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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 173: Saving the sisters!

School district 13…

Wu Yan stood here watching Gakuo being detained and transported to the police vehicle alongside Mikoto and Ruiko at his side with Ikaros and Astrea behind them.

Kuroko and Uiharu seemed to be discussing something with the officers. Hinagiku is doing the same thing as well except for the fact that her side seemed to be more emotionally invested in the affair than Kuroko. The officers were pretty riled up after listening to what she said. Wu Yan didn’t chime in or anything, he just stood there watching them go about their own business. He could more or less guess what is going on just by glancing so he didn’t need to do anything in particular, not that he had the motivation to anyway. That’s because his heart is currently filled with helplessness.

He thought the Mind-controlling Brain would be the key to unlocking Mysterious Crystal but just as he was about to study how to go about unlocking the crystal, System gave him a memo.

The Mind-controlling Brain is only a part of the key to unlocking the crystal. In other words, he got excited about nothing.

He sighed once more and decided to let this matter rest. His main objective is still saving the sisters, the Mysterious Crystal can wait.

Uiharu and Kuroko returned while discussing something with Mikoto. Hinagiku also looked like she decided on something much to the helplessness of her fellow cops.

“Are you done with whatever you needed to do?”

With the place to themselves, Wu Yan asked Hinagiku after she returned to his side. In response, she nonchalantly nodded. Turning to Mikoto, she asked him.

“What are we going to do next?”

Wu Yan instantly got what she hinted at. She was subtlely asking what’s the next plan in regards to saving the sisters.

“Let’s head back first before further discussions shall we?”

Hinagiku asked in puzzlement.


Wu Yan instantly gave her a reply.

“Where else but my house!”

“Your house?”

Hinagiku is genuinely surprised by this revelation but then a slight blush floated up her face.

“Wh-who would want to go to your house, I-I’m going to Mikoto’s!”

She grabbed Mikoto, apparently as a misguided attempt to find a safe refuge. Too bad for her Mikoto instantly sold her out.

“Er, my place is a dormitory so we outsiders can’t come in and stay so…”

Mikoto held back but she still had to let her down, and it is very effective going by how Hinagiku looked so shocked.

“Alright, let’s go back to my place!”

Wu Yan pulled Hinagiku by the hand and walked away. If he didn’t strike first, Hinagiku would probably try to stay at Ruiko or Uiharu’s place…


Hinagiku frantically tried to call out to her friends. She understood very well what is to become of her if she really went back to his place with him. But, today is not her lucky day…

Uiharu and Ruiko stared blankly as Hinagiku got dragged away. Kuroko looked like she spotted a big land ho as she immediately reported to Mikoto with zest.

“Onee-sama! Lo and behold the scum reveals his true self!”

Mikoto dryly laughed. What can she say at this point. She buried the slight admiration for Hinagiku and headed back along with Kuroko and the other girls.

♦ ♦ ♦

School district 7…

In their own home, Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Ikaros, Astrea made a circle and looked sternly at a bottle filled with golden liquid.

Railgun and her friends went back to their residences, they can’t join them because students are not supposed to be roaming outside their residences when all school activities for the day are finished.

Wu Yan shook his head like he’s stressed. He laughed bitterly in response to the 3 girls’ gazes.

“Actually, I am enough to do this job…”

Hinagiku narrowed her eyes, she stared at Wu Yan so hard he had to turn away because he felt awkward, she then cleared her throat before continuing.

“Stop treating me like a child…”

Wu Yan retorted silently.

You’re just 15, to moi who is a 20 something you might as well be a kid…

In the process of coming up with a retort, he seemed to have forgotten the fact that he had already done stuck his wiener up this “kid”.

Well, it didn’t matter what he thought about, Hinagiku isn’t going to let him go at this alone. Meanwhile, from the expression on Ikaros and Astrea’s faces, he could see that they aren’t planning to sit this one out as well…

“I don’t care anymore! Don’t regret it after this!”

He dejectedly dropped his head. He didn’t care that Astrea and Hinagiku had victorious smug expressions, he tapped his space ring.

He took out some stuff from the ring, Hinagiku and Astrea covered their mouths in disbelief when they saw what he took out.

“How dare they! This is unforgivable!”

Hinagiku gnashed her teeth, her eyes filled with fury. Ikaros and Astrea stared at the stuff on the ground and fell into pensive silence.

Legs… hands… torso… heads…

Blood… blood everywhere…

That’s what he took out. He saw it multiple times already but he still couldn’t find the courage to look at them for any sustained period. This is especially the case with that face that looks identical to Mikoto. His heart felt a lot of complex emotions at the sight.

Even if he knows Accelerator will make a heel face turn in the future, his heart couldn’t hold back the fire that is burning within him. He’s feeling the massive urge to murder Accelerator.

Inhaling deeply, he took the genetic fluid infusion and dripped a tiny dew on the body parts which he pieced together. The golden liquid covered the body like water would and the golden water slowly seeped into the body. When the last of the liquid went into the body, the sister’s body got enveloped in light. The light broke apart, joined together and finally merged into what appears to be a familiar figure. When the light fade away, a body that looked identical to Mikoto appeared in front of their eyes.

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Astrea and even Ikaros looked with expecting eyes for those exquisite eyes of Misaka sister to open once more. Without diappointing them, Misaka clone twitched her eyes before slowly opening them.

“We did it!”

Cheered Astrea, Wu Yan exchanged looks with Mikoto clone. Everyone grinned and they secretly released a sigh of relief as well.

It’s fortunate that it worked!

Lying down on the ground, Misaka clone looked around and tried to confirm her location with a voice that sounded very languish.

“Where is this? Did Misaka not die? says Misaka as she looks around wondering if this is heaven or hell…” (Tl: all the misaka clone speaks in 3rd person so it might get confusing but y’all will get used to it.)

Expressionless, monotone and without any liveliness in her volume, she asked him.

Even Wu Yan felt at a loss of word, Hinagiku and Astrea looked at each other, unsure of what to say in this situation…

Misaka clone sat up and tilted her head after looking at everyone.

“Are you guys dead people like Misaka? Misaka says while feeling fortunate that even in death she won’t be lonely.”


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Astrea and Ikaros went speechless…

After a brief explanation, Misaka clone finally got the message that she isn’t dead but she was revived by the people in front of her!

Misaka clone fell silent for a while before asking.

“Why did you guys save Misaka? Misaka’s body is borrowed even her heart is fake. One Misaka costs only 180k yen to produce and there are more than 10000 in reserves. Not to mention, more can be made with just a push of the button…”

Wu Yan laughed before rubbing her head. While Misaka clone was stuck not knowing how to respond, he lightly said to her.

“Let’s just say it’s all for your Onee-sama…”

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