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Fang Yuan was in an alliance with Immortal Crane Sect, how could he dare to attack a member of Immortal Crane Sect?

Fang Zheng knew more inside information than the other elders and disciples here, earlier, when He Feng Yang and Cang Yu attacked Hu Immortal blessed land and failed, because of the benefits of guts Gu, they reached an agreement.

One of the clauses in the agreement was that members from both sides were not to attack each other. This was why Fang Zheng felt he was safe.

Fang Yuan retracted his hand, Fang Zheng was immobilized, nor could he shout, he could not resist as a formless force pulled him up and sent him into Fang Yuan's hands.

Immortal Crane Sect's group was looking on with dumbfounded expressions.

"Such terrifying strength!"

"Elder Fang Zheng has rank five cultivation level, but he was captured without putting up any resistance."

"Even though Fang Zheng is an enslavement path Gu Master, isn't that too absurd?"

Fang Yuan's unbelievable abilities struck fear in these people.

Fang Zheng screamed internally: "Are you people watching a show? Quickly save me, he is no longer my brother, he killed our aunt and uncle, he killed all the clansmen in our clan, he is a demon, he is a great demon!"

At the same time, Fang Zheng opened his mouth and shouted: "I will not go to your place, why should I listen to you? You want to lecture me again? I can decide my own life! I have my own goals, how can you understand my dreams? I can work hard myself, I can surpass you!"

It was just like he was a completely rebellious and out of control youth.

Fang Zheng heard his own yells and lost all hope!

Fang Yuan sighed, he said to the people in Immortal Crane Sect: "During this period of time, my good-for-nothing brother has caused you trouble."

"No trouble, no trouble at all." Immortal Crane Sect's members waved their hands in dismissal quickly.

Fang Yuan nodded, he said: "I will bring Fang Zheng with me and educate him personally. I have talked to your sect leader regarding this matter already, you just need to go back and inform him."

Fang Yuan was spouting nonsense, he did not even know what the sect leader looked like.

The two elders let go of their last bits of hesitation.

In order for Immortal Crane Sect to maintain its reputation, Fang Yuan's matter had always been covered in lies. Right now, Fang Yuan was using these lies to trick the members of Immortal Crane Sect.

Fang Yuan carried Fang Zheng and left.

The surrounding Gu Masters felt a peculiar feeling when they saw this, but since Immortal Crane Sect was saying nothing, why would they interfere? Furthermore, the target was the renowned refinement path expert Fang Yuan.

There were Gu Masters of Demon Expelling Sect who were worried, they went over to ask.

Elder Yan Tang smiled as he said: "There's no issue, Lord Fang Yuan and Elder Fang Zheng are brothers, right now, the elder brother is teaching his younger brother."

Demon Expelling Sect was convinced and left.

Immortal Crane Sect's gang watched as Fang Yuan left, many disciples gazed towards Fang Zheng with a look of envy.

Someone sighed: "Even though Lord Fang Yuan speaks in a cold tone, he is really concerned about his one and only precious brother."

"That's right, it is such a rare opportunity to receive the teachings of a refinement path grandmaster."

"You know, after Fang Zheng accepted the sect mission last time, he came back and became a rank five elder. Now that he is brought away by his brother, would he come back as a refinement path grandmaster?"

"No way…"

"That is too exaggerated!"

"Even so, the guidance of such an expert is incredible precious, he has lots to gain from it."

"Sigh, why don't I have a brother like this?" A disciple said the sentence that everyone was thinking about.

If at this moment, they knew that Fang Yuan had captured Fang Zheng as a backup plan for his possession, what wondrous expressions would they show?


Fang Yuan threw Fang Zheng on the ground.

Fang Zheng struggled to get up, he screamed internally: "Fang Yuan, you vile demon, what do you want with me?! You and Immortal Crane Sect had made an agreement, you cannot kill me, an elder of Immortal Crane Sect."

Fang Yuan laughed heartily: "I am not going to kill you, why are you so agitated, oh dear brother, just wait here obediently and quietly."

Fang Zheng showed fear on his face, he cried out from within: "Fang Yuan is not my master, Lord Sky Crane, how can he hear my inner thoughts?"

Fang Yuan smiled arrogantly, looking at Fang Zheng who was at his feet, he said: "Your so-called master is only a soul now. Even if he were to be alive, he was only a rank five Gu Master in his prime."

Saying this, Fang Yuan grabbed with a hand and plundered all of the mortal Gu on Fang Zheng's body.

The spirit incubating flea trembled weakly, this was the fierce resistance of Lord Sky Crane.

But how could he succeed?

If this was back on Qing Mao mountain, a hundred Fang Yuans would not be Lord Sky Crane's match. But now, Fang Yuan was completely different, he was a rank six Gu Immortal. Lord Sky Crane had even become merely a soul.

