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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 169: The search for Hinagiku! Police officer?

Academy City, School district 7, Judgement Branch office 177…

Uiharu sat in front of the computer, typing away at the keyboard. Wu Yan, Ikaros, Astrea, Mikoto, Ruiko, and Kuroko stood behind her as they watched the display.

“Found her!”

At a certain point, Uiharu shouted out loud and everyone leaned in closer to get a better look at the display. Displayed here is the personal detail of said individual when they saw the photo that accompanied the detail, they were dazed for an instant, not even Kuroko and Ruiko could escape.

“What a beautiful person…”

The 3 girls muttered out loud. Kuroko quickly turned around and gave him a very scrutinizing glare.

“You sure the person you asked Uiharu to find is your friend and not your next prey?”

Wu Yan gave a few dry laughs before mumbling.

“I don’t know why I this sudden urge to give someone a good hiding…”

Mikoto wryly laughed at the side as she silently retorted.

What prey? He already ate her out until there’s nothing left, there is no need to hunt…

Uiharu didn’t know what to say. She read the contents on the display out loud.

“Hinagiku, ability: Lv0, a resident of School district 13, her job is…”

“Police officer!”

Uiharu, Kuroko, and Ruiko yelped in surprise, even Wu Yan and Mikoto were stunned when they heard Hinagiku is an officer.

“Could there be some kind of mistake here?”

Kuroko stuck her face closer to the display just to make sure she’s not seeing anything wrong. She then said in a doubtful tone.

“This can’t be. All the officers in Academy City are made up of teachers who volunteered. This pretty girl called Hinagiku is a teacher?”

“More correctly, she’s an intern teacher!”

Uiharu tapped the keyboard and the more details were revealed.

“According to the information displayed here, Hinagiku is 15 years old and she finished her university course and is now an intern teacher at one of the schools here. She is very just and despite being a lv0, her skills with the sword is ridiculously good. Says here she once took down a lv4 esper by herself. That is why she got recruited as an officer. Apparently, she’s the youngest and most outstanding officer in the force.”

The crowd was baffled by what’s written there. Ruiko looked at Hinagiku’s picture in an admiring daze.

“So awesome, she’s great in various department…”

“As expected of Hinagiku…”

Mikoto exclaimed.

“Onee-sama’s acquaintances are all outstanding people I see…”

She glanced at Mikoto in an insinuating manner before glancing at Ikaros and continuing.

“Whether it’s this person here who can block a beam from No.4…”

She turned back to the display.

“Or this person here who is the youngest and most excellent officer in Academy City…”

She then looked at Astrea and the corner of her lips twitched a bit.

“Or even this person here who can eat like a bottomless pit which I reckon would be the first and last I ever see who can do something like that…”

Lastly, she looked at Wu Yan who looked super composed. Her eyes took on a dangerous glint.

“Or even this delinquent here who has a ton of bad record behind him, who I might add based on my first experience, is a scum who would molest underage girls!”

“But the most important thing is that…”

Kuroko used her teleportation and jumped in front of Mikoto. Her face practically stuck to Mikoto’s body, she then continued in a weird tone.

“As Onee-sama’s roommate, how come Kuroko never heard about Onee-sama knowing being an acquaintance of so many people like this!”

Mikoto who had a bad feeling the moment Kuroko started talking is now covered in cold sweat. She had an awkward expression as she tried to put on a facade by uttering a few fake laughs.

“Yo-you just got to me for about a year, you can’t possibly know everything about me within that time right?”

Mikoto’s excuse had no apparent weakness in them. But, Kuroko reacted abnormally high in tension towards her.

“Says who! Even if I only knew you for about a year, it might as well had been an eternity. There is nothing I don’t know about you. I even know what panties you’re wearing today, I…”


She got put down with a punch. She screamed at her while flushing red.

“Wh-who told you to dig around regarding that kind of information!”

“Ah… ahah… these two really should consider doing sketches…”

He wryly laughed with twitching lips The other girls agreed whole-heartedly to what he said…

Mikoto glared back at the crowd with wrathful eyes. The group immediately turned back to the display in shock.

“Master, we found Hinagiku already so will we going to get her?”

Astrea tugged Wu Yan’s sleeve and asked him. She seemed to be excited about the prospect of a reunion. Come to think of it, it’s been quite awhile since she last saw Hinagiku, she must be missing her.

He grinned and said.

“Naturally. Let’s go now!”

“I am coming with you!”

Mikoto immediately voiced her intention. She walked on over to Wu Yan’s side. Following behind her are Uiharu, Ruiko, and Kuroko who wanted to come along as well.

Wu Yan helplessly acquiesced.

“Fine, let’s go…”

♦ ♦ ♦

Academy City, School district 13, in front of a certain school’s main gate…

“this is where Hinagiku is teaching at?”

Mikoto looked at the school and her impression is… nothing. Not a school she’s heard of at the very least, compared to a rich girl’s school like Tokiwadai, this school is nothing.

“She is here.”

Uiharu looked at her mini notebook and said in a very confident tone.

“I will go ask the security guard, it will be much easier for a Judgement member to get information at times like this…”

Kuroko said and then she teleported away.

“Did she really have to use her ability for such a short journey?”

Wu Yan muttered. Soon, she returned.

“I’ve got it! That intern teacher Katsura Hinagiku is indeed employed here!”

“Is she inside then?”

Wu Yan asked impatiently, he’s honestly missing her though…

Kuroko used a serious expression.

“No, she’s not! The guard said Katsura Hinagiku…. er senpai, went somewhere in a hurry not too long ago.”

Simply on formality, Kuroko should call Hinagiku a sensei but since she’s her Onee-sama’s friend and they were quite close in age, calling her a teacher would feel odd, that’s why she called her senpai.

Wu Yan and the others weren’t so concerned with titles, what he cared about is the information she has.

“Went off somewhere in a rush?”

Wu Yan frowned.

“Maybe something happened?”

Mikoto said in an anxious tone.

“Maybe it’s because of her work as an officer…”

Ruiko suggested after seeing the look of anxiety on Wu Yan and Mikoto. She said that with the intention to console them but instead she set off an alarm inside them!

Wu Yan and Mikoto exchanged looks before asking Uiharu.

“Uiharu, can you check if there had been any events recently? Specifically cases that would require the mobilization of officers…”

“I don’t think I can help much with that…”

Uiharu said looking a bit troubled.

“To check what happened nearby would require access to the surveillance cameras around this school district. Besides that method, there aren’t any other methods although…”

She lifted her notebook and said.

“The equipment I have on me is inadequate. Plus, this isn’t the school district in our jurisdiction. If we just use the surveillance camera as we please then upon discovery it can be seen as a felony…”

“Is that so…”

Everyone became silent. They looked helpless, only Astrea didn’t lower her head. She rubbed her chin and said.

“It’s fine we don’t get caught right?”

“No, we can’t!”

Kuroko retorted.

“Let’s ignore the fact that we are doing this to find someone, even Uiharu would find it daunting to tap into the cameras without leaving any kind of trace!”

Not only is Astrea not convinced, she smiled.

“Hehe, I know somebody can pull this kind of stuff off though!”


Kuroko and Ruiko couldn’t believe what they are hearing. Uiharu’s ability is something the two girls are familiar with. Only Wu Yan and Mikoto seemed to have caught on.

“Now isn’t that right? Ikaros-senpai!”

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