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Lord Tiger Demon's anger will continued: "These years, our ten great ancient sects have been in difficult circumstances, we could be said to be treading on thin ice. It is as if we are blocking the top of a volcano, the magma underneath will eventually burst out one day, causing a major impact to our ten great sects!"

"Third supreme elder is talking about the general situation in Central Continent right now. But this is the situation of the whole region, how can we change it?" Second supreme elder's will sighed.

Lord Tiger Demon's will continued: "Great Heavenly Sword Sect's example is in front of us. The Gu Immortals in Hu Immortal blessed land could be from other regions, but they are most likely to be an alliance of lone cultivators in our region. The ones who ambushed He Feng Yang today might also be Gu Immortals of our own region's forces. But if that is the case, it would be terrifying."

Second supreme elder nodded: "It is indeed like that. The force that attacked He Feng Yang obviously does not want Hu Immortal blessed land to continue being in the hands of Fang Yuan. If He Feng Yang dies, Immortal Crane Sect will have to attack Hu Immortal blessed land forcefully to defend our reputation. Even though it is obvious that they are framed, Immortal Crane Sect has no choice but to go along with it."

The ten great ancient sects' pride and reputation that had been defended for innumerable years cannot be tarnished. If they could not take revenge for the death of their own Gu Immortals, then their reputation would be ruined, the hearts of the people would waver, and everyone would be emboldened to offend Immortal Crane Sect. If Immortal Crane Sect is under such problems, they would not be able to manage their resources and land within Central Continent. By then, Immortal Crane Sect would be worn out physically and mentally, their exhaustion would attract even more greedy jackals and wolves.

This would be a vicious cycle, once they fall into it, it would be hard to recover.

Immortal Crane Sect's top three supreme elders were all experienced people, they were old monsters with bountiful life experience, they had considered this terrifying future prospect already.

Not just them, among the other nine great ancient sects of Central Continent, there were sure to be people who understood this.

Right now, Central Continent was becoming saturated with experts, but there were limited resources, it was like a powder keg that was expanding endlessly. The ten great ancient sects were sitting on top of the keg, if they were careless and ignited it, they might be blown to pieces.

"Tiger Demon, you used this topic today to start a long discussion, I'm sure you have some insights to share with us. Why not just tell us straight away." First supreme elder said.

Tiger Demon's anger will laughed, saying startling things: "My current idea is to agree with Fang Yuan's conditions and acknowledge that Hu Immortal blessed land is a subsidiary of our sect. At the same time, we will find out the true identities of the culprits who attacked He Feng Yang. Once we know which lone cultivators are ganging up, we will collaborate with the other nine sects and engage in a wide scale immortal slaughtering plan!"

"Immortal slaughtering?!" Second supreme elder heard this and excitement shined in his eyes.

First supreme elder's will shut his eyes, he slowly said: "Tiger Demon, I will not hide it from you. This suggestion of yours had been brought up by Combat Immortal Sect's Gu Immortal Shi Lei many years ago, he had even sent a proposal to Heavenly Court, requesting for Heavenly Court to come out and organize the ten great ancient sects, in order to execute this plan."

"Oh, that Immortal Monkey King? Even though our ten great ancient sects have had changes throughout history, the root of all these changes were righteous reasons, like the interchanging of main and side branches, these all have much to do with Heavenly Court. If the ten ancient sects engage in a slaughter of immortals, it would have huge implications and involve innumerable benefits. Only Heavenly Court can step in to convince and assemble everyone, leading us towards victory!" Tiger Demon's anger will agreed.

"But Heavenly Court rejected this proposal. They even warned us ten great ancient sects not to specially target the respective smaller sects and lone cultivator Gu Immortals, we are not to consciously massacre them, violators would be heavily punished." First supreme elder's will said.

"What?" Tiger Demon's anger will shouted in shock.

"This matter, how did I not know about it?" Second supreme elder muttered to himself.

