wu Yan and his consciousness entered an abyss because he realized that his intentions were very superficial.

Perhaps, this is the best outcome…

Etzali grinned in a self-deprecating manner. His pale face was gone and the dark mood around him dispersed. He beamed up with that stolen face of his as he entered the acceptance stage.

He converted all his thoughts into one simple line…

"I wish you guys a happy life…"

♦ ♦ ♦Behind a stone cold wall, hidden from Wu Yan and Etzali's view, Mikoto felt her heart warming up despite the chilling sensation coming from her back leaning against the wall.Another man who looked identical to Umigara Mitsuki, the real owner of the face gawked at Mikoto who had a very enchanting smile as she rubbed her chest.Mikoto flushed when she recalled what Wu Yan said. She continued in a tone that is a mix of both joy and unamusement."Baka, saying something so embarrassing…"Mikoto saw Mitsuki staring at her and she bashfully told him off."What are you looking at?! Git!"Mitsuki replied in a confused tone."Are we not going to catch the imposter?"Mikoto walked away leaving a sentence behind."I'm sure he will deal with it!"
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