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A+ A- Chapter 172
Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 172: Special item? New info…

It’s always an auspicious event when it comes to a reunion, don’t let Wu Yan’s bitter smile fool you. He’s actually glad that he got to meet Hinagiku again. They were all so busy getting catching up and introducing themselves that they forgot a guy is still moaning in pain on the ground…

After introducing herself, Hinagiku is a bit more familiar with Kuroko, Ruiko, and Uiharu now. Kuroko and the other girls have a very favorable view regarding Hinagiku. She’s young, talented and her personality is almost in sync with Mikoto…

Ruiko especially looks up to Hinagiku as a fellow lv0. Hinagiku is beautiful, her personality makes it easy for others to get along with her and she’s already a teacher despite being so young. Her side job is also being a police officer but the fact that she’s a lv0 weighted heavily on Ruiko’s decision to idolize Hinagiku.

“Oh yeah, why did you guys appear here?”

Hinagiku asked Wu Yan & company. She heard that they came all the way from School District 7, she didn’t know why they were in School district 13, much less the reason why they managed to save her in the nick of time.

Everyone looked at Uiharu and Ikaros and they explained the situation to Hinagiku. It was then that she found out that Uiharu is quite good with anything digital related.

“That’s amazing, Uiharu-san!”

Hinagiku didn’t spare any praises making Uiharu blush a deep red. She lowered her head and she looked very bashful.

“I-it’s nothing much, Ikaros-senpai did all the heavy lifting…”

Uiharu turned

everyone’s attention over to Ikaros-senpai, she meant every word she said as can be seen from her respectful gaze.

“She managed to access School district 13’s cameras without anyone noticing with just a small notebook at her disposal, this is an unbelievable feat of achievement!”

That’s right everyone managed to find Hinagiku because of Ikaros!

Ikaros already had very high specs to begin with, she who came from Synapse that invented all kinds of weird gadgets can only consider this level of network manipulation as child’s play. In this field, she is second only to Nymph even if Nymph isn’t best suited for combat in the world of Sora no Otoshimono.

Hinagiku is well aware of Ikaros’ specialty. When she heard Uiharu comparing herself to Ikaros, she just patted her shoulders and tried to console her even if the person herself isn’t quite aware of what’s happening.

“Uiharu-san, it’s best if you don’t compare yourself to Ikaros, it would be very unfair for you otherwise!”

Uiharu nodded even if she isn’t completely sure what she’s talking about, she hid away the question mark she had on her head.

“What’s the deal with this guy?”

Wu Yan said while kicking Gakuo who couldn’t get up.

Everyone knew what did Gakuo do after Hinagiku explained. Mikoto looked at Gakuo like she’s looking at a very detestable existence. As a victim embroiled in a cloning scheme, her DNA mere specimen for experiment purposes, someone like Gakuo who treated other people like objects he can use to achieve his means is the kind of person she hates the most.

“So you’re saying that disgusting thing over there is the

the thing that’s controlling the officers?”

Kuroko circled the culture tank while examining the repulsive brain with a frown.

“Uiharu, is there a way to return the officers to their senses?”

“Let me see…”

Uiharu didn’t seem confident, her expertise is regarding the web, this kind of control panel is something that she’s not that familiar with.

Hinagiku thanked Uiharu in advance and looked at Wu Yan. She gave him a nudge after seeing him being in a daze while looking at the brain in the culture tank. But, Wu Yan didn’t respond to her, that’s because he is too stunned by what System is telling him…

“Beep! Mind controlling brain detected! System deduced that this item can be used on Mysterious crystal! User is advised to collect this item!”

Wu Yan is busy thinking about what the System said when he looked at this tacky looking brain.

The Mysterious crystal is something he got in the world of Hayate the Combat Butler. If System didn’t give that notification today, he might have already forgotten it by now. He recalled Isumi’s mom saying something about how a strong Youkai is sealed inside Mysterious Crystal. Surely he wouldn’t have to fight this beast if he freed it right?

Wu Yan can’t stay calm when he thought about this prospect. When Uiharu got near the Mind controlling bran, Wu Yan anxiously called out to her.

“Wait, Uiharu!”

Uiharu stopped her steps and looked back with slight confusion.

“Is something wrong? Wu Yan-senpai…”

Everyone curiously turned towards him. The girls didn’t think he was going to call off rescuing the controlled people. His expression froze, he called out to her subconsciously

her subconsciously because she got close to it, it wasn’t because of anything in particular…

“It’s nothing, please continue…”

Wu Yan sheepishly laughed. Everyone instantly rolled their eyes at him, Mikoto and Hinagiku thought Wu Yan is back at his antics again…

He has got to admit that Uiharu has got some serious skills regarding this kind of stuff. Very soon, the wires that were connected to the officers were recalled back. Hinagiku let out a sigh of relief before quickly running up to the officers. Let’s not forget that she dislocated their joints in order to disarm the officers so their joints are still looking very painful…

Wu Yan touched the culture tank with the mind-controlling brain inside it and stored it away in his space ring. He didn’t even ask what the others thought much to the shock of Kuroko, Uiharu, and Ruiko.

“What are you planning to do with that thing…”

“What the fuck!!!”

Gakuo who was playing the role of shriveled up corpse immediately revived upon seeing his mind-controlling brain disappear seemingly having overcome his pain as he shouted at him.

“Where is my invention? What did you to my invention?!!!”

Gakuo frantically reached out his hands to choke Wu Yan in a manic frenzy.

Wu Yan frowned before making Gakuo kiss the floor with a kick.

“Do you think you can still protect your invention after getting put in jail?”

Gakuo’s face gave Wu Yan a distorted expression. After some time, he bit his lip in pure frustration and smashed his fist against the floor.

“Fuck! Fuck this shitttt! I was going to give that son of a bitch Kihara a big ol’ fuck big ol’ fuck you, god fucking damn it!”


He blurted out the name just for shit and giggles but the listener had other plans. Kihara is a family name that would give off the impression of being above average in Academy City. How can Wu Yan not recognize such a name?

“You just said Kihara, didn’t you! Am I right?”

Wu Yan pulled Gakuo to his feet by his collars.

“That’s right! That fucker!”

Gakuo yelled out all his frustration at being unable to take revenge against Kihara.

“That mother fucker that didn’t even give my invention the slightest consideration!”

Wu Yan dodged his saliva while frowning.

“By Kihara, which Kihara are you speaking of?”

“Who else, that son of bitch Kihara Amata!”

When he spoke the name, his tone was filled to the brim with hate.

“Even if I forget my own name, his is one I will remember always!”

Wu Yan let go of his hands and Gakuo fell down to his knees. He didn’t say anything as he looked silently at Gakuo, the girls seemed to have realized what he meant as they all looked at him.

“That sneaky bastard, he would always hide out at some unknown locations but I don’t what is going through his head nowadays, he would always bring a group of people around as if they’re looking for something…”

Wu Yan squinted his eyes as he confirmed the suspicions in his heart.

This must be the other faction coming after him that Mugino Shizuri spoke of. The team that is coming after his ass, Kihara Amata and his Hound Dogs!

Now that he fucked Aleister’s plan up real good, the Hounds are coming for him…

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