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Chapter 788: I will Surprise You by Updating My WeChat Moments!

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That night

The sky above the brilliantly lighted Imperial City was full of stars. People were hurrying back and forth in the city. Cries of traders could be heard from afar.

Xu Que stood on the rooftop of the hotel in wild joy. His eyes were fixed on the fluorescent cellphone screen.

He had used his QQ account for over 10 years, so he could remember his QQ number clearly. He logged on his WeChat account with his QQ account successfully. Then, a dialog box popped up to tell him that he could use the WeChat after binding his cellphone number to the WeChat account.

“I didn’t expect I have to do this in this world!”

Xu Que exclaimed in his heart but still finished the binding operation. Then, he logged on his long-lost WeChat account successfully.




A lot of message tone came in, which meant many people left messages to him.

Xu Que was surprised a bit for these messages were sent to him after his car accident.

It was a pity that his life in that world was ended before he had time to read those messages.

He would never have imagined he could log on his WeChat account again.

He flipped the screen slowly with his finger to check the head portraits, names and those old messages. Tears welled up in his eyes.

It’s been a long time, my younger sister!

Long time no see, my friends!

Most messages were left by Xu Feifei. Xu Que clicked the dialog box to read the messages from the first one.

“Brother, where are you? Why didn’t you answer my call?”

“Brother, I’m OK. Please call me back when you read this message. Don’t trust anyone else!”

“Brother, don’t scare me. Please contact me, OK?”

“Please take care!”

Xu Feifei sent the next message after 2 months.

“Brother, please be assured that I will revenge for you!”

“I would never let them go!”

“I am going to make that woman pay for this!”

“Sorry, brother, I failed. I wronged that woman who saved my life just now!”

“But I won’t give up! I will make them pay dearly sooner or later!”

“Brother, it’s time for me to go. When I come back, I will make them pay!”

From here, there was no more messages from Xu Feifei.

Xu Que was depressed by this message, which was sent in the 3rd year after his car accident.

But now his cellphone couldn’t tell him the current time of the Earth. The cellphone didn’t update its time because of the network slowdown or relocation failure.

Xu Que was quite nervous and worried something bad might have happened to his younger sister.


Then, he started to send message to Xu Feifei by tapping the screen rapidly, “Feifei, I am still alive! Don’t revenge for me. I will go back to you. Just wait for me!”

However, this message was always in the status of “sending”.

Xu Que knew it was cause by the poor network connection, so he started to check messages sent by other people.

Most of those messages were sent by his high school classmates or roommates in university.

But he didn’t find any message from his beautiful ex-girlfriend!

“When I go back, I will punish all those who used to set me up, including you!” Xu Que’s squinted eyes were full of killing intent.

Buttface, who was standing beside Xu Que, was terrified, “Holy shit! Little brat, what are you going to do? You look so ferocious now. Are you going to kill me? Please don’t do that, brother Que, I was wrong! Just don’t kill me! I am an Ancient Mythical Beast, you can’t kill me!”

“OK, OK, I won’t kill you! Stop your scream!” Xu Que replied embarrassedly.

“Really?” Buttface was stunned. Then, he let out a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “I know that! How dare you kill a mighty Ancient Beast like me! It will only be a joke…Ouch! Damn! You attacked me sneakily again!”

Xu Que rolled his eyes and didn’t want to waste his time on Buttface.

At this time, he got a “Failed to send” for the message to Xu Feifei in the cellphone.

It was caused by the poor network connection. Xu Que had to press the “Resend”.

When the sun rose in the morning, Xu Que jumped up on the rooftop suddenly and shouted, “Yes! Nice!”

He had resent that message for the whole night. And it was sent successfully at last!

Xu Que was so excited that his eyes were lit up and smile appeared in his face!

“It is the time to let everyone know I am back!”

He lowered his head to prepare a message, which he would send it to all members in his WeChat contact list.

When he was about to press the button, he stopped.

“It seems…it is inappropriate to send this to all of them. After all, I am a dead person for them. If I send this message to them, some of them might be frightened to death!” he touched his jaw as he considered this.

Soon, an idea occurred to him as he fixed his eyes on the “WeChat Moments”.


Smile appeared on Xu Que’s face immediately. Then, he purchased a human-skinned mask from the System and designed it according to his appearance on the Earth. After that, he put the mask on his face directly!

“Buttface, let’s take a picture together!”

He switched on the cellphone’s front camera fluently as he stood beside Buttface. Then, he raised the cellphone at an angle of 45 degree.

“What? What are you doing? Take a what?” Buttface was confused.

However, when he saw his face in the screen of the cellphone which was held in Xu Que’s hand, he was shocked immediately.


Almost at the same time, Xu Que pressed the shutter.

The classic group photo of “Xu Que and A Dog” was taken in this way.

In the photo, Xu Que was wearing an ancient long gown. His long hair was bound in a knot. Shiny smile appeared in his handsome face.

Beside him, there was a Husky-like dog who was greatly shocked!

Behind them, an Imperial City in the morning light could be seen.

A man and a dog coexisted harmoniously in the photo!

“Holy shit! Little brat, you are awesome! This is definitely a miraculous artifact! Come on, give it to me and I want to bite it!” Buttface was so surprised and his eyes were full of excitement.

If he were not confined by Xu Que, he would have rushed towards Xu Que crazily at this moment.

Xu Que ignored Buttface directly. He opened his WeChat Moments and chose the picture he had just taken. Then, he added some words to it, “At the very beginning, there are only 1 person and 1 dog. You have to rob all your gears in this game!”

“Heh-heh, let me surprise all of you by updating my WeChat Moments!” Xu Que smiled as he pressed the “Send” button expectantly.

After that, he sat down on the rooftop and started his waiting.

Network traffic for sharing a picture in WeChat Moments was definitely more, but now Xu Que had abundant time and patience!

He tried to see the surprised reaction of his friends after receiving his update. He was also looking forward to the reply of Xu Feifei!

Come on!

Xu Que shouted in his heart eagerly.

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