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Chapter 129
Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 129: Done with 1 event, another begins! Fei Fei’s challenge!

As the voice echoed, Lulu found herself in a daze as she looked at Wu Yan. Her nose began to flare up and tears nearly came flowing down from her eyes. However, she quickly wiped them away and held the waterworks back.


It’s not that Lulu didn’t have friend, she did have a few but there were only a few of them, but yeah she had some friends. It’s just that the word “friends” before never moved her as much as it did today.

She’s a lucky one to be born as the descendant of a big family. At the same time she too could be described as being unlucky. She had everything normal people didn’t get to enjoy and yet the normal things people enjoyed are far and out of her reach.

In the past, she wished so hard for someone who could really talk to her as just friend and not have to consider about her status. Time and time again however, she kept seeing the word ‘benefits’ being written all over the faces of those she interacted with and each time she would be disappointed over and over again at these “friends” of hers, so much so that she lost hope in this concept.

She had a few female friends but they all had more or less the same issue as well so even though she could talk and relate to them she never could interact with them on a deeper level.

In a way, one could say that nobody could open that door of friendship in her heart and go inside her (Tl:No. No lenny face). Fei Fei is probably the closest one in doing so, but Fei Fei is her escort, it’s more familiarity than true friendship.

It didn’t matter now though as that was all in the past. Now, she has someone who had open the door of friendship and enter her heart.

Well of course whether or not he could go beyond this door of friendship to another even deeper door would be something that would be best to keep a close eye on from now on….

Gazing at that steadfast figure of hers, Lulu smiled. Her smile was so beautiful and touching that Fei Fei who’s standing beside her could assert with much confidence that this moment right here might be the most gorgeous manifestation of her expression yet!

“Big brother is so cool!”

Lirin’s eyes turned into stars as she looked on. Quite clearly, being cool and assertive is indeed very shiny to a kid’s eyes.

“Tsk, acting cool is about the only thing he’s good at!”

Hinagiku grumbled but she quickly sighed because she got to hand it to him, this time around he’s looking pretty damn good.

“And he did it using another’s ability. Ugh, I have the urge to hit someone so bad right now…”

The same type of lightning that arced around Wu Yan streaked across her forehead and illuminated her master’s most unamused tightly wound up face.


muttered a certain Ikaros who didn’t have much presence.

Hughes could look more butthurt and triggered on the battleground. Because he used up his magic power, he didn’t have enough strength to stand up again and he could only look up at Wu Yan like a stray dog.

Tigre grinned when he saw how bad Hughes got his ass handed to him. This time Wu Yan done fucked up good by humiliating the living daylight out of Hughes. Judging by how worked up Hughes was, Tigre is certain that he will definitely come at him for revenge like mad.

Wu Yan nonchalantly laughed it off. He knows he went onto the pretty boy’s to-kill list but he couldn’t care any less. If Hughes wanted to take revenge, Wu Yan will be looking forward to it.

And also if he did want to take revenge, he has to borrow help from the family. This power or whatnot is to him going t

o be just another round of free exp being offered up for the taking.

Now if foul play is being considered, on this world, 1: He doesn’t have any relatives 2: He doesn’t have any family and he’s pretty much by himself (Tl:只有他自己一个人 don’t know why author didn’t use words to the effect of sticking to his own harem but meh gonna translate it as is). He isn’t afraid of some dirty plot, and if the aim is Hinagiku, Mikoto and Ikaros then it would be a futile thing to do.

In front of absolute power, plots and trickery are the most ineffective means!

What is to everyone a very big and mighty force in the form of the Lori family is nothing to Wu Yan. Aside from the tier 9 elder there is not much he should be looking out for.

Now, can Hughes really get the elder to move? Let’s not write it off by saying he can’t, he probably could but even then Wu Yan might already have tier 9 supers by his side by the time that happened.

“Ma, now that it’s over, let’s go home and get back to finding their own mothers!” (Tl: 各回各家,各找各妈, wanted to translate as “let’s go each other’s way and find a milf to suck on” but seems inappropriate due to the non sensical funny context the author intended)

Wu Yan said tongue in cheek. Now that the matter is resolved, his serious and stern face turned into one of goofing around. Meanwhile, Hinagiku and Mikoto not far away can’t help feeling very helpless.

