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The dagger shaped Immortal Gu was about to pierce into him; He Feng Yang felt anger, fear, bewilderment, unresignedness, all kinds of feelings seethed in him like lava, greatly influencing his actions.

"Am I going to die here today?" He Feng Yang involuntarily had this thought.

However, right at this dangerous moment, the desolate beast nine palace crane under his feet suddenly let out a clear cry before fiercely turning its body around.

He Feng Yang's body was thrown down while the nine palace crane blocked the ambushing Gu Immortal.


A soft sound echoed, the dagger shaped Immortal Gu ruthlessly pierced into the nine palace crane's chest.

"Eh?" The third Gu Immortal showed a shocked expression.

He had thought disturbing He Feng Yang could influence the nine palace crane. After all, He Feng Yang was an enslavement path Gu Immortal and the nine palace crane had been enslaved by him. If he was influenced, the nine palace crane should also be nothing to worry about.

He activated several emotion path killer moves to heavily disturb He Feng Yang, but he had never expected that at the last juncture, this nine palace crane would actually move to protect its master.

"Little nine!" He Feng Yang saw the nine palace crane taking the fatal strike, tears immediately streamed down his eyes as he gave a pained roar.

He had raised this nine palace crane with great care and had never used any enslavement methods on it.

Back when he was young, he had been brutally chased when out on a mission. His life was hanging in the balance when he accidentally bumped into the similarly heavily injured nine palace crane.

After this coincidental and accidental meeting, he and the nine palace crane helped each other to escape the plight.

The nine palace crane was on the verge of death, He Feng Yang brought it back to the sect and used all of his wealth, barely managing to stabilize its life.

In the dozens of years afterwards, He Feng Yang braved many dangers to earn money to treat the nine palace crane little by little, slowly pulling it out from the brink of death.

A profound sentiment more intimate than brothers was established like this between a man and a crane.

Later an accident occurred, the rank five Gu Master He Feng Yang had failed his mission and was in a heavily injured state. The resources on him could only save one person. If he treated the nine palace crane, he would die, but if he saved himself, the nine palace crane would not be able to maintain its lingering vitality.

At the juncture of this choice, He Feng Yang thought for three days and three nights, in the end, he decided to sacrifice himself to save the nine palace crane!

This action caused third supreme elder, Lord Tiger Demon, to be moved, and with his help, both He Feng Yang and the nine palace crane were saved.

He Feng Yang lived up to his expectations and after becoming a Gu Immortal, he joined Lord Tiger Demon's faction.

The nine palace crane let out a mournful cry. Its enormous and slender body was covered with a layer of grey light. In this grey light, its body was rapidly shrinking and becoming younger, from a mature age it continuously turned to its youth, then to its infancy.

This was the power of the Immortal Gu!

The dagger shaped Immortal Gu was actually a time path Immortal Gu that could reverse the target's body to a younger state.

"Retreat. Don't let down your friend's kind intention." In his immortal aperture, Tiger Demon's anger will heaved a long sigh.

"Little nine!" He Feng Yang shouted furiously and went back regardless of the advice of Tiger Demon's anger will.

The hems of his gown fluttered and moved, turning into a crane feather cloak. A blood red glint blossomed in his eyes and his slender green brows moved nimbly like a snake or dragon.

The mysterious Gu Immortal showed a surprised expression.

He had not thought He Feng Yang who could have clearly escaped in the moment just before would actually return with killing intent.

He Feng Yang was an enslavement path Gu Immortal!

He Feng Yang pushed forward his palms from which jade green lightning rays surged out.

The mysterious Gu Immortal snorted, he raised the dagger and confronted it head-on, simultaneously activating emotion path killer moves to influence He Feng Yang's emotions.

However, He Feng Yang's heart was filled completely with anger and was unexpectedly not influenced.


A loud explosion erupted and the mysterious Gu Immortal was thrown back. He Feng Yang's body trembled intensely and blood spurted out of his mouth, but he forcibly pulled himself together and pulled the infant nine palace crane into his hands.

"Little nine!" He Feng Yang held the nine palace crane in his embrace and turned around, escaping immediately with no intent to stay.

The nine palace crane had already become the size of a white goose and was softly twittering as He Feng Yang held it in his embrace.

The emotion path Gu Immortal had been sent some distance away, that gap was enough for him to be unable to chase He Feng Yang in this moment.

The other two mysterious Gu Immortals hurried over after canceling the soul taker battlefield.

"Sigh, he escaped in the end!" The wind path Gu Immortal heaved a long sigh in pity.

"This guy is clearly an enslavement path Gu Immortal but he is actually not weak in close combat. That green lightning killer move isn't what it appears to be, it makes me think of..." The emotion path Gu Immortal said.

"Hmph, if not for lacking time to gather more people, would we be afraid of not being able to put him down? How about we chase, maybe we can...." The poison path Gu Immortal was not resigned.

"He has expand space Immortal Gu, soul taker battlefield cannot trap him. Let's leave quickly, it is not convenient to stay here." The wind path Gu Immortal was calm.

"Right, this ambush was nothing more than a hastily considered course of action. We absolutely cannot lose sight of the main goal for small gains and risk exposing our identities, which would affect master's grand plan. We will retreat!" The emotion path Gu Immortal ceased his absent-mindedness, and said softly.

His position seemed to be higher than the other two Gu Immortals and his words had a tone of decisiveness.

"I shall take my leave." The wind path Gu Immortal rapidly flew in the air and soon was no more than a small black dot in the horizon.

"Hmph!" The poison path Gu Immortal dropped into the ground and escaped.

The emotion path Gu Immortal paused for a while until the other two had completely left, his body then disappeared in the air as if he had never been there.

