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Chapter 1028 - Misty Treasury

"Then tell me the reason. I don't have much patience."

Luo Rumeng said.


Dongfang De was about to die, "This is a matter of our Misty Mount, it's not worth mentioning, there's nothing more to say."

"Since it's not that important, why don't you just tell me?"

Luo Rumeng did not believe Dongfang De's words.

"Although it's not a big deal, it's still a secret of the Misty Mount. Naturally, it cannot be told to outsiders."

Dongfang De was still stubborn.

"Oh, is that really the case?"

Luo Rumeng lazily lowered her head, her expression suddenly turned cold. "Since this isn't any big deal, I should just destroy them, so they won't waste my time!"

As he spoke, the white qi in his hand exploded again.

Looking at Luo Rumeng's expression, it looked as if he was determined to destroy the Piaomiao Seal s.

These two treasures, under the pressure of Luo Rumeng's vitality, had already released a painful moan.

The magical equipment was Psychic Soul.

Xuanyuan Yeyu's heart ached greatly as he stared at Qin Chao, because Qin Chao held onto her tightly and did not let her save the treasure.

"Didn't you say that she wouldn't be destroyed!"

Xuanyuan Yeyu's heart ached and tears fell.

"This... I overlooked a problem. She's crazy and can't be sure. "

Qin Chao coughed twice, causing him to vomit blood.

Dongfang De and the others were also terrified, but in the end, the old man's face darkened.

, stop! If you want to know something, I will tell you! "

"If I had said so earlier, wouldn't I have been done for?"

When Luo Rumeng heard this, his expression lightened, and the berserking vitality in his hands also stopped.

The two treasures, Piaomiao Seal and Soul-reflecting Light, had been left behind for the time being.

Xuanyuan Yeyu heaved a sigh of relief.

It was too dangerous!

"I also said that it's not a big deal."

Dongfang De rolled his eyes and said seriously, "It's just that Misty Mount has always had a rule that the person who obtains the Piaomiao Seal s and the Soul-reflecting Light s is the orthodox Misty Mount Sect Leader. And inside the Misty Mount, there was a secret stone wall, on it were carved the techniques of the Misty Mount's Four Great Families. Only Piaomiao Seal can activate it, and only Soul-reflecting Light can see the techniques written on it. "

Only then did everyone understand.

So that's how it is. Then it's more or less the same as beating a dog with a mace from the Beggar's Gang.

No wonder the Sect Leader was so nervous.

"So that's how it is..."

Luo Rumeng laughed.

"That's exactly the case. Therefore, please return the treasure to us."

Dongfang De said with a stern expression.

"The heck!"

Luo Rumeng suddenly cursed out loud, at the same time, the vitality in his hands erupted again, and the two treasures started to appear again.

"Luo Rumeng, you madman, the I has already told you this, but you still want to destroy the treasure.

Dongfang De was shocked.

Xuanyuan Yeyu was about to have a heart attack.

God, please take me. I can't take it anymore.

"Do you take me for a three-year-old?"

Luo Rumeng flared up, "You still have the Sect Leader's keepsake! It's just a mere Sect Leader's talisman, as if you, the roaming immortal who has been hiding here for a thousand years, would be nervous if you ran out! Do you think that I, Luo Rumeng, am a fool like you, after living for more than a thousand years? "

Dongfang De's complexion turned ashen after being lectured.

He never thought that his schemes would be seen through by Luo Rumeng just like that.

"This old man really thinks of Luo Rumeng as a fool."

Qin Chao stood below and could not help but say, "Who would believe such a childish reason?"

"I hate it when people mess with me."

Luo Rumeng increased the strength in his hands, "It's time to punish you!"

As he spoke, he prepared to crush the two magic treasures.

Xuanyuan Yeyu's heart stopped beating, and he collapsed into Qin Chao's arms.

"Wait, wait!"

Dongfang De stretched out his hand again, "I will tell you everything!"

These two treasures were too important. They absolutely could not be destroyed like this.

In any case, if he opened the treasury, he would be able to sense it at the first moment.

For now, he had to save the two treasures first.

Dongfang De looked like he had compromised, but Luo Rumeng still did not believe him.

"Cut the crap, you have no reputation to speak of!"

Luo Rumeng said, about to crush the treasure.

"These two treasures can open the legendary Misty Treasury!"

Dongfang De used his Qi to wrap his voice around his voice and spread the word out.

For a moment, all the cultivators present were stunned.

Misty Treasury!

Was there really a Misty Treasury in this world?

"Are you kidding?"

Luo Rumeng's expression also froze for a moment, but quickly laughed in disdain, "He's making up such nonsense again that not even children believe. Misty Treasury, this legendary thing doesn't even exist. "

"Just because you don't believe it and you haven't seen it before doesn't mean that it doesn't exist."

Dongfang De's face did not look good.

In order to hold the two treasures, he had no choice but to announce this matter aloud.

He had his technique anyway, the moment he opened the treasury, he would feel it.

The people from the other sects didn't have such ability.

If they found out about this secret, they would definitely try to seize the two treasures from the Rakshasa School.

At that time, he would definitely cause considerable damage to the Rakshasa School!

Hmph hmph, Rakshasa School, didn't you want to be a monarch? Now that the I has pushed you to the brink of disaster, you can enjoy the feeling of being the focus of everyone's attention!

"This Misty Treasury is the founder of our Misty Mount, the Immortal Piao Miao's treasury that was left behind in the Human Realm. Legend has it that this treasury only opens once every three thousand years. However, no one knew where it would open. And inside the treasury, there were the immortal arts of the Immortal Piao Miao, as well as various immortal artifacts. Whoever obtained these treasures would be able to start a new sect that was comparable to the eight great sects! Furthermore, with the help of these treasures and immortal arts, it is not a problem to ascend to the Immortal Realm as soon as possible. "

"To you, these immortal arts and treasures are indeed attractive."

