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In Fang Yuan's previous life, by the time he placed his attention on the Refinement Path Convention, only a time period of over a decade had passed since the previous competition.

To join the Refinement Path Convention, Fang Yuan had started preparing for it over eighty years in advance during his previous life.

Every day, he spent some time practising both day and night.

During this process of practising, Fang Yuan had the mindset of a youngster on Earth facing a mountain of exam practice. He collected all of the different tasks throughout the years of competitions and practised them laboriously, trying to discern the intention of the set task.

He easily obtained all of the questions. There were people in Central Continent specialized in selling such information, these were easy to buy and sell. People seeking intelligence were simply everywhere.

Thinking back to the times when he buried himself in practice, they were truly terrifying memories. But in actuality, Fang Yuan's refinement path foundation was built during that time. Without that period, he would not reach his current refinement path quasi-grandmaster level.

Thus, Fang Yuan not only remembered this competition's contents, he even knew the contents of many previous competitions, and even future competitions!

With such a huge advantage, even if his refinement path attainment was inferior to Firesmith Dragon Chief, so what?

Of course, this had a drawback.

That was the butterfly effect.

Since rebirth, Fang Yuan had altered the developments of many events. By burning a tree, it could cause a forest fire.

Those skilled in swimming could drown, those skilled in riding could fall. By relying solely on his advantage, would Fang Yuan cause his own demise due to a change in the questions this time?

This was entirely possible.

But this was only a possibility.

According to Fang Yuan's deductions, there was a very small probability of this happening.

Fang Yuan decided to take a risk.

And he succeeded, the contents did not change at all!

Time continued to pass

The state of the intense Gu refinement competition was starting to become clear.

Fang Yuan was in the lead, he was ahead of the second place Firesmith Dragon Chief by a large margin. He was radiating with confidence, he refined Gu calmly, maintaining his huge lead and gradually fermenting despair in all of the competitors who were trying to catch up to him.

Some Gu Masters outside the stage started to see some deeper things, they praised: "Fang Yuan has such quick wits. He did not think about it excessively, he designed this Gu refinement plan straight away. Incredible, his plan can not only keep a stable refinement speed, there are also fewer steps, allowing some mistakes. Even if he fails several times, the amount of materials are enough for him to try again."

This was natural.

The plan Fang Yuan used was the finalized perfect plan that countless Gu Masters had come up with after many attempts in his previous life.

There were more people gasping at Fang Yuan's Gu refinement techniques: "Fang Yuan's Gu refinement techniques are truly incredible. He has so many of them, they are like his inborn skills. This is truly the result of immense practice and hard work! Now, he is refining keep silent Gu, involving many techniques that are not used normally, but he could actually use them so skillfully, it is hard to imagine his proficiency with normal techniques."

This was natural.

For this eighth round, Fang Yuan had made many preparations.

In Hu Immortal blessed land, he had specially trained and refined keep silent Gu. He did the entire procedure over and over again, he practiced at least two hundred times!

"Most notably, he is radiating with confidence from inside to outside. He believes in his success, as if the failure rate of the Gu refinement does not exist. This is the demeanor of a refinement path expert, the Three Olds of refinement path in history were just like this."

"That's right, looking at him refine Gu is like watching a dazzling performance!"

"How great is his confidence, it is almost as if victory is kept in his pocket."

"His advantage is too great, even if Fang Yuan fails the Gu refinement once or twice, he can still fight for first place with Firesmith Dragon Chief who is currently second."

Under the gazes of countless people, Fang Yuan won this competition with a huge lead, without any surprises.

Throughout the process, Fang Yuan unquestionably suppressed his competitors. Even Firesmith Dragon Chief lost to him by a great margin.

"Lord Firesmith Dragon Chief lost…"

"He was eliminated like this?"

Spectators from Myriad Dragon Dock could not believe their eyes, they muttered dazedly.

"Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan!" The people from Immortal Crane Sect shouted, they cheered loudly!

Only Fang Zheng was still sitting, he looked at his brother on the stage, he felt as if the black robe was shrouded over his heart.

"Perhaps in my lifetime, I'll never get a chance to take revenge!" At this moment, Fang Zheng was extremely discouraged, he had no fighting spirit left in him.

Even though he had deep hatred, Fang Zheng felt extremely weak in front of Fang Yuan, there was nothing he could do!

Firesmith Dragon Chief was staring with wide opened eyes, he gazed at Fang Yuan fixedly.

He was unwilling to accept this!

He did not even use his strongest killer move, this damned question restricted him.

But he had to admit that Fang Yuan's mind was very sharp and fast.

"He actually designed such a flawless Gu refinement plan in such a short time. Is this Fang Yuan guy really an immortal zombie? Is there an error with the information?"

Immortal zombies were worse in thinking, the plan that Fang Yuan 'thought of' made this Gu Immortal, Firesmith Dragon Chief, feel extremely ashamed. At once, Firesmith Dragon Chief was suspicious of Fang Yuan's status as an immortal zombie.