First supreme elder sighed loudly, looking at the sky: "The will of Heavenly Court is heaven's will. Heaven's will cannot be defied, heaven's will cannot be anticipated."


He Feng Yang returned to Hu Immortal blessed land once again.

Fairy Cang Yu and Fang Yuan were walking on Dang Hun mountain, observing the growth of the guts Gu.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng looked from afar, staring at Fairy Cang Yu.

Meanwhile, that blue charm lightning shadow was encircled by the eight desolate beasts, once in a while, a different desolate beast would go up and fight it, they were taking turns to wear it down.

"Brother He was a bit slow." Fang Yuan saw He Feng Yang and smiled while saying plainly.

He Feng Yang and Fairy Cang Yu first looked at each other, seeing her nod and hint that she was unharmed, he turned to Fang Yuan: "My sect has already agreed to acknowledge your side as our sect's subsidiary. The relationship would have no time limit, and you can leave at any time. At the same time, we will engage in the trading of guts Gu, the price will be one immortal essence stone for a hundred and twenty guts Gu. This is the rank six Immortal Gu, Promise."

Immortal Gu Promise was an information path Gu worm, its use was similar to mountain pledge Gu and sea oath Gu.

Immediately, He Feng Yang activated the Immortal Gu to make a promise.

When it was Fang Yuan's turn, he received the Immortal Gu and checked that there were no issues, he consumed his green grape immortal essence and made a promise as well.

Their promises created material forms that resembled lumps of gold, the two sides exchanged with each other to keep a copy each.

Fairy Cang Yu finally breathed out a sigh of relief, now that the transaction had been established, she was finally safe.

Fang Yuan breathed out in relief too, the situation that he had been trying to resolve had finally reached this stage. Fighting to the death with Immortal Crane Sect was definitely impossible. Immortal Crane Sect was a huge organization, if he angered them, Hu Immortal blessed land would certainly be lost. With Fang Yuan's finances, he could not sustain a huge battle against Gu Immortal level opponents.

But He Feng Yang's words quickly earned his attention: "On the way back, I was ambushed by three Gu Immortals and my life was almost lost. The other party evidently wants to frame you, our sect is investigating it now, I wonder if your force had offended anyone?"

"What? In Central Continent, there were actually Gu Immortals who dared to kill a Gu Immortal from the ten great sects?" Fang Yuan did not conceal his shock.

He remembered clearly that such situations would only happen a while after the five regions chaotic war started.

By then, the five regions would be in chaos, mortals would face difficulties living and battles would be unceasing.

Even the authority of Heavenly Court was useless, the ten great sects' Gu Immortals all faced assassinations, there were those who were taking revenge from the other four regions, but also Central Continent's own lone cultivator Gu Immortals who were trying to fish for benefits.

As the situation became more and more chaotic, Fang Yuan could even bring a band of demonic path Gu Immortals to attack Hu Immortal blessed land on Tian Ti mountain, killing Feng Jin Huang eventually.

Unknowingly, Fang Yuan thought about the mysterious force that plotted against him secretly in treasure yellow heaven over a year ago.

But he did not even know what this force was called, even if he knew, he would not expose such information to He Feng Yang.

Thus, he shook his head: "I have been in Hu Immortal blessed land for this period of time, how could I offend other forces? I have no intentions to offend brother He, but thinking about it, Immortal Crane Sect probably attracts more enemies than me, was it a force trying to plot against your sect, but wanting to use me as a diversion instead?"

He Feng Yang did not get the information he wanted, he was a little disappointed but he could not force Fang Yuan.

Immortal Crane Sect had their own worries, even though Fang Yuan was only an immortal zombie, the force behind him allowed the two sides to speak on equal terms.

He Feng Yang and Fairy Cang Yu did not stay any longer, Fang Yuan opened Hu Immortal blessed land's door and sent them out.

