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"Hhha.” Mu Wan laughed. She closed the window, started the car and left.

Worthy of the name Taoist Priest Liu; very pure of heart.

Mu Wan drove home to the north of the city. She had just bought a house in Mengyuan District of Qinghe in the past two months. Qinghe Dream Garden is located in the old Xie city. The houses in it are over thirty years old.

Although the house was old, but the location was good, the surrounding facilities are perfect, enabling her to live comfortably.

Mu Wan has just graduated for two years, and the money from the two years of acting is only enough for a down payment. Now she is making a monthly mortgage.

The house was old and decorated in the style of the 1980s, and the furniture and appliances were also broken. Lin Wei was doing the interior design, andi gave her a simple design for decoration.

There was no parking space in the district, Mu Wan parked her car at the entrance of the district lane, got off and walked home. Although the community was old, there were many houses here, and it was almost dinner time.

The grandparents were already going to the small park to dance after dinner. Creepers climbed the walls of half of the building, wrapped around the iron fence. In the dilapidated and decayed area, there was strong smoke everywhere.

There were six buildings in the Mu Wan's block, only two rows. She lived in the first building in the last row. Mu Wan went to the third floor, took out the key and opened the door.

She lit up the lights, and the milky white light illuminated the living room. The whole house was only seventy square meters, the living room was not big, but clean and tidy, looking particularly comfortable.

After entering the door, Mu Wan fell down on the sofa and laid down.

She had been filming a play all morning and came back by high-speed railway at noon. Without packing her luggage, she ran to the hospital to see Lin Wei. Now she was exhausted.

Outside the window, it began to rain again. In the drizzling rain, Mu Wan heard two cat calling out.

In this dilapidated small community, there were lots of wild cats. They gallivanted all night under trees and bushes. The cats were not sterilized, thus they breed quickly, and cats were always overflowing in the community.

Lin Wei once said that she was like a cat, wild, lazy and easy-going. She also advised her to keep one, but Mu Wan did not want to.

She was not lonely, nor did she need the company of a cat. 

When thinking of cats, Mu Wan remembered the scene in the hospital. The man’s eyelids were lifted slightly and the his eyes seems to gleam under the darkening sky.

Mu Wan raised her wrist to cover her eyes and laughed weakly.

After a tired day, Mu Wan went to bed after dinner. After a dreamless night, she was woken up in the morning by the ringing of mobile phone. Loooing outside, the sky outside the window was grey, although it had not rained, but it was not sunny.

In the rainy season, the humidity was very heavy, and the air was heavily moisturised. Mu Wan took her cell phone and saw the displayed “Li Nan” on the screen. She answer led and called out, “Hello, Big boss.”

Li Nan was Mu Wan's agent. Was is Xinzhou Entertainment’s only agent. The eight artists under him all called him that. Mu Wan signed with Xinzhou Entertainment after graduation. The company was not big, but it did not default on film payment, nor did it have domineering clauses and it had decent resources, which was quite suitable for her.

"Tomorrow evening at seven o’clock, Zhang Chengze is hosting a banquet. He is preparing to start filming for his new drama. Miyu will go to the audition. You two will go together then.” Li Nan arranged it briefly.

Mu Wan, a young actor, ordinarily did not attend such niceties, but it was not like there was no social events at all. In such a fame and fortune market, it is normal to eat and drink. Mu Yan attendes one about two or three times a month.

This time, the focus of the dinner is Miyu, the most popular artist in Li Nan’s hands, who acted the second female led in the 'Great Fire Opera' in her peak period. She would go with her, but just through the hall, to eat and drink in the corner, greeting people and there would be a small role for her.

Mu Wan agreed as Li Nan explained two more sentences and hung up the phone.

Hanging up the phone, Mu Wan took off her clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower. It was cold and wet, with fog all over her body, which made her feel uncomfortable. After taking a bath, she took a glass of water and toothbrush and began brushing her teeth. Before she could finish, Lin Wei’s phone call came.

Put down the cup and Mu Wan answered the phone with her toothbrush in her hand.

“Are there any new development today?”

“No. Come and visit me with Xu Ji’s congee!”

"I will obey your orders.” Mu Wan had already got up so early and wanted to send her congee. Lin Wei was from Jingcheng. Both her parents and brother were in Jingcheng so, there was no one to take care of her in hospital.

Mu Wan had no father and no mother. When she is ill in hospital, her caregiver will have to be Lin Wei.

After that, Mu Wan heard the cat’s cry from downstairs again. She got up and went to the window of the living room. She pulled up the curtain and looked down. Several cats were entangled and fighting. Mu Wan smiled.