The spectators grinned and just as they were about to scatter, someone’s move made them all stop and turn around to watch again.

Wu Yan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh when he saw Fei Fei standing in front of him.

“Sister Fei Fei, don’t tell me you want to mess around as well?”

Fei Fei lifted the longsword in her hand and called out to him.

“Lori family! Fei Fei Lori hereby challenges you to a duel!”


Wu Yan is surprised as he kept looking at Fei Fei with lifted brows. The timing of her challenge made him wonder whether or not she is doing this to defend Hughes’ honour.

Lulu yelled in shock.

“Waya, Sister Fei Fei what are you doing, why the sudden urge to pick a fight?!”

Fei Fei didn’t respond, her sword is still lifted and her eyes are still on Wu Yan. She looked serious and firm and in her standing  making Lulu rule out the possibility of this being a prank. Lulu panicked at the thought of this.

Her own family member fighting with her own friend, how can she not be freaking out…

Wu Yan thought Fei Fei was just trying to defend her clan’s reputation and so challenged him.

But, after seeing the battle intent brewing within her eyes he didn’t think so anymore. Let’s not consider the fact that the Fei Fei he knows isn’t like that, if Wu Yan didn’t know what she meant with those eyes of hers then Wu Yan surely has wasted his time watching all those hot blooded shounen animes.

Fei Fei is just itching for a fight huh…

He shook his head while wryly laughing. He never would have thought that she had such a battle crazed side to her but he got excited pretty soon as well.

Recently, it’s either that he’s getting ganked up on or the enemy is someone way out of his league or it’s someone who’s totally too weak for him, never can he fighting one good round!

But now, Wu Yan isn’t the same weak novice he was back then, he’s already a tier 7 now!

Fei Fei is at level 68 and he’s at level 65. Fei Fei is higher than him by 3 level s but this 3 level difference isn’t that great, Fei Fei might be stronger than him but the she can’t be that strong. If they really fought it’s hard to say who would win!

When he thought about this he could feel a fire burning within him making his blood boil…

Wu Yan lifted the corner of his lip and continued.

“I accept!”

“Yan, you…”

Lulu didn’t know what to say at this sudden turn of events, her brain almost couldn’t keep up with the situation and she certainly didn’t know what to do.

Wu Yan glanced at Lulu and waved her off.

“It’s alright, it’s no biggle!”

Lulu felt exasperated.

It’s already a duel and you have the galls to say it’s no biggie? If any one of you two got hurt it would be a biggie to me!

Fei Fei motioned to Lulu for her to calm down. Upon realizing the two wouldn’t change their mind she scratched her head and shouted.

“Aaaa! I don’t care anymore! Do whatever you guys want! Hmph!”

Leaving them with that hmph of hers she turned around walked away. If she didn’t stop soon and watched the battleground, Fei Fei and Wu Yan would have mistakenly thought she’s throwing a hissy fit and is going to run off.

Grey and Tigre silenced themselves. Another development they have no say in, today should have been the day where they are the MCs with one party picking a fight while the other respond in kind but uh….

Wu Yan walked to the front of Fei Fei and looked straight at her before exclaiming.

“I never thought the day would come when I would face you, sister Fei Fei!”

Fei Fei winked and laughed.

“Yeah, I didn’t think so too. To think that little lad who got lost inside the Giant Beast Forest would one day make me get so serious.”

Wu Yan felt a bit awkward. He didn’t mind Fei Fei calling him little lad because at that time he might as well have been one in comparison. Not in terms of age of course, in terms of strength.

“Sister Fei Fei, could we please forget about the getting lost thing?”

Wu Yan rubbed the back ofhis head.

Fei Fei laughed and lifted the sword in her hand.

“If you can beat me, I guarantee I will forget all about it!”

“Is this a wager?”

“In a way…”

“Then I accept!”

At this point the two grinned at each other, the whole atmosphere around them pretty much screamed friendliness making the spectators retort.

Isn’t this a duel?

Tl: and to that I say, “Don’t you people have better stuff to do then gawk at duels and shit hitting the fan?” It’s like every normie in this universe doesn’t have a business to attend to.

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