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After around ten minutes, the slaughter finally ended.

One's nose would be assailed by the thick smell of blood, the yellow sand was filled with corpses.

Fang Yuan stood at the center of the corpses, he summoned woman's heart Immortal Gu.

The Immortal Gu slowly rose up, floating into the air and emitting a reddish purple light. The light filled the entire battlefield, in a few breaths of time, all the female corpses in the entire battlefield started to tremble.

The vibrations of the corpses became more intense, as finally, with a loud pop, hearts burst out of the bodies and rose up slightly, flying towards Woman's Heart which was in the air.

Before they even got close, these bloody hearts were swallowed by the reddish purple light in the air, turning into inky purple light lumps.

The light lumps were like young swallows returning to their nest, they entered Woman's Heart.

Poison path Immortal Gu Woman's Heart slightly trembled, it let out a sharp screech, as if it sounded overjoyed from being fed.

A moment later, all of the women's hearts in the battlefield had been fed to Woman's Heart as food.

Fang Yuan called back Woman's Heart.

This Immortal Gu's hunger had been alleviated by quite a bit, but it was not full yet.

Fang Yuan frowned slightly: "At this rate, to feed the woman's heart Immortal Gu until it is full, I will need four thousand more women's hearts. This caravan that I slaughtered already had significant strength, such a large sized caravan is uncommon in western desert."

Fang Yuan thought about it for a while before flying into the sky.

In the air, he stretched out his palm, pushing it towards the ground.

Immediately, thousands of fireballs appeared, slamming into the battlefield. Explosions occurred as rocks and sand were sent flying, corpses were burnt as the place turned into a sea of fire.

This was not a killer move, it was simply the power of quantity, he had used numerous similar fire path mortal Gu.

Fang Yuan threw several black oil dragons.

The oil dragons flew into the sea of fire, raising its intensity and razing the battlefield to the ground, all the traces left behind were gone.

After doing this, Fang Yuan flapped his light illusion bat wings and flew away at a rapid speed.

He traveled north-east, past several large sized oases, before finding his target — a small sized oasis.

Looking down from a high altitude, the oasis was like a jewel, encased in the golden desert.

There was a lake in the oasis, its water was clear and blue, with trees growing around it. There were many people living in this place, the marketplace were lively and it was a scene of prosperity and peace.

Fang Yuan did not conceal his movements, he appeared above the cloudless sky, it was very eye-catching.

A group of Gu Masters riding sand gulls flew up from the oasis.

"What monster is this?"

"It seems like a zombie!"

These Gu Masters were mostly young people, they looked at Fang Yuan's monstrous appearance and couldn't help but mutter apprehensively.

They were almost all rank two, only the leader was a rank three Gu Master.

This group of people flew towards Fang Yuan, they stopped about three hundred steps away from him.

The leader was very vigilant, he cupped his fists: "This is Zhou Xi oasis, controlled by us, Lan clan. The sky above the oasis is a no-fly zone, I hope sir can land on the ground! If you wish to enter the oasis, we have Gu Masters in charge of attending to visiting Gu Masters from outside. Sir just needs to follow the procedures, as long as you meet the requirements, you will be allowed to enter the oasis."

Fang Yuan continued to stare at the oasis, using his investigative Gu to check the area.

He was trying to find out if there were any Gu Immortals hiding in this oasis, because only Gu Immortals could pose a threat to him.

According to normal circumstances, such a small oasis would not be a strong force, there should not be Gu Immortals here. If there were, they would have expanded or modified this oasis already.

After the leader said that, he saw that Fang Yuan was unmoved, he frowned as he said coldly: "Did sir hear me? The sky above the oasis is a no-fly zone, this is general knowledge in western desert. Sir flying above Lan clan can be regarded as a provocation! I hope sir lands now, otherwise, don't blame us for..."


Before the leader finished his words, Fang Yuan flicked a finger and sent a rank five level attack at him.

The rank three leader could not react, he was blown to bits, his corpse scattered everywhere.


"Lord elder!"

The other rank two Gu Masters screamed shrilly after a moment of shock.

At this moment, unparalleled fear filled their hearts. The high and mighty lord elder did not even have a chance to react before he was killed in one hit.

This attack was too sudden, the rank two Gu Masters could not even clearly see what actually killed their leader.

"Lord elder is dead, he was killed in an instant!"

"Quickly retreat, this person is not someone we can deal with!"

"Enemy attack! Enemy attack!"

The rank two Gu Masters screamed, they scattered in the air, flying towards the oasis.

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, he waved his hands.

Bam bam bam...

With consecutive explosions, these rank two Gu Masters were turned into pieces of flesh without exception. Even the sand gulls that they were sitting on were not spared.

