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The moment the Guan King Blade shattered, Venerable Ox of the West broke out in a cold sweat as he realized that this wasn't an opponent that he could challenge.

Staring at this scene, Zhenyuan frowned. Since becoming a Venerated Immortal, he actually hardly ever fought any battles except in his feud with his own inner demon Wind Spirit. It could be said that in the last one hundred years, apart from fighting with Wind Spirit, he hadn't come into contact with anyone else.

The demon gods of the demon world, and furthermore the demon gods of the inner four territories, should already be the strongest here except for Demon Saint, but the feeling Zhenyuan got could be described in two words: very weak…

In three words: very, very weak…

Thinking this, the red-haired young man suddenly darted a glance at Dog Two next to him and his heart filled with even more admiration for Loopy Toad. As expected of "Senior Dog," who had reminded him repeatedly to show mercy and to go easy on the other party. Otherwise, given his regular strength, this Venerable Ox of the West would have already died on the spot.

Immortal Zhenyuan suddenly started to wonder about Loopy Toad's reason for not making a move and instead choosing to summon him to carry out this task. It absolutely wasn't because Senior Dog didn't want to act, and even less because it was bored or lazy… For such a powerful dog like Senior Dog, if it wasn't careful about controlling its strength, wouldn't it just be a matter of minutes before this demon world was destroyed?

Zhenyuan hence thought that Senior Dog's heart was for all living things. What great spirit! So touching!

Thinking of this, Zhenyuan couldn't help looking at Loopy Toad and felt Senior Dog's figure grow bigger and taller in his eyes.

"Too… too dazzling!" Zhenyuan's face flushed warmly, and his heart filled with anticipation.

Who knew when he would be able to cultivate to Senior Dog's level…

In any case, Zhenyuan felt that he just needed to follow Senior Dog for now!

This thought seemed to greatly help lift his mood!

On the other side, Venerable Ox of the West felt very embarrassed. The main point wasn't that his Guan King Blade had been broken, but that his first move had been easily neutralized by the other party.

This already was no longer "dying before victory," but being flushed down the toilet before victory… furthermore, the fact that it had happened in front of all the demons present left Venerable Ox of the West utterly humiliated.

After Zhenyuan taught Venerable Ox of the West a lesson, Loopy Toad just gazed calmly ahead of it, preserving its image as a senior expert.

After a few minutes or so, it lifted its head and called out in one direction in the air.

Everyone else also turned their gazes in that direction. Venerable Ox of the West and Daoist Witch Demon who was on the ground were greatly delighted; they knew that reinforcements had arrived! But they had barely turned their heads when Zhenyuan lifted his left index finger and flicked it down gently.

Venerable Ox of the West and Daoist Witch Demon instantly felt like there was a large mountain pressing down on their heads, and their entire bodies were buried in the earth with just their heads sticking out.

The most important thing was that this spell also had an imprisonment effect and they couldn't throw it off!

Venerable Ox of the West choked with silent fury. The sense of oppression was too immense, giving him the impression that his neck would be snapped as soon as he said something wrong!

Right after that, the thousands of demon soldiers, including demon kings, behind Venerable Ox of the West were also pushed into the ground one by one by Zhenyuan, leaving just their heads sticking out.

What did this scene look like?

A dense mass of dots…

Dog Two's heart felt cold when it saw this — what a "wonderful" sight for anyone with trypophobia!

"Senior, there are two auras approaching," Immortal Zhenyuan said, smiling. The expression on his face was light and gentle. Since the star and supporting role were almost here, this should be a brilliant show. Since fighting was no longer any fun for him, then he might as well enjoy himself as an actor.

Immortal Zhenyuan had always planned to shoot a film and use it to promote migration to Drought Star, so now was a good opportunity to practice his acting skills. The most important thing was that he could still learn from "Senior Dog" how to become a director himself!

In the sky, Ghost Emperor of the South and Turtle Devil of the North, the other two demon gods, arrived one after another. Their strength was on par with that of Venerable Ox of the West — each one could be pushed into the ground with a flick of Zhenyuan's hand.

When the two demon gods arrived, they saw Venerable Ox of the West along with thousands of demon beasts of the western territory buried in the ground with just their heads sticking out.

Ghost Emperor of the South and Turtle Devil of the North were dazed at the same time.

What was this?


Seeing that his right-hand man Daoist Witch Demon had also been buried in the ground, Ghost Emperor of the South directly flew into a rage and stared at Loopy Toad and Immortal Zhenyuan in the air. "You dare do this to my trusted general -"

But before he could finish, he felt his feet sink down.

The next second, Ghost Emperor of the South plunged straight into the earth…

Loopy Toad couldn't help sighing in its heart.

This was too tragic…

It was completely a one-sided smackdown.

Turtle Devil of the North was even more wretched; he couldn't even say anything before his entire body was embedded in the earth right after Ghost Emperor of the South. Zhenyuan had even specially lined the three demon gods up so that they were in a row.

It had to be said that it made a really funny picture!

Buried in the dirt with a face full of despair, Venerable Ox of the West Domain said telepathically, "Why didn't you bring more people?"

Ghost Emperor of the South gnashed his teeth. "I can directly summon ten million of my ghost generals here, I didn't need to bring any reinforcements at all… how the hell would I know I would be buried as soon as I arrived?"

Turtle Devil of the North sighed. "Unless Demon Saint makes a move in this situation… The difference between this man's strength and ours is too big!"

At this point, all the demons fell silent.

Hearing this, Dog Two smiled in its heart. Turtle Devil of the North had actually brought up a crucial point, which was about summoning Demon Saint.

Demon Saint generally paid no attention to the affairs of the demon world, unless some demon beast violated the rules or the restriction.

Generally speaking, Demon Saint wouldn't show up or make a move so easily.

But if they wanted Demon Saint to act, the demon gods of the four inner territories had to pray together.

Now, the southern, western and northern territories had allied together to deliberately isolate the eastern territory. No one knew whether Scorpion King of the East would come, let alone join them in prayer to summon Demon Saint…

Ghost Emperor of the South said telepathically, "This dog is completely insane…"

Venerable Ox of the West: "Why did this kind of big shot come running to the demon world?"

Turtle Devil of the North: "I already said don't stir up unnecessary trouble… Look at the situation now, we're missing one person. If Scorpion King doesn't come, we're all dead…"

The three demon gods felt incomparably regretful in their hearts now.

They knew Demon Saint's character too well…

The demon gods of the four inner territories had all been appointed by Demon Saint and they'd been bequeathed power by the means of great magic. So to Demon Saint, their existence was in fact utterly dispensable. If the demon gods of the four inner territories didn't pray as one, Demon Saint couldn't be summoned at all.

Gazing at this scene, Dog Two wagged its tail and said in a cold, firm voice, "Let's execute all the demons buried here first."

Its voice wasn't loud, but it carried to the three demon gods and the demons behind them, whose faces all turned deathly white.A line from the poem "The Temple of the Premier of Shu" written by Du Fu.

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