Luo Rumeng held onto the two treasures tightly, "But to the best of my knowledge, the pill that people covet the most in Misty Treasury is the Good Fortune Pill!"

Dongfang De and the few immortals looked at each other, they did not expect Luo Rumeng to know about this matter as well.

"This was what my brother told me. I never thought that the Misty Treasury truly existed."

Luo Rumeng took a deep breath and continued, "In the Misty Treasury, the most magical thing is none other than the Good Fortune Pill that you cultivated all those years ago. It is said that after eating this Good Fortune Pill, even roaming immortal can break through their own shackles and enter a higher level, continuing to cultivate at a higher level. "

That's right, this Good Fortune Pill was what Dongfang De and the others were yearning for.

roaming immortal, how great these two words looked.

But only roaming immortal like them knew the pain of these two words.

Once a soldier was disbanded into a roaming immortal, it would mean that they would never be able to advance an inch in their cultivation.

Even at a certain point in their lifespan, they were still unable to escape the tribulation of reincarnation.

No matter how great a roaming immortal you are, after you die, everything becomes fleeting clouds.

Therefore, this Manifestation Pill was too important to them!

"There is no such thing in the Misty Treasury. It's just a rumor."

Dongfang De did not want to expose this matter. If he managed to provoke the roaming immortal in the mountains, it would be a bad thing.

"Hehe, didn't you just tell me that if I don't believe it and haven't seen it before, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist?"

Luo Rumeng laughed again and again, causing Dongfang De to clench her teeth, she wanted nothing more than to stab this woman to death.

As expected of the white-haired witch of the past, she was too hateful!

"Looking at how nervous all of you are, this Misty Treasury should have already reached its opening day."

Luo Rumeng was extremely clever, with just a few words, he had caused Dongfang De's face to turn pale.

"Hmph, even if I gave it to you, you wouldn't know the method to open it."

Dongfang De knew he could not stay here any longer, if not the matters regarding the two treasures would be exposed later.

He exchanged glances with the other immortals and made a decision. Then, he turned into four rays of light and disappeared from the Misty Mount.

These four roaming immortal s actually didn't want the two treasures and directly left.


Luo Rumeng shook his two treasures and laughed, "I had originally wanted to return to my original owner, but I didn't expect you old fellows to be so generous, I don't think so. Alright, I can't ignore your good intentions, so I will reluctantly accept it. "

The nearby cultivators didn't know whether to laugh or cry when they heard this.

This Luo Rumeng really knew how to back up immediately.

Dongfang Ying opened his mouth, but did not dare say anything.

This woman was too ferocious. It was best if he didn't provoke her, lest he be killed by her just because he was unhappy.

As for the Piaomiao Seal and the Soul-reflecting Light, he would leave them to the Rakshasa School. In any case, she did not need the Lord immortal envoy's protection, nor did she need the treasure.

Let Dongfang De and the other old bastards worry about it!

"Little Elder, keep it properly."

In truth, Luo Rumeng was also not interested in that Misty Treasury. She did not have a solution, as long as she slowly cultivated, she could increase her cultivation realm bit by bit.

Therefore, after she flew down, she threw the Piaomiao Seal s to Xuanyuan Yeyu, who quickly caught them in his arms.

These two treasures instantly attracted the attention of all the cultivators.

Misty Treasury!

Not to mention the Good Fortune Pill, just the immortal techniques and immortal artifacts were enough to make any cultivator go crazy!

Xuanyuan Yeyu, on the other hand, didn't feel anything. She only felt that this was something that her mother had left her, and she had to cherish it well.

And at that moment, Qin Chao realized that Xuanyuan Yeyu had caught two ticking time bombs.

Well, he might as well not ask about it.

Now, after being promoted by that old bastard Dongfang De, the Rakshasa School would no longer have any peace in the future.

Without mentioning anything else, Xuanyuan Yeyu was in great danger.

Since Xuanyuan Yeyu was already a member of his Rakshasa School, then this risk should be shouldered by him, Qin Chao.

"Elder Xuanyuan, leave these two treasures for me to watch over."

Qin Chao said, and lit up his own Sumeru Ring.


Xuanyuan Yeyu hesitated.

Could it be that Qin Chao was also coveting his own treasures?

But when she saw the look in Qin Chao's eyes, she did not feel that greedy.

She suddenly understood that Qin Chao wanted to bear the danger of these two treasures on her behalf.

His cultivation was weak and he was alone. With the treasure needed to open the Misty Treasury, there would definitely be a lot of people eyeing him with ill intentions.

But Qin Chao was different. He had strong Fa Li and was the Patriarch of the Rakshasa School. Ordinary people would not dare to provoke him.

Xuanyuan Yeyu was still a little hesitant in his heart. Should he believe in him …

"Don't worry, I won't let you break it."

Qin Chao gave Xuanyuan Yeyu a guarantee.

Looking at this man, Xuanyuan Yeyu couldn't help but think of that day when this man told her that he was going to take her away.

No matter what, she had already trusted him.

Then, it was best to believe it forever.


The cultivators present were all surprised, who would have thought that Xuanyuan Yeyu would really hand over the two treasures to Qin Chao.

With these two treasures, the Xuanyuan family might even be able to pull itself together!

Xuanyuan Yeyu actually gave up such an opportunity to please Qin Chao?

It seemed like in her heart, protecting her life was even more important.

In the cultivation world, the survival of the fittest.

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