"Fang Yuan, even if you do not kill us, capturing us violates the alliance agreement, you will face fierce backlash from breaking it! I urge you to let us go, as a grand Gu Immortal, how can you take interest in us mortals? Are you not afraid that doing this would ruin your relationship with Immortal Crane Sect? Don't think Immortal Crane Sect cannot subdue you! The foundation of the ten great ancient sects is beyond your imagination." Lord Sky Crane screamed in the spirit incubating flea, he knew that Fang Yuan could hear him.

Fang Yuan raised his head and laughed: "Hahaha, Lord Sky Crane, I need to thank you. If you did not attack Qing Mao mountain, I would not have gotten to this level today through various opportunities. What can Immortal Crane Sect do even if I capture you two? Since you know many secrets, you should know that the ten great ancient sects are restraining each other, everything is based on benefits and self-interest. What do you think is more important, the one and only guts Gu, or the two of you?"

Lord Sky Crane was speechless.

A cold light shined in Fang Yuan's eyes, he mobilized countless Gu worms as he formed a soul path killer move at once: "Give me information about everything you know, soul search!"

Two hours later, Fang Yuan walked out of this underground prison. Behind him, the entrance shut tightly.

Fang Yuan's red eyes were shining with light as he muttered: "Lord Sky Crane, First Gen Gu Yue, blood path true inheritance…"

Through soul searching, he had learned all about Lord Sky Crane and First Gen Gu Yue's enmity. He even learned many of Immortal Crane Sect's secrets.

"This Lord Sky Crane is a capable subordinate of He Feng Yang, if I capture him, will He Feng Yang come and ask for him? This is slightly troublesome."

"Hehe, he actually did not want to use possession and wanted to protect Fang Zheng. This Lord Sky Crane holds onto his beliefs resolutely." Towards this, Fang Yuan praised without holding back.

Even though he was a demonic overlord, he could appreciate and admire such an act of sacrificing oneself for another person, looking at it from a neutral perspective.

The same kind of rice raises many different people. People in their lives all have their own goals and motivations.

Towards these kinds of people with different value systems, Fang Yuan could accept and appreciate their existence.

If he was not so open-minded, he would not have his current achievements.

"Judging from this, Old Lord Can Yang must have gotten the possession technique from Dong Fang Chang Fan and brought it back to Immortal Crane Sect."

Lord Sky Crane's memories were not very helpful to Fang Yuan.

He was only a mortal Gu Master, he did not know any deep secrets of Immortal Crane Sect, Fang Yuan could make little use of them.

As for Fang Zheng, Fang Yuan did not let him off, he searched his soul too.

Fang Yuan intended to keep his brother in captivity for a long time. If one day, he had no other choice, Fang Yuan would have to use this last resort and possess Fang Zheng, regaining his living status.

But this way, he would lose his second aperture, all of the strength path dao marks on him would be gone, he would need to undergo immortal ascension again.

The loss was huge.

Second aperture Immortal Gu was created using countless precious immortal materials, among which was lifespan Gu!

One could say that in the short term, Fang Yuan could not refine second aperture Immortal Gu.

Lifespan Gu were hard to find, even if Fang Yuan could find them, with his current situation, he might use it directly to raise his lifespan.

"If possible, I would rather not possess Fang Zheng. But if my identity gets exposed and I do not manage to revive, I would need to use possession. My current target is the Refinement Path Convention, if I get into the top six, I would be able to benefit from the Infallible inheritance and get a chance to refine Gu with assured success!"

The Infallible inheritance was a refinement path inheritance, what did being named infallible mean? It meant no failure in Gu refinement!

Once he got into the top six places, he would be transported into a hidden blessed land, Fang Yuan planned to refine the Immortal Gu Change Form after this!

This was a rank six transformation path Immortal Gu. Once he had it, Fang Yuan's vaguely familiar face would be elevated to another level, it would not be such a weak version of only concealing his regional aura.

As for the Immortal Gu recipe of change form Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan already had it.

This was all thanks to Lang Ya land spirit.

Long ago, when Fang Yuan first obtained wisdom Gu, he had made a deal with Lang Ya land spirit to complete Immortal Gu recipes for him.

Fang Yuan profited from this and not only got out of his financial troubles, he even obtained a large number of Immortal Gu recipes.

And this change form Immortal Gu recipe was one of them.

As for the immortal materials to refine change form Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan was almost finished in preparing them.

He bought half of the immortal materials from Northern Plains' auction. For the other half, Fang Yuan asked Hei Lou Lan to connect to treasure yellow heaven using her blessed land. Fang Yuan used his remaining immortal materials to sell or trade and after many transactions, he obtained most of the ones he needed.

The last remaining portion was filled by the immortal material rewards from winning the eighth round by Fang Yuan.

In the subsequent rounds, Fang Yuan went on the offensive and used his rebirth advantage to defeat all of the tough foes in advance.

At once, Fang Yuan's reputation was soaring, forces of all sizes, and countless Gu Immortals were focusing their gazes on him.

Other people were progressing normally, staying in their own territories and advancing safely.

Only Fang Yuan was an exception, moving about and challenging different people, but he won every single round!

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