“What are you laughing at?" Lin Wei asked.

Closing the curtains, Mu Wan went back to the living room and said, “When I came out last night from the hospital, I met Taoist Priest Liu.”

Mu Wan told Lin Wei about yesterday.

"Ah? And then what?" Lin Wei was in high spirits.

“I asked him if he liked cats, and he said 'en'. I imitated a cat and meowed at him.” Mu Yan said lightly.

“Ah!” Lin Wei screamed.

When Lin Wei recovered, she said to Mu Wan, “You sly girl, how many women kneel down before Taoist Priest Liu. Unexpectedly he was captured with a meow from you!”

“There is no capturing, it’s just a joke. I’m in good health. I won’t go to the emergency room. Neither of us will see each other again in the future.” Mu Wan said, raising her head, toothpaste in her mouth, and grunting when she spoke, “Hey, chat with you later. I’ll rinse my mouth and get ready to got get your porridge.”

Mu Wan hung up the phone in a hurry. She took the glass that she was using to brush her teeth with from the living room table and rushed towards the bathroom.

As soon as she entered the door, from the bathroom one could hear a thump, the sound of a body hitting the ground and the broken glass mingled one after another.

After a while, the woman moaned and groaned. 

Twenty minutes after she had just said that she would not go in the emergency room, Mu Wan went to the emergency room.

Twenty minutes ago, when she entered the bathroom, she slipped and fell. As she was falling, she tried to support herself on the floor with both hands. As a result, the glass in her left hand broke. She fell on the broken glass and it stabbed her in the left side of her chest. She immediately called Lin Wei, who called an ambulance and followed the ambulance to her home.

As soon as she entered the bathroom, she watched the water-diluted blood in the bathroom floor, standing at the bathroom door crying, “You’re not going to die, are you?”

Mu Wan, who was being lifted up by medical staff, grinned with pain and almost laughed.

Mu Wan was sent to the emergency room. The emergency room was wet and cold. People came and went. Mu Wan's pain gradually started making her less coherent. Her head buzzed and she listened to Lin Wei saying to the doctor, “Dr. Liu, take a look at my friend, she’s been hurt in the heart!”

When fate came and blocked, Mu Wan raised her head and gazed up to Liu Qianxiu’s deep and clear eyes.

"Meow~" Mu Wan laughed, her lips were pale white, but she still laughed brightly.

Next to her, the nurses who did not understand the situation, looked at her strangely. When Linwei heard, she was both angry and laughing and said: “You still have the mind to joke!”

Liu Qianxiu looked at her calmly, eyelashes lowered. He fixed his eyes on her wound and said softly, “Take your hand away.”

Mu Wan took her hand away. Her wound had no massive bleeding as it should not have pierced the heart. There was shortness of breath, and no sign of pneumothorax. At present, it should only be skin injuries.

After taking a shower in the morning, Mu Wan had worn a beige shoulder strap. Now it had been dyed with blood. Liu Qianxiu took off her shoulder strap and pulled it down to examine the wound.

The bare wound was exposed to the air, and the man bent slightly, dabbing cool sterile water, which made her take a breath of pain. Next to her, Lin Wei saw the wound, covered her mouth and shouted “Oh my God.”

Mu Wan chest injury can be described as flesh and blood intermingled. The wound still had some broken glass debris. But thanks to the broken glass, the injuries were not deep.

When Mu Wan and Lin Wei looked at the wound, Liu Qianxiu fixed his eyes on the red spot below the wound. There was a red “bamboo leaf” brighter than the wound under the blood and water.

The “Bamboo leaf” had more than one piece, beside it there was another half. Liu Qianxiu was quiet and pulled the shoulder strap down but the other piece of bamboo leaf was not fully exposed when his hand was stopped by another hand.

“That’s not an injury.” Mu Wan said.

Liu Qianxiu looked up and asked, “Birthmark?”

There was some awkwardness from the area where she was injured. Just then Liu Qianxiu was going to pull down and expose her whole left chest. He didn’t seem to care about her being completely bared, but rather about the birthmark.

Mu Wan was in so much pain that she couldn’t speak. Lin Wei answered for her, “It’s a birthmark, Doctor Liu. Does this affect the wound?”

“No.” Liu Qianxiu looked at the half bamboo leaves, and his dark eyes were still deep. He calmly said, “I just think it looks nice.”

The author has something to say:

Mu Wan: Is it only the birthmark that looks good?

Taoist Priest Liu: They all look good.

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