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In the underground cave, the air was filled with the rainbow colored light of wisdom.

A small mushroom forest was growing here. Wisdom Gu was sprawled atop the mushroom king at the center of the forest, not moving.

Fang Yuan sat close by, using the light of wisdom to make his deductions.

Afterwards, he let out a breath of foggy air: "The second Immortal Gu recipe has been completed."

He looked at his green grape immortal essence, he did not have much originally, only twenty or so of them. After deducing two eighty percent remnant recipes, he had eleven left.

"The third Immortal Gu remnant recipe is eighty-six percent complete, eleven green grape immortal essence beads should be enough."

Fang Yuan looked at the delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu, it was glistening brightly and had no issues.

Many days had passed since Hei Lou Lan's tribulation. Because it was used intensely in battle, cleanse soul Immortal Gu was hungry already, while delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu had been activated many times, but its condition was still good, it was not hungry.

Fang Yuan felt baffled at first, but after he asked Mo Yao's will, who was in his immortal aperture, he understood why.

It turned out Mo Yao's fake will needed to be replenished constantly.

Mo Yao did not have a Gu to produce fake will, she used many Gu worms to convert the joyful will into fake will.

Thus, when she fed Gu worms, the one she paid most attention to was the delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu. Delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu was fed till it was completely full by Mo Yao's will, she did not feed it only when it was hungry. Thus, even though Fang Yuan was using it extensively, there was still some time until he needed to feed the delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu.

This was evidently a good thing.

After all, activating a hungry Immortal Gu forcefully could cause it to die.

Cleanse soul Immortal Gu was already hungry, thus, it was much more risky for Fang Yuan to use the killer move myriad self. Perhaps the next time he used this immortal killer move, cleanse soul Immortal Gu would be destroyed in the process.

Deducing Immortal Gu recipes was Fang Yuan's most important source of income now. If delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu could not be used, Fang Yuan would fall into a difficult situation again.

Fang Yuan activated delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu again, he started deducing the third Immortal Gu remnant recipe.

This time, he had obtained the Demon Venerable true meaning infusion, it was quite a bit of help to deducing Immortal Gu remnant recipes.

That was because the true meaning infusion was the same as taking in Reckless Savage Demon Venerable's understanding towards cultivation, it directly increased Fang Yuan's foundation, it could raise his realm of cultivation.

As for the deduction of Gu recipes, it one's own foundation as the basis, the stronger their foundations, the higher the efficiency of the deduction.

Even though refinement path attainment level was the most important, because there were many elements to consider, strength path and transformation path would be involved as well in these thought processes.

Two days later, Fang Yuan completed his deduction, he obtained three complete Immortal Gu recipes.

He brought these Immortal Gu recipes over to Lang Ya blessed land and completed the transaction with Lang Ya land spirit.

Not only did he clear his debt and account for the expenditure of his green grape immortal essence, he still earned eleven immortal essence stones as profit.

Everything was back on track now.

Eight days later, Fang Yuan handed another three completed Immortal Gu recipes to Lang Ya land spirit and completed the fifth deal.

At this point, he had thirty-six immortal essence stones and twenty-seven green grape immortal essence beads.

Fang Yuan slightly relaxed after that.

Because of the battle with Hei Cheng, he almost went into the red and his finances threatened to collapse.

According to the economic term on Earth, he had almost caused the situation of a cash flow shortfall.

"Although the immortal killer move, myriad self, has great strength, I need to consume a bead of green grape immortal essence every time I use it. If I use it many times, the expenditure would be huge. I need to be careful when I use it in the future, otherwise, it will just drain my finances and cause me to lose out, even if I win the fight."

Fang Yuan inwardly alerted himself in his mind.

When Gu Immortals cultivate, they had to consider many aspects, not just victory in battle.

Like the example of Liu Bang and Xiang Yu on Earth. Liu Bang could not defeat Xiang Yu, he lost in battles while Xiang Yu won in battles. But Liu Bang was adept in managing the economy and had strong backing. Even though he lost each fight, he had the capital to rise up once again, thus he was able to fight even after losing.

Xiang Yu however, although he won his fights, he had no businesses, as time passed, and they fought even more, the difference between Liu Bang and him became smaller. Eventually, Liu Bang won one battle and that turned into complete victory.

As for the cultivation of Gu Immortals, it was the same logic.

Battles were just a part of cultivation.

The victory and loss of battles was not too important, the important thing was the benefits behind them.

One had to look forward for everything, they could not be shortsighted.