Fang Yuan stood at the door, saying goodbye to them.

The other nine sects who saw this immediately realized that something had occurred in Hu Immortal blessed land.

"What is going on? Why is there an immortal zombie?"

"He Feng Yang and Fairy Cang Yu came with great confidence, but now their expression are not quite right, it seems a problem occurred!"

"Did they fail to take it down? That's impossible, right."

The Gu Immortals were confused, they were guessing randomly.

The ten great ancient sects were in cahoots, they were the overlords of Central Continent, over these last years there was unavoidably no lack of hidden competition among themselves. The contest of Hu Immortal blessed land was at first an open competition, using disciples from each sect to decide the eventual owner, but the result was that Fang Yuan actually took advantage. Now, it was a hidden contest, they could not question Immortal Crane Sect in public, that would break the unspoken rules.

The Gu Immortals did not know what happened to Hu Immortal blessed land, they were hesitant to return.

Fang Yuan closed the door, as Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan came to congratulate him with smiles on their faces.

"Fang Yuan, you have caused me to look at you in a different light. This time, the collaboration between you and Immortal Crane Sect succeeded without any battle, it was truly a great victory." Fairy Li Shan was full of praise.

This was the type of victory that Gu Immortals loved the most.

Without any battles, without any huge investments, but the rewards were simply incredible.

"Senior is not entirely correct." Fang Yuan laughed heartily: "It is not me who is collaborating with Immortal Crane Sect, it is us. After all, to refine the airsac Gu, we will need Hei Lou Lan's strength qi Gu to muster the strength qi. As for the profits of the guts Gu, your side will take forty percent, my side will take sixty."

Fairy Li Shan heard this and the smile on her face intensified. As long as one was not a fool, they could see the prospects of the transaction of guts Gu.

She understood clearly that Fang Yuan's action was to stabilize their alliance completely, to bind them to Dang Hun mountain itself. In the future, when Hu Immortal blessed land is attacked, they would need to come and defend it too.

But with such great benefits, Fairy Li Shan could not help but be moved.

Hei Lou Lan looked at Fang Yuan deeply: "To think that you had this method, Fang Yuan, conceptualizing the airsac Gu. To refine the rank three airsac Gu, you need to use the rank six strength qi Gu. This Gu is truly very special."

A part of this was definitely due to wisdom Gu's credit.

After obtaining wisdom Gu, Fang Yuan had been conceptualizing, to see if there was a way to extract guts Gu under the help of unlimited inspiration.

The success this time was also because he had unexpectedly heard from Tai Bai Yun Sheng that Hei Lou Lan had the strength qi Immortal Gu.

Only an immortal class strength could envelop the guts Gu, allowing it to leave Dang Hun mountain unscathed.

Fang Yuan changed the topic: "To produce guts Gu, we will need huge amounts of souls, I will have to trouble the two of you."

"Northern Plains is a land of battles, chaotic wars happen all the time, and beast groups and tribes relocate constantly. There are surely many souls that can be collected there. We will go and settle this now." Hei Lou Lan wanted to act immediately.

After she ascended to an immortal, her need for resources had become much greater, especially in terms of immortal essence stones, she could not always rely on Fairy Li Shan.

Relying on others was not Hei Lou Lan's style.

Fairy Li Shan agreed: "That's right, Dang Hun mountain does not have any requirements for the type of soul. We can even buy them from Northern Plains Zombie Alliance, it will be more expensive than collecting the souls ourselves, but the price would be acceptable and we can save lots of trouble."

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan waved a hand: "Please hold on for a moment, don't be too anxious now. Now, come with me to suppress a Gu Immortal. This Gu Immortal is inside Hu Immortal blessed land right now."

"Oh? Who?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng questioned.

"There are other Gu Immortals hiding in the blessed land now? Is it an ambush by Immortal Crane Sect, having ulterior motives?" Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan looked at each other with confused and shocked expressions.

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