A loud siren rang in the oasis.

Everything that had happened in the air was seen by the patrolling Gu Masters.

Fang Yuan looked down from above imposingly, seeing the mortals panicking and running away, the flourishing market had gone into chaos. Large numbers of mortal Gu Masters came out from the buildings, they faced up towards the sky, looking at Fang Yuan with deep animosity.

"Mortals are truly like insects." Fang Yuan let out a deep breath, he then summoned the hair armor and flapped his light illusion bat wings, flying like a meteor towards the oasis.

"He's here! Attack him!"

"Be careful, the other party is very strong, he is at least a rank four Gu Master! He is very likely to be rank five!"

"So what if he is strong? He is just one person, attack him!"

The Lan clan Gu Masters in the oasis screamed furiously, they unleashed a flurry of colorful attacks.

But Fang Yuan's charge was not slowed, he easily broke through these obstructions and crashed into the clan head pavilion at the center of the oasis.


The loud crash could deafen one's ears, the huge impact caused the ground to shake. The clan head pavilion had defensive Gu worms protecting it, but they were useless, the place collapsed in an instant. Rocks flew and tiles burst, air currents pushed out and carried the dust clouds with them.

As the dust and smoke settled, Fang Yuan's huge body and eight monstrous arms were displayed before the Lan clan Gu Masters.

"He, he did not die!"

"Damn it, the clan head pavilion was destroyed by him! The ancestors' tablets are all inside!"

"Kill, kill this demon!"

Everyone's emotions were stimulated, they surrounded Fang Yuan.

"All of you shut up!" Suddenly, an elderly man shouted, walking out from the crowd.

"Lord clan elder!" The surrounding people paid respects to this old man.

The old clan leader was very shocked, he deeply understood the defensive power of the clan head pavilion. It was the central and most important place in the clan, it had great defenses, even if ten people of the elderly clan leader's strength attacked it, they might not break through.

But simply one blow from Fang Yuan destroyed the entire clan head pavilion.

Just one hit!

What did this mean?!

The elderly clan leader controlled his fear, he bowed deeply towards Fang Yuan: "Our Lan clan has been neutral for many generations, we have not meddled with the outside world. I am not sure if we have offended sir, but we will definitely compensate you until you are satisfied."

The moment he said that, he immediately attracted the fierce rebuttal of the Gu Masters.

"Lord clan leader, what are you saying?"

"This monster who is neither a human nor a ghost destroyed our clan head pavilion, even elder Lan Duan died in his hands."

"Clan leader, our Lan clan has no cowards, the other party is already so overbearing, we have to slaughter him into pieces to quench the hatred in our hearts!"

"Hehehe..." Fang Yuan laughed coldly, his voice was hoarse, everyone frowned when they heard his voice: "There is actually someone who understands how to react to the situation here, hmm, that's right, this small oasis is squeezed between many large forces. If you did not know your place, you would not be able to stay as the clan leader. Then listen to me, I want you to collect six thousand hearts within the next ten minutes. Remember, these hearts have to be intact and they need to be women's hearts, the hearts of men and young girls have no use."


"He... he actually wants six thousand women's hearts?"

"This is a demon, he is a lawless demon! He actually wants our clan to be his lapdog, to collect hearts for him!"

The Gu Masters were in an uproar.

The elderly clan leader's expression was also uncertain. Six thousand women's hearts was a huge number, there were many mortal villages around this oasis, but the number of mortals was certainly not enough. That means, to reach six thousand, he would need to sacrifice the clansmen in Lan clan.

Thus, the old clan leader's position would certainly be taken away. Nobody would allow such a person to be their leader.

"Isn't sir's request too overbearing. Sigh, heaven cares for all living beings, in broad daylight, how can anyone commit such heinous acts? I'm afraid Lan clan cannot help you." The old clan leader sighed as he showed a merciful expression.

"Heh, then there's no other way. Even though this is more troublesome, it will do." Fang Yuan laughed ruthlessly, his killing intent surged.

Light illusion bat wings flickered on his back, and a moment later, he appeared in front of the old clan leader.

The zombie claws stretched out like lightning, grabbing the old clan leader's neck, lifting him up easily.

"So, so fast!" The old clan leader's expression was pale, there was no trace of blood on his face. He was completely shocked, how could he be captured by the other party in an instant?!

Could it be that, he is not a mortal, but a Gu Immortal?

A horrifying thought appeared in the old clan leader's heart, he shouted anxiously: "Ev... everything can be discussed... please have mercy... ple... argh."

Crack, the old clan leader's neck was smashed into powder by Fang Yuan.

The old clan leader's head hung to one side, he stared with his eyes wide opened, he died without solace.