He Feng Yang flew at top speed to Fei He mountain, and without stopping, he directly entered Fu Hu blessed land.

Lord Tiger Demon was standing beside an enormous stone pit, looking at the tens of thousands of rockmen working inside the pit.

"Junior was incompetent and let down Lord's expectations." He Feng Yang bowed in greeting to Lord Tiger Demon, his body filled with injuries and his expression one of shame.

"You got injured? First go take a rest and heal yourself." Lord Tiger Demon did not ask anything to He Feng Yang and only waved his hand, that anger will in He Feng Yang's immortal aperture flew out and entered his mind.

In just an instant, he understood all the things He Feng Yang had experienced in this trip.

His gaze flickered, shortly afterwards, he activated anger will Gu to produce anger will.

The anger will flew through the sky, out of Fu Hu blessed land and towards the peak of Fei He mountain. When it reached the conference hall at the mountain peak, three wills that were left here came after sensing it.

These three wills were respectively from first supreme elder, second supreme elder and the third supreme elder, Lord Tiger Demon, they were in charge of monitoring the sect and also handling some small matters.

The major matters were also arranged and at every set period of time, they would gather a group of Gu Immortals to hold a joint discussion on them.

Tiger Demon's anger will landed in the hall and fused with its previous will, then narrated the events that occurred to He Feng Yang.

The first and second supreme elders' wills sank into silence when they heard the narration. They started to rapidly think which caused their bodies to shrink at a visible speed.

When they had shrunken to almost half the previous size, second supreme elder's will said: "Let's allow Lord Tiger Demon to have the final decision on the matters of Hu Immortal blessed land."

First supreme elder's will spoke: "He Feng Yang was ambushed and almost killed, this is much more serious than Hu Immortal blessed land. Where was he ambushed?"

A Gu worm flew out from the hall and turned into a map made of light and shadow.

"Here." Lord Tiger Demon's anger will pointed at the location.

First supreme elder's will nodded and spoke heavily: "This location is a very good place to lay an ambush. There is no force situated both in front and behind, and this makes it a very good place of concealment. It seems the ambushers are very familiar with Central Continent's terrain."

"Investigate! When has there been anyone that had the guts to try to kill our ten great ancient sects' Gu Immortals?" Second supreme elder's will shouted in rage.

"My concern is this. Elders, where do you think these Gu Immortals came from?" Lord Tiger Demon's anger will asked.

First supreme elder's and second supreme elder's wills glanced at each other, both revealing heavy expressions.

"Third elder is worried these Gu Immortals are Central Continent Gu Immortals?" First supreme elder said quietly.

Tiger Demon's anger will spoke frankly with confidence: "Right. How long have our ten great ancient sects been in control of Central Continent? The situation has been getting increasingly harder over these recent years, why is that? Our Central Continent is different from the other four regions. Led by Primordial Origin Immortal Venerable, Central Continent had already been reformed during the Remote Antiquity Era, establishing the sect system. During the Remote Antiquity Era, sects had been rare. In Olden Antiquity Era, clan forces surpassed sect forces. In Medieval Antiquity Era, sects and clans clashed against each other, and advanced at an equal pace. In Late Antiquity Era, clans weakened while sects flourished. And now, sects stand in great numbers in Central Continent while there are almost no clans."

"The clan system only selects the clan's children as Gu Masters. The sect system, however, allows ordinary mortals to step on the path of Gu cultivation. Our Central Continent's history is filled with the conflicts between the two great systems. After going through over three million years of struggles, evolution and accumulation, the sect system has prevailed; the number of Central Continent Gu Immortals far surpass the other four regions and they continue to increase, and soon will leave the control of our ten great sects."

"How many Gu Immortals can our ten great sects recruit? The number of other Gu Immortals in Central Continent are several times our own! As these Gu Immortals of other sects, demonic path Gu Immortals and lone cultivator Gu Immortals continue to cultivate, they would require more cultivation resources. Conflicts are unavoidable because our ten great sects control eighty percent of cultivation resources in Central Continent."

"Have there not been cases like Great Heavenly Sword Sect before? It is just that they were secretly suppressed by our ten great ancient sects. But in these recent years, new sects are still emerging unendingly, new innovations and new schools of thought are common occurrences, uncommon geniuses and monstrous talents are constantly sprouting among the mortals while there are limited spots in our ten great ancient sects. Despite recruiting exceptional talents every year, Central Continent is truly too big."

Lord Tiger Demon's anger will sighed as he said this.

The two supreme elders were silent all along.

The ten great ancient sects held control of eighty percent of Central Continent's resources, but after the resources were split amongst everyone, how much would be left behind for individual Gu Immortals?

As a Gu Immortal's cultivation got higher, their blessed land would require more resources to manage. In particular, the heavenly tribulations and earthly calamities would also continue to become stronger, and after every tribulation, the losses would be very severe, and the price to repair it would continue to become higher.

It was impossible for the ten great ancient sects' Gu Immortals to share their resources to others.

In the past, although there were many sects outside of the ten great sects, there were not many Gu Immortals. Immortal and mortal were different concepts, there was a wide gap in the strength between mortals and immortals, thus mortals could be suppressed.

But at present, the Gu Immortals outside of the ten great sects were increasing constantly in numbers. Although these Gu Immortals usually had inferior battle strength, their vast numbers were enough to bring about an impact to the ten great ancient sects.

Great Heavenly Sword Sect was a good example. This large sized sect had two Gu Immortals originally and was a vassal of Immortal Crane Sect. Now, that they had a third Gu Immortal, they immediately planned to leave Immortal Crane Sect and be independent.

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