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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 164: Spending a day with Railgun & co

Sitting on one side of the table with Ikaros and Astrea while Mikoto, Kuroko, Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko sat on the other side, Wu Yan felt awkward after seeing the different expressions on the girls sitting opposite to him. With seven people sat at the table, six of them being very cute girls and he is the only male there.

Mikoto was awkward for a bit, then she stopped caring. Astrea is like a sister that needs taking care of to her anyways. Her tea-colored eyes landed on Ikaros and her spirit lifted up.

“Ikaros, we finally found you, where were you all this time?”

Ikaros glanced at Wu Yan before mumbling.

“Erm… I was looking for master, and…”

It is still hard for Ikaros to tell a lie…

Can’t be helped, the fact that she was in the black ops. He talked with her before and Ikaros now knows how to deal with such situations if it should arise again. However, if he wanted Ikaros to keep mum about some stuff, it would seem to be too hard for her to do so…

Mikoto is surprised at how Ikaros is reacting. Truth be told, she has never seen Ikaros acting like this. Ikaros probably knew she’s putting on a weak act as well, that’s why she quickly turned to Wu Yan for help.

Wu Yan bitterly smiled before putting down the drink in his hand and looked at Saten Ruiko.

“What do we have here, a new face, whom might you be?”

Saten Ruiko greeted him energetically.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Saten Ruiko, a first-year student at Sakugawa middle school, my ability is…”

“You don’t have to tell me!”

How can someone so familiar with the original work not know that for Saten Ruiko, her ability had always been an angst for her? He cut her off right away.

“Who gives a damn about those kinds of stuff..”

He said while laughing heartily much to the surprise of the girls in Railgun & co.

Saten Ruiko herself had an inscrutable look, her beautiful pair of eyes seemed stunned at what he said, she couldn’t return to her senses.

Kuroko clicked her tongue with a ‘tsk’.

“‘Who gives a damn about those kinds of stuff’ my ass, you’re probably just trying to downplay the fact that you’re a lv0 right?!”

Saten Ruiko was startled at the revelation that he is a lv0. Meanwhile, Mikoto bitterly smiled, how could she not know why Wu Yan is a lv0…

She still doesn’t know that Wu Yan got an upgrade to his ESPer powers…

Wu Yan didn’t respond to Kuroko’s jab. She’s probably thinking that: “Onee-sama invited a scum, he might be a major love rival.” or something along that line that’s why she’s so frustrated. If he really responded, this girl who would blacken at the mention of anything Mikoto related would probably use it against him.

Seeing that he’s not going to reply, she curled her lips in a displeased manner. However, she did let go of this matter, that’s because she’s not the kind of person who would keep rubbing salt in another’s “wound”.

“Nice to meet you, everyone! My name’s Astrea!”

Astrea introduced herself with zest thereby attracting everyone’s attention.

“I’m Ikaros…”

The other girls were quite curious about meeting beautiful girls like Ikaros and Astrea. After a bunch of question and answer, they more or less got to know them. Seizing the opportunity where the other girls are preoccupied with chatting, Wu Yan looked at Mikoto and continued.

“Mikoto, what did you call me out for, surely you’re didn’t do so just to introduce me to a babe right?”

Mikoto stepped on his foot under the table, almost making him shout out in pain.

“Why are you always thinking about th-those kinds of things, I really wonder sometimes, what is your brain made out of!”

“Okok, what is the matter?”

He rubbed his sore foot while looking at her with a serious face.

“I can see there’s something troubling you and here you are acting like everything’s normal…”

Mikoto slightly lowered her head before bitterly laughing.

“I can’t hide it from you afterall…”

He squinted and then he laughed smugly.

“But fo course, you can’t hide anything from me, it’s your husband you’re trying to pull a fast one over!”


She blushed and rolled her eyes at him.

“Take this seriously will you!”

“You won’t tell me what is it and you expect me to take this seriously.”


She stared at him while fuming. This guy is too shameless…

Hesitating for a bit, she finally said it in a low voice.

“The scientists came to see me just a few days ago.

A glint of light pass through his eyes and he narrowed his eyes.

“And, I should guess their reason was most likely something to do with the Lv6 shift program yes?”

Mikoto turned to look around and upon finding out nobody is listening to them, she nodded and depressedly responded.

“Yes, they also asked me for my DNA…”

“And, you didn’t give them any right?”

He knew that she probably wouldn’t supply it but he can’t help but worry for her.

“Of course not!”

She practically said that out loud. Of course, she would, with how the Sisters turned out, she would never supply her own DNA so nonchalantly anymore…

“Then all is well…”

He touched the bracelet or Bio-containment unit he has on hand. She knew her sisters were inside there as she gazed upon the bracelet.

Noticing her intense gaze, he assured her with a smile.

“Don’t worry, it will be over very soon…”

Mikoto looked at him, her heart calmed down for an unknown reason, she nodded and answered him with a resolute expression.

“When the time comes, I will lend a hand as well!”

There is no worry or doubt in that resolute expression of hers. Based on her personality, he knew that she would never sit tight at one place and wait for him to bust out all the other sisters. The guilt of doing so would probably be too much for her.

Perhaps she wouldn’t mind risking her life if even to help out just a little.

What a silly girl…

He smiled slightly, thinking for a bit, he then spoke.

“The most important objective at the moment is the safety of the sisters, there are still a lot of sisters out there and so they won’t take any drastic actions for the time being. However, as the number of sisters dwindles, they will start concentrating their efforts on safeguarding the remaining sisters!”

“At that point, it is Mikoto’s turn to shine! That’s why I ask that you wait just a bit longer…”

Mikoto nodded despite feeling a bit frustrated. She swore deep inside her heart that she will definitely make sure she does her job splendidly when the time comes.

Compared to Mikoto in the original work who knew only how to blindly charge forward and bear all the burden herself, this Mikoto is no doubt more blessed…

At the very least, Mikoto does not fight without hope like in the original work. With the addition of Wu Yan, saving the sisters is not just a distant hope.

When the two were done discussing their matters, they were surprised by what they saw upon looking back at the table.

The five girls that were busy chatting are now sitting quietly in their seats while giving their utmost attention towards Mikoto and Wu Yan. They didn’t say anything but Wu Yan can see Kuroko clad in dark aura while sitting quietly with her head lowered.

He wryly laughed and asked.

“Wh-why are you girls looking at us?”

Ruiko looked between them and then she had a realization.

“Oh I see, so Wu Yan senpai and Misaka senpai are a couple!”

Mikoto flushed red while shrinking back and she waved her hands frantically before suttering.

“No-no! Wh-who would become a co-couple with him!”

Wu Yan helplessly looked at her. Even if he didn’t mind her being a tsundere and all but acting like that will just attract people’s suspicion won’t it?

As expected, Kuroko who knew Mikoto’s quirks, saw Mikoto’s actions and Kuroko instantly rampaged!

“I am gonna bury this scum into the ground!”

She roared with an ominous aura around her. She then jumped at Wu Yan in hysteria.

Wu Yan and Mikoto were taken by surprise. Just when Mikoto was about to give Kuroko some lightning to suck on, a shout came from the table in front of them.

“I say! You guys are being annoyingly noisy!”

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