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Even though he was surprised to see her, he greeted her normally.

He had heard the story from Hera already, but in front of the person, he wasn't going to show he knew.

「Long time no see.」

Akiha acted normal as well.

There was a bright smile stretched across her face.

A smile just like Youran's, and like usual, it had an unsurpassing charm of catching you up in it.

It was enough to catch Taiyou for a second as well.

「Yeah, long time no see.」

「Congrats on winning the individual award.」


「You're going up the ranks of the exchange student race, so things are going well?」


The exchange student race. When Leticia arrived as a teacher Youran created this plan in front of all the other students.

A year ago, a point system began for all the events at the school, and whoever gathered a large amount would be exchange students to the Filli Empire.

Because of that plan, yesterday's mid-term test and today's exercise event got the students super interested and they worked their hardest. (Even though Taiyou blew out the others today)

The existence of the exchange student race had no relation to Taiyou though.

The reason he worked so hard was for his women, for his four wives to see him put his heart into it.

Honestly, he had completely forgotten about Leticia.

He was about to say something about that, but evaded it instead.

「How are you doing.」

「Just as usual.」

「I see.」

Just then, the words between them halted.

The second and third place students walked off the platform, glanced at Taiyou, and then joined the other students.

Even then, the two had nothing to say to each other.

It was an awkward silence, and Akiha could feel the pressure in it.

She smiled as usual, but her eyes looked filled with aggression when she gazed at Taiyou.

Finally, Taiyou said something.

The reason why is because he knew he couldn't leave it like this.

「Why are you here to see me? Have something to say?」

「I was going to talk to you about Aoba.」

「Wait, last time was a mistake, I was hurt, and the mothers were caring for me.」

「I know that, really. They explained, and it wasn't that big of a mistake.」

Taiyou thought that she was lying.

At least that moment was a complete mistake, and she was angry then.

But, he said nothing, and the conversation became tedious.

「So what is it about Aoba?」

「I can't entrust Aoba to you.」


「…I can't entrust Aoba to you.」

Akiha said the same thing again.

「If you can't, then what?」

Taiyou tried to get her upset.

「First of all, you have no right to say that. You're just her friend.」

「I knew you'd say that.」

Akiha laughed with a grin.

Not a smile, a grin.

A grin that always fit her.

「That's why I'm doing this. I'm not letting you have her.」

A line that was a proclamation.

A line that was a bit strange.

However, a line that changed the position of things.

「That means…you're…」


Akiha nodded, and once again, said what she needed to.

「I'm going to take Aoba.」

Taiyou made a pained face.

The story he heard from Hera, and the truth that made him look away.

And the fact that he couldn't run from this.

「So, you're saying you're in love with Aoba.」


「Or like?」


「You said that directly.」

「I've had to think it over.」

「Seems you did.」

Taiyou sighed.

「However, to have someone say that to me like that…you know there's no space between Aoba and I to wedge into, right? We're very close, married too.」

Taiyou had given several reasons, but one, 「Because I'm a man.」he didn't say.

He didn't think it was a problem for love to exist from woman to woman.

If he did, the problem would then become 「from one to many」…

As in lesbianism, as opposed to polygamy.

in society, the more accepted of the two happened to be lesbianism.

And in that case, it would weaken Taiyou's position.

「So what are you going to do? You can't do anything.」

「That's not true, stupid son.」


A woman's voice broken into the stalemate between them.

As soon as he turned, I knew exactly who was talking to him.

As he looked, it was Atsuko, Nazuna, and Mio all together.

The three had come from behind the morning ceremony's platform, and stood before Taiyou and Akiha.

「Mothers-in-law, what are you saying? That's not true.」

「Taiyou, you said there's no way she can wedge into your relation, right?」

「He has a good relation with us mothers as well.」

「I said it, so what, then?」

Taiyou asked them, and had a bad feeling about the response he was about to get.

The timing that they arrived, and their ability to barge into his conversation.

He also thought that they had the one answer that he hadn't thought of.

「We mothers are on Akiha's side after all.」


「After a Miyaki Family Formal Conference, we voted for her, 2 to 1.」



「Mio had to have been the one that started this, right?!」

Taiyou shouted with a loud voice.

Thus, Taiyou was in the greatest pinch he had yet encountered.

His wife's mothers…had now turner their unlimited power against Taiyou.

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