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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 163: Mikoto’s call and Kuroko’s howling

Ikaros’ arrival helped Wu Yan in various ways. With a big eater in the house, one’s food making speed completely lost to the rate at which food disappeared from the table. For the time that girl is hungry, one would have to keep holding the kitchen knife until she is satiated. It just so happen that the time that girl is hungry is almost 24 hours a day so…

With Ikaros as his assistant, his burden was reduced. Even if she is not that good at cooking yet, he has to admire the speed at which she is learning, quite impeccable.

With some free time on his hands, Wu Yan felt joy and yet at the same time he could feel chills going down his spine…

This is just one Astrea and he is already so tormented. What if one day he done goofed up and summoned Yuyuko from Gensokyou…

This might just be the first time in his life that he thinks the girls are uncute…

With his thoughts drifting further and further away, a phone call pulled him back to reality. Bewildered at this, he took out his phone and saw Mikoto’s name being displayed on caller ID.

Come to think of it, this phone was bought by Mikoto for him. Besides gold from Silvaria, he didn’t have any other assets in Academy City.

Compared to his sad state, as the No.3 lv5 in Academy City, Mikoto’s allowance is so large, she got lazy at the thought of counting the numbers in her bank account.

That’s why she magnanimously bought Wu Yan a phone when she heard he didn’t have one. This gave Wu Yan a taste of what it means to be a gigolo. (Tl: 吃软饭, eating soft rice is a derogatory term referring to gigolo who lives off women.)

There is another reason, and this is the major reason that he is not particularly interested in keeping this phone…

He looked at his ringing limited edition Gekota handphone and its brilliant pink color. He is very conflicted on this matter…

He sighed and picked up the phone.

“Hey, Mikoto…”

“Why did you take so long to pick up the phone, are you that busy!”

Mikoto voiced her dissatisfaction from beyond that limited edition Gekota phone. Wu Yan went silent, he can’t tell her that he was fantasizing about this and that right?…

“Onee-sama, that scum must be doing something bad that makes him unable to look another person in the eyes. Who knows, he might just be molesting some underage girls or something. Onee-sama shouldn’t lower yourself so as to associate with that scum by calling him and even planning on…”

The tender voice that is filled with disdain, prejudice, hate, jealousy. No doubt about it, he can guess who that person is without even seeing her. Seriously, that girl would always remember to give him one insults or two…

Thinking that this banter wouldn’t finish if he replied, he ignored her and asked Mikoto.

“Well, what’s up? Mikoto.”

Mikoto cleared her throat twice, it wasn’t clear whether that was aimed a Wu Yan or the lifeform that is both black and white. She hesitated a bit before continuing in a soft tone.

“Are you free today?”


Wu Yan felt surprised and amusedly teased her.

“Of course I’m free, I just didn’t think that Mikoto would take the initiative and invite me out on a date…”

“N-no it’s not…”

“It’s definitely not a date okay!”

The black and white lifeform screamed.

“Onee-sama would never go on a date with a scum like you! Onee-sama belongs to me, Kuroko! If she wants a date, it would be with me!”

He 囧-ed, he really didn’t know what to say to her.  He also didn’t know where the girls are calling him from but after Kuroko voice her preferences, the other side became noisy.

“Kuroko! What are you going on about!”

Wu Yan can imagine that Mikoto is most likely getting “curious” stares from the pedestrians and that’s why she got mad…

“Kuroko didn’t say anything preposterous! Onee-sama will always belong to me! Sa, Onee-sama, ignore that scum and let’s go with just the both of us… a a a….”

That weird “a a a” laugh made Mikoto get goosebumps. Meanwhile, his expression became even more 囧.

I say, are you girls still talking with me or…

At this rate, Mikoto is going to get so mad she’s gonna give Kuroko the shock of her life. At that point, what is going to happen to the phone in her hands, will it even survive the lightning surge?

That’s why Wu Yan cut her short.

“Erm, Mikoto what are you calling me for?”

“N? Oh, that’s right!”

Mikoto recalled her original purpose for calling.

“If you’re free, come to the family restaurant we dined at last time and bring Astrea with you !”

“Owh… So it’s not a date…”

Wu Yan said dejectedly. He thought she was going to invite him to an exciting & heart throbbing date like last time…


Maybe it’s because Mikoto remembered what happened on the last date she bashfully screamed at him.

“Bring Astrea here right this instant!”

“Okay, I will also bring Ikaros as well!”

“You found Ikaros?”

Mikoto flinched and then asked him in a joyful glee.

“Nn, you just wait over there for a bit, I am coming over!”

“A scum like you should just fall into a stinky drain and disappear forever from Onee-sama’s eyes!”

Kuroko howled. The voice seemed to even closer to the phone than Mikoto is. Her favorability with him is as bad as can be…


After screaming like that, Mikoto’s line got cut. He bitterly smiled and shook his head after looking at the phone in his hand. He saw Astrea who is still busy stuffing herself full and his bitter smile transformed into an even more bitter one.

♦ ♦ ♦

Academy City, Seventh District, A certain restaurant…

With two curvy angeloid in tow, he habitually received the “passionate” stares from the pedestrians and walked into the family restaurant. The moment he walked in he saw Mikoto and Kuroko.

What got him curious is the fact that in addition to the two aforementioned girls, there is Uiharu Kazari whom he met before at branch office 177 and another girl which he hadn’t met before but is very familiar with.

Long black hair reaching past her shoulders, white flower on the left side of her head, wearing a Sakugawa middle school uniform. She gives the first impression of being a genki girl and cheerful girl. Her figure is like heaven and earth compare to Uiharu. She had the best body out of the 4 girls. She is a very cute and beautiful girl. At first glance, he instantly identified her as Saten Ruiko!

Same grade and class as Uiharu Kazari, she’s her BFF and a user of the lv6 ability Uplifting Air. (Tl: see video below to understand) The  ability user  who is the perfect counter to Uiharu, Saten Ruiko!

Giving her an introduction that is grand and not grand at the same time, Wu Yan looked at Saten Ruiko with eyes of respect and longing. This person is the holder of an ability which can’t be bought from the store no matter how he covets or admires it.

“Yan! over here!”

With two super high specs woman following him, even if he didn’t want to stand out he wouldn’t have a choice. Mikoto instantly noticed the arrival of the 3 individuals and called out to them.

When she did, Kuroko turned her sharp and odious glare on Wu Yan. He was planning on greeting her with his hand but he froze up from that leer. Meanwhile, Uiharu Kazari is surprised by him and Saten Ruiko seems intrigued by this set of events.

“Yaho! Here I am, sister Mikoto!”

Astrea beamed when she saw Mikoto. She called out to her while waving one hand and with the other hand placed at the side of her mouth. She has no intention to hide her cute and cheerful personality.

Uiharu and Ruiko seemed to be in shock after seeing Ikaros who is standing behind Wu Yan. Even Kuroko who saw Astrea before got charmed for just a second.

Mikoto had a different expression, an awkward one…

If one were to make Mikoto and Astrea stand together. Out of 100 people, 99.5% would say that Astrea is the elder sister, the remaining 0.5% would be the rare breed that has a very different paradigm…

But towards Hinagiku and Mikoto who takes care of her, Astrea is dead set on calling them “Sister”, she wouldn’t hesitate at all to call them out in such a manner at a public place. This isn’t the first time Hinagiku or Mikoto felt awkward at being referred to in this manner…

It is at this point that Mikoto started regretting her actions. Why did she tell Wu Yan to bring Astrea with him…

Lv6 ability: Uplifting Air.

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