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Chapter 287 - One Shot, One Shot!

"Be careful!"

Seeing this scene, Qing Ye and Tang Xiong were both slightly shocked, both of them shouting out at the same time to remind Tang Huan.

"Hmm?" Tang Huan naturally also felt the abnormal movements of the four people around him, and couldn't help but sneer in his heart.


In the next moment, Tang Huan's arm moved, and the Dragon and Phoenix Spear swept out at a speed that was hard to see for the naked eye. Inside the Dantian, the "Spirit Pill" spun extremely quickly, and inside the cauldron, the Spiritual Fire trembled extremely violently.

The moment he broke through to Stage Seven Martial Master, Tang Huan used all his might to activate the Spiritual Fire, and the heat emitted by the flame at the tip of the spear once again increased explosively, the heat that was swept up by the spear, immediately congealed into a true substance, transforming into a fiery tornado that swept towards the surroundings following the force of the spear.


An incomparably fierce and intense feeling of warmth assaulted them, Tang Tianshi, Tang Tianfeng and the two elders of the Tang Family all exclaimed out in shock.

Originally, they had already made up their minds to severely injure Tang Huan even if they had to risk their lives. Only by doing this, would the Tang Family have the chance to make a comeback, but now, even if they used all the remaining Genuine Qi in their bodies, they could not withstand the heat and could not help but retreat.

"A bunch of useless bumpkins. After being by my side for so long, it's my turn now!"

Tang Huan laughed out loud, he stepped forward and with the force of a thunderbolt, he threw the spear in his hand towards the Tang Family Elder Tang Ziliang.

Whoosh! An ear-piercing whistling sound shook the void as the long spear descended like a collapsing mountain. Its speed was so fast that no one was able to dodge it.


Tang Ziliang's face was pale white, like a wild beast trapped in a desperate situation, he released a hysterical roar, holding the spear shaft with both of his hands, frantically trying to defend himself. On the spear body, a bright light circulated, the Strength Qi surged, he had used the last bit of the Genuine Qi in his body.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!" In a split-second, the sound of Strength Qi's colliding with each other resounded, and violent energy fluctuations spread out in all directions like ripples.


But in the next moment, a sharp sound came out, Tang Ziliang's spear broke, the Dragon and Phoenix Spear struck his head like a thunderbolt.

Tang Ziliang did not even have the time to let out a groan before his head exploded. The flames at the tip of the Dragon and Phoenix Lance quickly spread downwards, and in a blink of an eye, the Tang Family Elder had turned into a human torch. The shattered skull did not even have time to land on the ground, as it was roasted into ashes.

"Elder Ziliang!"

"Elder Brother Ziliang!"

Seeing that, Tang Tianshi, Tang Tianfeng and the elder of the Tang Family were extremely shocked, Tang Huan had levelled up to Stage Seven Martial Master and his strength had increased exponentially.

"Haha, again!"

Tang Huan laughed carefree as he swung his Dragon and Phoenix Lance swiftly, thrusting out once more. This time, the target of choice was the elder from Tang Family at the front left.


Both Tang Tianshi and Tang Tianfeng, who were standing behind Tang Huan, suddenly shouted in shock.

Tang Ziliang's death had already wiped clean the last bit of confidence left in the Tang Family elder's heart. Seemingly at the very moment Tang Tianshi and Tang Tianfeng's cries came out, he madly rushed forward in extreme panic. At this time, he actually seemed to wish that he could grow a pair of wings and fly high into the sky.

"Isn't it too late to think of running now?"

Tang Huan's eyes flashed with a mocking smile, the long spear in his hand trembled, and from the tip of the spear, a blazing red light condensed as it shot forth.

The further the spear went, the longer the Fire Red Spear Radiance.

After an instant, Tang Huan used the "Eight Arts of Phoenix Flashes" and took a step forward. Abruptly, the long spear moved one meter closer and with a light swing, that two foot long sharp spear light had already pierced through the back of the Tang Family Elder.

As soon as the miserable scream of despair sounded out, it abruptly stopped. It was the tip of the dragon and phoenix spear that took advantage of the opportunity to pierce through him, turning him into a flaming person.

"It's over, our Tang Family is really over!"

"Old Ancestor was restrained by the Great Clan Elder of the Divine Weapon Pavilion, who could this Tang Huan possibly be?"

"Father, run!"


Many of the Tang Family clansmen cried out in fear, while Tang Xing, Tang Jun and the others were even more anxious.

The Tang Family warriors were so shocked that their eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets. After seeing Tang Huan's "Pill Shadow", they knew that this newly advanced Stage Seven Martial Master was definitely not something an ordinary Stage Seven Martial Master could compare to. However, Tang Huan's strength had still far surpassed their expectations.

The two Stage Seven Martial Master s of the Tang Family were taken care of one by one by Tang Huan, it was as easy as slaughtering chickens and dogs.

"Tang Tianshi... Tang Tianfeng... "

Just at this time, Tang Huan had already turned his spear. At the same time that the spear tip was pointed at his back, he turned around as he took it away, his lips curling up into a mocking smile.



Without waiting for Tang Huan to make a move, the already pale faced Tang Tianshi and Tang Tianfeng split into two, fleeing in different directions with all their might, their hearts already filled with sorrow.

Even when the ancestor of the Tang Family, Great Clan Elder Shen Guan and Mu Kui left together, they did not worry much. After all, with so many Stage Seven Martial Master s around, why would they be afraid if they were only Tang Huan! But no one would have thought that the number of Stage Seven Martial Master participating in the siege of Tang Huan would grow more and more, and the outcome was actually more and more miserable.

"Monks can run, but not the temple!"

As long as he spent a little more time, he would be able to catch up to and kill Tang Tianshi and the others, one at a time. However, he was too lazy to waste any more time, he only sneered, and then, his footsteps slightly moved, directly walking towards Tang Xing and the others.

"Rustle, rustle!"

Seeing Tang Huan's movements, the originally pale faces of the group of Tang Family s lost all color. Even though they were still twenty or thirty meters away, Tang Huan's light footsteps were like heavy hammers that pounded against their hearts, causing them to feel like suffocating.

"Tang Huan, don't kill them!"

Tang Tianshi and Tang Tianfeng suddenly stopped in their tracks, both shocked and furious.

They knew very well that the reason why Tang Huan did not kill Tang Xing and the others and only used the power of the Spiritual Fire to control them was because he wanted to make the Tang Family feel uneasy. After all, the Tang Family had a peak of the eighth step Martial Lord.

But now, without the Tang Family's ancestor, and with Tang Huan himself being promoted to Stage Seven Martial Master, no one in the entire Tang Family could be his opponent. In this kind of situation, Tang Huan's last bit of worry was already gone. He could completely make a move against the Tang Family without mercy.

Unfortunately, even though the two of them were shouting, Tang Huan turned a deaf ear to them and continued to take one step after another.

"Scoundrel …" Tang Huan, how exactly are you going to let go of this matter? "

In a blink of an eye, he was already standing a few meters away from Tang Huan with the long sword in his hand. His expression was extremely gloomy, and with a stern shout, his eyes revealed a trace of frightfulness, but inside, there was a hint of weakness. He could no longer say the words "rascal".

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