This round of the competition was over, Fang Yuan walked down slowly as he left the stage.

He did not mock or humiliate Firesmith Dragon Chief, the latter couldn't help but relax slightly.

Since he had won, there was no point in humiliating the other party. If he provoked Firesmith Dragon Chief and caused him to issue a challenge for a duel, Fang Yuan would only be inviting trouble for himself.

Eventually, Firesmith Dragon Chief brought the people from Myriad Dragon Dock away, leaving with regret.

Fang Yuan obtained the victor's reward from Demon Expelling Sect, it was a number of immortal materials, there was a huge variety of them, but each of them had little quantity.

Starting from the eighth round, the rewards were far more valuable than the first seven rounds, there were immortal materials as well as Immortal Gu recipes and others.

If this was not the case, why would Fang Yuan treat the Central Continent Refinement Path Convention as a method to gather immortal materials in his previous life?

Fang Yuan kept the immortal materials, he rejected Demon Expelling Sect's invitation to stay as a guest, he walked all the way to the exit.

At the mountain gate, Immortal Crane Sect's group was waiting already.

"Lord Fang Yuan!" Seeing Fang Yuan's arrival, Elder Yan Tang and another elder greeted him together.

Fang Zheng was helpless, he was also an elder that had come along, but he was standing behind the two of them with an expressionless face, he did not even make any greetings.

"Fellow sect members, a good day to you all." Under the mask, Fang Yuan's warm voice could be heard.

Immortal Crane Sect's group was very excited.

From Fang Yuan's earlier arrogance, they felt that he would be hard to talk to. But now, he spoke with a kind and warm tone, they felt that Fang Yuan was truly different when facing his fellow sect members, compared to dealing with outsiders.

Fang Yuan first looked at elder Yan Tang.

In the competition earlier, this elder had participated as well.

Fang Yuan gave pointers casually: "Mm, your refinement path attainment is not low, but your plan had several flaws… this is how you should deal with them, for example, at the first step…"

Elder Yan Tang heard this and felt great admiration towards Fang Yuan, he thanked him profusely.

The disciples behind him had shining eyes, filled with admiration and praise.

Fang Yuan directed his gaze at Fang Zheng now, his voice turned cold as he said with a tone filled with disappointment: "My brother, what expression are you showing? Are you afraid I will scold you? Your performance is just as disappointing as always. You did not even pass the first round of the Refinement Path Convention, you simply make us lose face!"

The atmosphere turned heavy, the disciples were grimacing as they thought: Fang Yuan is such a fierce brother!

Immortal Crane Sect's elders were stunned, it seemed that these two brothers had a rather cold relationship.

Fang Zheng showed a look of hatred as he snorted, about to speak.

Fang Yuan waved his hand, he was going to attack him in public!

Fang Zheng was a rank five Gu Master, at the peak of the mortal world. But he was an enslavement path Gu Master, most of his battle strength relied on crane groups, and he also did not expect Fang Yuan to attack him in public under everyone's sight without caring for the consequences!

Fang Yuan's attack was premeditated.

He not only used several mortal killer moves, among them was a wisdom path killer move from Dong Fang Chang Fan.

While Immortal Crane Sect was staring blankly, Fang Yuan struck, immediately immobilizing Fang Zheng while at a distance.

"Fang Zheng, you are too disappointing. At this stage, you are still moving around outside, why are you not settling down and cultivating! With such strength, you still want to attract attention outside, what is the point? Our parents are gone, as your brother, I hold the duty of a father to educate you! Since you are interested in refinement path, from today onwards, you will stay by my side, and I will impart to you my refinement path experience. You have to cultivate with all your heart, until I am satisfied." Fang Yuan chided.

"I don't want you to take care of me! I am an elder of Immortal Crane Sect, I have grown up already!" Fang Zheng screamed, he resembled a rebellious youth, refusing to accept discipline.

But in fact, he was feeling an icy chill inside.

He could not control himself, the words that he shouted were not words that he wanted to say!

This was a wisdom path killer move from Dong Fang Chang Fan, it directly controlled Fang Zheng's mind and created fake thoughts that infiltrated Fang Zheng, causing him to act in accordance with these thoughts.

This was similar to the way enslavement path Gu Masters controlled beasts. But the difference was, enslavement path Gu Masters usually only control beasts, they had simple thoughts. Controlling humans was much harder, they had complex minds.

Fang Yuan was a rank six immortal zombie, against Fang Zheng, a rank five Gu Master, he had to use and coordinate several killer moves at once to smoothly capture Fang Zheng.

"No! Save me, will anyone save me! Master, master!" Fang Zheng screamed inwardly.

But there was no response from the spirit incubating flea.

Fang Yuan had cut off Fang Zheng's connection to his aperture.

Fang Zheng stared at Fang Yuan with a furious expression. He did not think that Fang Yuan would be so crazy, attacking him here. He was simply a lunatic, he had no reservations towards offending Immortal Crane Sect!

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