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A+ A- Chapter 170
Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 170: The mind controlling brain and the sloppy scientist.

While Wu Yan, Mikoto, Ikaros, Astrea, Kuroko, Ruiko, and Uiharu were busy worrying about Hinagiku, there is a big trouble brewing over at Hinagiku’s side.

“What… is that…”

Hinagiku had an officer’s uniform on and her delicate body is being protected by a bulletproof vest. Besides her head, she was armed to the teeth to counter any possible threat.

She had a rifle in her hands and she looked like a Flying Tiger member (Tl: A special duties unit kinda like a Hong Kong S.W.A.T). Of course, these were merely part of her act to cover her identity. Her real strength lies in her power as a tier 7. At first, she was quite overwhelmed by her identity as a police and a teacher. However, she managed to deal with the issues by herself without Wu Yan & co by relying on her ridiculous abilities and knowledge obtained in Hakuo.

Her plan was to keep acting like her identity in this Academy City while looking out for any signs of Wu Yan & company or wait for Wu Yan and the others to come for her. Sometimes, she would play the police act and “help out”.

Today is just one of those days, she was teaching her class in the school and without notice, an incident broke out, her superior gave her an emergency phone call.

She quickly donned her uniform and hurried to the scene of action. But the scene that greeted her made her at a loss for words.

The colleagues she had fun working with are all passed out and standing in front of her. Yes, they are unconscious but somehow still standing.

The had upturned eyes and they stood like a bunch of zombies. Behind them, a tiny string could be seen, coming out of the back of their head, apparently connected to somewhere far away. The strings were connected to a strange looking… brain.

It’s brain kept in some kind of culture.

“What’s going on?”

She backpedaled and observed her colleagues, confusion started arising.

“What in the world is that thing!”

As if reacting to Hinagiku, the police personnel standing there turned their head rigidly towards her. Their upturned eyes that shouldn’t be able to see Hinagiku is turned in her direction. Needless to say, this gave Hinagiku goosebumps.

“Hey. You guys… what’s wrong?”

Hinagiku shouted at her colleagues, trying to see if she can make them regain their senses.

However, she’s going to be disappointed by what happens next…

Not only did it fail to elicit any response, they flailed around like puppets and charged her with abnormal looking postures.

Surprised, she aimed her rifle at the mob. But she quickly put them away in consideration of the fact that they used to be her colleagues. The time elapsed was enough for the mob to reach her. She saw one of them opening their mouth to chomp at her neck. She returned to her senses and dodged the bite.

She grabbed the assailant’s head and smashed it into the ground while yelling at him.

“Hey, you…”

Before she could finish, the mob finally caught up. The assailants used fists and kick to attack her.

As a tier 7 super, she who could fight on par with a lv5 would definitely not fall prey to such measly attacks from assailants who had yet to reach tier 3. She held back from counter-attacking as they were once her colleagues. She dodged their attacks.

“What is wrong with them?”

Hinagiku dodged while trying to think it through, she is pretty sure that they are not attacking of their own accord.

“Is it because of that thing?”

She stared at the brain in a culture container. Since these officers aren’t attacking her consciously, it is obvi

ous that thing is controlling them.

There are many small wires connecting the officers and the brain. She comprehended the mechanics without sparing a single further thought.

“Let’s see, what happens if we destroy these wires!”

Hinagiku made up her mind after taking a second look at the wires stuck to the back of their heads.

“Yo, pretty and skilled lady, I think you better not harm the wires, that is if you don’t want your friend’s brains to fry that is…”

The sound startled her but she stopped her attack and dodged another wave of attack by her mind controlled colleagues.

Steadying herself, she looked in the direction of where the sound came from and saw a sloppy youngster with a white lab coat standing beside the culture tank containing the brain. His evil eyes stared straight at Hinagiku, his smug grin made Hinagiku frown.

The youngster clapped his hand when she looked at him, he seemed to be praising her abilities.

“Impressive, to be able to dodge and avoid your friends’ attacks when faced with such numbers, and not to mention making it look like a walk in the park. It appears you are the newcomer cop everyone is talking about!”

“Who are you!”

Hinagiku stared coldly at the sloppy youngster before she glanced at her colleagues.

“What happened to them?”

The sloppy youngster dropped his hands and laughed.

“You can call me Gakuo!” (Tl: 学尾)

“Now, regarding your question of what transpired…”

Gakuo looked around at the mind controlled cops.

“Don’t worry, the young and pretty female cops won’t be harmed!”

“Won’t be harmed?”

Hinagiku was so enraged her fury manifested in the form of laughter.

“Any reasonable person would not describe them as being fine!”

“Oh, what a scary expression you have!”

Gakuo superficially patted his chest and then grinned.

“Relax, Miss cop, I am just using their body to see the effects of my invention!”

Hinagiku’s expression soured, she looked at him with enraged eyes.

These colleagues are acquaintances of hers, if even for a short while. How can she stay calm when her acquaintances are being used as lab rats by some dude who came from out of nowhere.

“Going by their reactions, it seems my invention lived up to my expectations!”

Gakuo ignored the look on Hinagiku and looked passionately at the brain in the culture tank. He guffawed and hugged the culture tank.

“This is great! Marvelous! With this invention, those detestable guys from that clan will certainly be in for a shocker!”

Hinagiku picked up some clues and frowned.

“Detestable clan?”

“That’s right! That wretched clan!”

Gakuo turned back to her and grumbled.

“They think they are the biggest and baddest scientists in Academy City city. They spat on other people’s invention, they are all the same, mocking other people as they see fit. Tell me, aren’t they the worst!”

Hinagiku looked at the hysterical Gakuo and continued.

“I don’t care what beef you had with that so-called clan of yours but I want to know how to turn them back!”

Gakuo clicked his tongue when he saw how Hinagiku is not interested in his story. He looked at the brain with passionate eyes, it’s as if he’s looking at his precious baby.

“If you want them to return to normal, look over there…”

Gakuo nonchalantly explained while pointing at a remote device like installation near the culture tank.

“Enter a command and voila you’re done. Isn’t it just the greatest invention ever?”

He seemed to be showing off to Hinagiku, not that she cared anyway.

“Return them to normal!”

“It matters not, my observations are almost complete!”

Gakuo said while grinning at her.

“It’s just that, I want to see what it would be like to put the youngest and most excellent cop under my control with the help of my baby…”

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