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Chapter 130
Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 130: Clashing of the swords! The most direct confrontation!

Standing at a distance that’s not too far or too close to each other, the two exchanged gaze. They didn’t make any move but any person with a reasonable amount of strength could tell that aura is coming out of the two combatant and are being thrown at each other!


An aura standoff!

Unseen and unheard by the spectators, the duel is starting. Perhaps for the guy and the lady on the battlefield this battle had already begun…

Fei Fei examined Wu Yan before saying:

“What? You want me to give you handicaps?”

This line was not one of disdain from Fei Fei but rather one born out of seeing Wu Yan apparently standing before her unarmed. It’s a compromise she was willing to make. One should know that the longsword in her hand is a Rare Armament!

Listening to her, Wu Yan knew what she was referring to and he laughed.

“No need!”

And instantly, a light and nimble looking blade with exotic design and its sheathe appeared out of nowhere and materialized in Wu Yan’s hand. He let the blade spin around on his wrist before grabbing it with a crisp “pa” sfx.

 “That’s your weapon?”

Seeing Nietono no Shana in Wu Yan’s hand, Fei Fei’s eyes shined and she nodded in admiration. That agile looking design is clearly to her liking.

Wu Yan nodded and lifted his Nietono no Shana.

“It is called Nietono no Shana, a Rare Armament!”

“Rare Armament!”

Fei Fei can’t help nodding and laughing at the same time. This is great, nobody needs to hold back and the condition is still the same, beat the other party down with all one’s ability!

Not only was Fei Fei charmed by Nietono no Shana’s appearance, a lot of the spectators were befuddled on why Wu Yan brought out the sword.

They thought that even if he could wield weapon, he should have used staffs and the likes since he used lightning magic before.

What is he doing with a blade, is he even a warrior?

Everyone laughed when they thought about this. Magic and dou qi cannot co exist together, this much is a commonsense of Silvaria, who wouldn’t know this? But then, why did Wu Yan take out a sword?

Thinking back on it, the spectators do remember him using a blade to neutralize Tigre a few days back!

Surely it couldn’t be that he could use magic and dou qi at the same time?…

Everyone thought about this totally ridiculous concept. What they didn’t know is that Wu Yan don’t know dou qi and he certainly don’t know anythinga bout mana. When he used sword, it was backed by his physical strength and when he used lightning those were derized from his ESP computational power!

Hughes who is currently standing in front of the Lori party stared viciously at Wu Yan. It’s as though he wants to bore two holes into him by ‘looking’ at him.

He don’t give a flying fuck about whether or not mana and dou qi can exist together. What he does know is that Wu Yan didn’t use any armament against him, scratch that, he did not even used any form of weapon against him. He’s basically not even using his full power!

Oooh how he loathes the prick! He despise the very fact that he isn’t the one to stand on the battleground against Fei Fei. It has always been a goal of his to one day challenge his elder colleague who had more talent and strength than him!

And so, the reason why Hughes hated Wu Yan increased by one…

“Let’s begin!”

Fei Fei’s gaze steeled up and she slowly drew her long sword. It really lived up to its name of being long, the blade

itself is already almost the same length as Fei Fei’s height. The blade had a bright silvery splendor and its body is slim, almost as slim as Nietono no Shana in Wu Yan’s hand.

The blade and the hilt joined together in a sublime manner. There is no cross guard on the thing, it looked similar to Kusanagi Sword which Wu Yan used to wield some time ago. The only difference being this blade is longer and slightly more curved.

Fei Fei slid her finger along the blade, her eyes like she’s looking at her own relative.

“The blade’s name is Night Elf (tl: 夜之精灵), a blade designed by me and forged after asking my master to send someone to customize it according to my own specs, its grade is also of the Rare Armament tier!”

Wu Yan lifted the corner of his lip and grinned. Now he understood why Fei Fei glowed up when she saw Nietono no Shana. It appears it’s because Nietono no Shana bear much resemblance to her own personally designed Night Elf in that both focused more on being light and swift weapons.

Wu Yan drew Nietono no Shana and everyone finally recognized that he really is going to use a blade to fight!

Isn’t he a magician? Could it really be true that he can use magic and dou qi?

Wu Yan didn’t know about the rumination of other people but as the two drew their arms,  the unseen aura standoff became even more apparent in its confrontation!

Their aura raging in all its glory, were received by the ears of the spectators as humming ring smashing themselves against their brains much to everyone’s discomfort even though in actual fact there were no sound being produce.

Everyone except for Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Lirin who had something applied on her, and Lulu didn’t feel a thing!

Nobody’s sure of why it’s like this though…

The invisible confrontation blew the two combatants hair up and made them aware of just how strong the opponent is. Fei Fei and Wu Yan didn’t feel anything off and proceeded to laugh at the same time.


Fei Fei moved first, with a twirl and a spin she thrusted her sword at Wu Yan!

Her image turned into a straight line as she charged at Wu Yan leaving visible trails behind her. The shining blade made chills go up everyone.

Halfway in her thrust, a figure appeared in front of her and a sword flashed in front of her making her pupils shrink!

It’s Wu Yan’s Nietono no Shana!


In a similar way to how Fei Fei couldn’t understand how Wu Yan appeared in front of her, Wu Yan didn’t know how Night Elf appared in front of Fei Fei in the nick of time. The result being the mutual collision of both blades.

Their confrontation led to a stalemate with blades held against each other and grinding up a rain of sparks!

“As expected, Sister Fei Fei is very strong!”

Wu Yan looked at Fei Fei’s face which is very close to his before he said that while grinning.

“The same could be said of you!”

Fei Fei is very happy at the moment, these kind of fight where the other party understands her is just what she had been dreaming about. Perhaps this is what is meant by her master about the necessity of someone who can rival and understand her while she continues her path of improvement….

Fei Fei smiled when she thought about this and in another instant her eyes became serious and she yelled before putting more strength into Night Elf. Wu Yan in respond to her also increased his strength.

Very soon Fei Fei got suppressed by Wu Yan. Fei Fei had higher levels but Wu Yan had better strength, a lady couldn’t necessarily beat a guy in strength under the circumstance of parity.

But if one were to consider power, then it’s anyone’s guess!

Understanding that she won’t be able to beat Wu Yan in strength, Fei Fei twisted her blade and parried Nietono no Shana to the side with a pull. She turned and slashed Night Elf at Wu Yan!

When Fei Fei turned, Wu Yan twisted his blade and reverse gripped Nietono no Shana to block Fei Fei’s slash. He then pushed Fei Fei away with a might push of his other arm.

He smiled before spinning Nietono no Shana and then pointing at Fei Fei with the blade. Next, he thrust straight at her with Fei Fei turning her body to one side in order to dodge. Nietono no Shana grazed her cheeks and a few strands of hair fell and slowly floated down onto the floor.

Miss, he brandished the blade and swung down at Fei Fei but it only landed on Night Elf…

With an upward push, Nietono no Shana got deflected away and an opening appeared in front of Wu Yan. Fei Fei grabbed the sword with two hands and swung down at his chest.

No time to retrieve Nietono no Shana, Wu Yan stomped and retreated a distance. Night Elf landed squarely on the ground he had been on.


A nasty gap opened on the floor Night Elf made contact on, telling everyone that this hit was no joke. Wu Yan recovered and charged again.

What happened next is the sound of bodies moving and swords clashing!

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