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Chapter 384: Failed Within Three Moves

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Zhi Wei had always been known as the wise man in the Golden Foundation. In the Laos remain, he played a vital role in coming up with a strategic plan to secure the relic.

Back then, the Foundation had a good chance of winning right from the start. But their plan was ruined by a fatty named Li Yixiao.

Then, Zhi Wei did an accurate analysis of Li Yixiao’s behavioral patterns, which led to a series of strategies including distraction, temptation, deception and alienation, but they were all countered by the knife behind Li Yixiao’s smile.

Strictly speaking, it was a literal meaning, as Li Yixiao’s weapon during that bloodshed was indeed a knife…

One could not deny that the headstrong Li Yixiao truly had a strong head. All experts from the various organizations across the globe were utterly routed by Li Yixiao alone in the Laos remain, this left a bad impression of Li Yixiao in Li Xianyi’s mind…

In the end, Zhi Wei turned to his last resort. When everyone else saw Li Yixiao as the common target, the Foundation was finally able to get a chance at the relic…

This very opportunity also allowed Zhi Wei to acquire the life-saving herbs for Li Xianyi.

No matter how many times he had failed, the final result was positive, which earned Zhi Wei a great reputation within the Golden Foundation.

However, a man as legendary as Zhi Wei did not manage to get past three moves in front of Lu Shu…

The three moves referred to three greetings…

Lu Shu’s style gave Zhi Wei a serious headache.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down, and walked away once the two slips of invitations were handed to Lu Shu. He needed to figure out a new way of greeting him the next time they met.

“From Zhi Wei’s distress, +3, +3, +3…”

With the invitation in his hands, Lu Shu was puzzled, was this the hard-to-get invitation that Li Yixiao was talking about?!

It was merely a piece of paper that granted permission to enter.

As a tourist destination, tens of thousands of visitors flock to Pattaya for a cozy winter every year. In a time of increasingly convenient transportation, climate migration was becoming a more popular choice among the financially able. Hence, spending one’s winter in the south had for a long time become a top choice for Chinese tourists.

Currently, however, there were more Practitioners and Metahumans in Pattaya than the city had ever seen. As a matter of fact, most Practitioners beyond Class C were comparatively rich and some were already living a luxurious life in Pattaya.

Li Yixiao was an exception…

And Lu Shu would never admit to his huge fortune either.

It made sense to open Practitioners markets here. There, Lu Shu realized there were people below Class C joining in the fun as well. The number of those ranging from Class F to D were more than ten times that of the Class C’s and beyond.

Some people came solely to try their luck at getting something precious in the remain. In that giant treasure box, the pros would certainly cast their eyes on the relic, with which, the entire remain would belong to them. Thus, the clever choice would be to forgo some less valuable items on their way to the final target.

Meanwhile, the weaker ones could pickup the leftovers.

Sure, there were certain elements of danger in the remains. Still, a handful were willing to gamble on their lives for the potential of a better future.

At the same time, there were those who simply hoped to practice on the periphery of a remain. It was an open secret in the cultivation realm that a remain had surprising benefits on one’s training progress, it was like an upgraded experience pill. Without additional cultivation resources on usual days, the remain was a rare and worthy opportunity. After all, a plane ticket was nothing to them.

Others came to Pattaya to exchange their magical weapons or cultivation resources for money or more ideal objects.

Lu Shu glanced over at Li Yixiao, “Hey, Heavenly King Li, are you a buyer?”

Li Yixiao could not remove his gaze from the market, “Buyer? Ha! I’m a seller.”

“Don’t tell me you are selling your Black Dragon Spear,” Lu Shu was in shock. He did not know if Li Yixiao had any other possessions except for his spear.

“Magical stones! I’m selling magical stones!” Li Yixiao emphasized.

Lu Shu nodded in acknowledgment. Li Yixiao must have loads of them as even Lu Shu himself received eight stones monthly. But, a Heavenly King selling magical stones abroad, was that not a miserable story?

In Lu Shu’s expectation, the quality of the items for sale inside should be relatively trustworthy. If a Class E sold some counterfeit to a Class B, his dishonesty might cost him his life…

With the invitation card, they were allowed to enter. Actually it was just a sizable hotel rented by the Golden Foundation for use as a market. Probably aware of their customers identity, the waiters and waitresses were extremely polite and careful. Indeed, it was a commoners normal reaction in front of so many Practitioners.

All things considered, the service here was probably the best in Pattaya now, even better than that of those pretty girls in skimpy clothing…

The market managed by the Golden Foundation was the most popular among all. Despite the negative voices about the Foundation, its well-known transparency and fairness had attracted many clients. In addition to their considerations for personal safety, the Foundation was doing its best in the protection of consumer and seller rights.

Thus, in times of conflicting interests, the Golden Foundation seemed like an eyesore to many influential organizations, who had no alternatives but to swallow their dissatisfactions. However, the Foundation was very much respected by the unaffiliated Practitioners, who viewed it as a great honor to even be able to join them. In fact, what the Foundation was to them was equivalent to what Tsinghua or Peking University was to local students…

Speaking of which, Lu Shu’s dream school used to be Tsinghua University or Peking University. In reality, however, he was fated to be a student at a Practitioners’ school and not some normal university.

Regardless, Lu Shu had decided to boast about his life stories by saying, as an outstanding student wanted badly by Tsinghua University and PKU at the same time. He, determined to be a guardian of human society, to protect peace and defeat the evil, gave up the much-coveted education opportunity and went to Mt. Beimang University…

Wait a minute, the Chinese short form for PKU was Bei Da(“Bei” standing for Beijing, Peking, and “Da” for “Daxue”, university), exactly the same as that for Mt. Beimang University!

As he seriously thought about it, could he not claim that he was a “Bei Da” student in the future? It was not like it was a lie anyway!

Li Yixiao stood at the entrance of the market and froze at the “dress code” of the place, “Why do they like to cover themselves up?”

Most of the people there were hiding their faces behind hoods, masks or caps. Although they trusted the clean work ethics of the Golden Foundation, they had to adopt some protective measures so as not to paint a target on their own backs.

Li Yixiao grinned, “Doesn’t matter. We are upright and honorable people. There’s no need to…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu simultaneously took out caps and masks from their backpacks…

“From Li Yixiao’s distress, +199!”

Lu Xiaoyu was at the prime age during puberty, and she had shot past one-hundred and fifty-seven centimeters in merely half a year. Thus, her height was not much shorter than most girls. Since there were many boy-girl pairs, they seemed too ordinary to be remembered.

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