It was not that he did not want to use his Gu worms to retaliate, but Fang Yuan had many mortal Gu in his immortal aperture that could seal and suppress Gu worms.

"He, he killed the clan leader!"

"No—! Lord clan leader! You cannot die!"

"Revenge for lord clan leader!"

The Gu Masters reacted and shouted angrily, like a rushing tide, they charged towards Fang Yuan, using all sorts of attacks, unleashing a beautiful display of fireworks.

Fang Yuan did not dodge, he stood on the spot, allowing the attacks to hit his body without moving at all.

Everyone's attacks lasted for a hundred breaths before stopping.

Gu Masters had limited primeval essence, with such an intense wave of attacks, they could not keep it up for very long.

"Is he dead?"

"He was definitely beaten to a pulp already."

"Sigh, our poor old clan leader, we did not even manage to retrieve his corpse..."

But when the smoke dispersed, the Gu Masters eyes were opened wide, they saw that Fang Yuan was still standing at the same spot arrogantly.

Even though the surroundings were a mess, his black armor was still extremely new looking, even the broken spikes were regenerating rapidly.

A few breaths of time later, Fang Yuan's hair armor regenerated completely, there were not even any marks on it.

Hair armor was a mortal killer move, it was made of several hundred Gu worms, and dozens of rank five Gu worms. It was also used on the foundation of the immortal zombie body, the defense was not something these Gu Masters could break.

Among the people attacking Fang Yuan, the one and only rank four Gu Master, the elderly clan leader, had died. There were less than ten rank three Gu Masters remaining, the rest were rank two and one.

Their attacks were very scattered, many of the attacks had canceled each other out, it simply could pose no threat to Fang Yuan.

"This is your attack? It can't even scratch me." Fang Yuan chuckled, his laughter was not loud, but it was very clear in everyone's ears.

An intense chill rose up in the hearts of the Gu Masters and spread rapidly.

Even though the weather was so hot, they felt like they were in an icy pit!

"You, what are you?" Everyone trembled, their hearts were filled with terror.

"Monster, this is a monster!" Someone screamed, he had lost his mind.

"Run, quickly run!!" Their morale had sank to rock bottom, one person running away initiated the collapse of the entire group.

Fang Yuan was not surprised, the clan leader was dead, they had nothing to rely on. At the same time, he purposely took the attacks head on, it was to destroy the morale of these mortals.


Fang Yuan smiled sinisterly, he chased up to a female Gu Master.

The female Gu Master's body froze, she stared at the monstrous claw piercing through her back and out of her chest, as the monstrous claw pulled out, her heart was taken away.

"Elder Lan Xin is dead too, run!" The surrounding Gu Masters saw this and were shocked out of their minds, they ran away even more quickly.

Fang Yuan waved a hand and large numbers of fireballs spewed out, buildings collapsed and fires were blazing. With another wave of a hand, wind blades were dancing in the air, slaughtering everything in their path, leaving behind large numbers of minced corpses.

"No, please, I'm begging you, don't kill me." This was an ordinary mortal woman with a delicate face and a beautiful figure, she had preserved her own body well, she should be a wife or concubine of a Gu Master.


Fang Yuan flicked his finger, and the mortal woman's head exploded like a watermelon, her headless corpse collapsed on the ground.

Fang Yuan walked past this corpse, as the palm of his downwards hanging hand opened, the woman's heart burst out of the body and flew out, grabbed by Fang Yuan.

Woman's Heart let out a joyful scream, it stopped on Fang Yuan's shoulder, glowing in a reddish purple light.

Be it the heart in Fang Yuan's hand or the surrounding corpses, as long as they met the conditions, the purple light would swallow them and they would be absorbed by Woman's Heart.

Fang Yuan walked briskly, wherever he went, a slaughter occurred. It was a path filled with anguished wails, rivers of blood flowed.

Cleanse soul Immortal Gu was famished, it was too risky to use myriad self, and too much of a waste of immortal essence.

Icy drill stardust could not be used, because the starlight lump exploded continuously, it would mince the mortal corpses completely, even the hearts would not be spared.

Fang Yuan was only using mortal Gu, he did not use any killer moves, it was simply a huge quantity of Gu worms.

But even so, the efficiency of killing was not low.

Western desert was different from the other four regions, Fang Yuan chose this place purposefully. This was a huge desert, and the oases were like islands, even if a mortal escapes out of the oasis, they would not get far. Western desert was a place with unhindered vision, the desert stretched to the horizon, it was easy for Fang Yuan to chase them down.

"This time, I will let you eat till you are full, little one." Fang Yuan walked in the pool of blood, looking at the woman's heart Immortal Gu on his shoulder, his gaze was extremely gentle.

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