Even though Fang Yuan could cause Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi to suffer greatly, he had invested too much green grape immortal essence, in contrast, Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi spent much less immortal essence compared to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan also went bankrupt after this fight, but Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi were in good condition. If Fang Yuan had to fight them again now, Fang Yuan's battle strength would definitely be lower compared to them. If they fought for several more times, the winner would be obvious.

Hei Cheng had the rank six Immortal Gu House Dark Prison, could he not go all out with it? Of course he could, but the situation did not call for it.

Those who could become Gu Immortals were not rash boors that were hot blooded, they would calculate their gains and losses after every battle.

Of course, if not for the Demon Venerable true meaning infusion, Fang Yuan would not have expended this much green grape immortal essence.

"If I use up my green grape immortal essence, I can still replace it with immortal essence stones. But the Demon Venerable true meaning is an extremely rare opportunity. If I cultivate slow and steadily, I would need at least decades to reach this stage." Fang Yuan was very aware in his heart.

After Fang Yuan completed another two Immortal Gu remnant recipes, Tai Bai Yun Sheng finally returned from Snowy Mountain.

"You did not see the environment of the super grade blessed land, sigh, I saw it with my own eyes. Having over 6700km2 of land, the blessed land's time flow is thirty-eight times that of the outside world! There is much vitality and great potential in it, I could not help but feel jealous towards it. In my opinion, the biggest winner after the battle of this tribulation is Hei Lou Lan!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng returned and started talking incessantly, while sighing endlessly.

After Hei Lou Lan's tribulation, she asked for Tai Bai Yun Sheng to repair the super grade blessed land. Thus, Tai Bai Yun Sheng was lucky enough to enter Lou Lan blessed land, it could be said to be a truly eye-opening experience.

"A super grade blessed land is precisely like that, after all one of the ten extreme physiques becoming an immortal is like skating on thin ice, it is a fight for survival in a deadly situation. Compared to this, I am more worried about how many Immortal Gu Hei Lou Lan managed to refine during the third step of this immortal ascension." Fang Yuan asked.

"Her immortal aperture was created using the flying bear strength Immortal Gu, this strength path Immortal Gu was given to her by Giant Sun's will. Flying bear strength Gu is now her vital Gu, but she also elevated her original core Gu, self strength Gu, to rank six. Other than these two, she also obtained a rank six strength qi Gu." Tai Bai Yun Sheng replied.

When Tai Bai Yun Sheng ascended to an immortal, the remaining heaven and earth qi created his two Immortal Gu, Man as Before and Landscape as Before.

Whether Hei Lou Lan's remaining heaven and earth qi had been more than Tai Bai Yun Sheng's, nobody knew. But what Fang Yuan did know was that she had quite a number of small family qi Gu, these Gu had stored up some amount of heaven and earth qi.

Fang Yuan analyzed what Hei Lou Lan had: "In this case, Hei Lou Lan is confirmed to have four Immortal Gu. They are flying bear strength Gu, self strength Gu, strength qi Gu, and slavery Immortal Gu. Divert disaster Gu had been destroyed during the tribulation. But don't forget, she had once destroyed the flying bear phantom and obtained flying bear phantom Gu after suppressing it. After that, I lost my connection with the flying bear phantom Immortal Gu. I am not sure if this Gu was taken away by the formless hands or if it is still with her now!"

Hei Lou Lan's strength grew extremely quickly, she had at least four Immortal Gu and was a Gu Immortal herself now, her future was immensely bright.

Furthermore, she had a close relationship with Fairy Li Shan, after getting her help, she skipped the initial stage of being a newly advanced Gu Immortal. Fairy Li Shan did not lack immortal essence stones, with a huge amount of investment, Lou Lan blessed land would develop quickly.

"Hei Lou Lan who has a super grade blessed land will undoubtedly greatly exceed me in cultivation speed. I have a high grade blessed land, compared to other Gu Immortals, it is also a great advantage, but Hei Lou Lan is like someone who has grown wings and is soaring. Even though we formed an alliance with her, the alliance will eventually end. After the time limit, we will need to be careful, Fairy Li Shan has a huge network while Hei Lou Lan is a formidable person." Tai Bai Yun Sheng's tone was worried.

The rapid growth of the genius, Hei Lou Lan, had brought great mental pressure to an elderly man like Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

But it was worse for Fang Yuan.

His cultivation was stagnant, as long as he was still an immortal zombie, his cultivation level would not progress.

"As long as Hei Cheng is not dead, and Ma Hong Yun's matter isn't resolved, we will have the basis to cooperate with Hei Lou Lan. You have to be very careful when you go to eastern sea this time. Shark Demon is not easy to deal with, if you need reinforcements, use the moving perspective cup Gu to contact me." Fang Yuan reminded Tai Bai Yun Sheng to be cautious.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng rested in Hu Immortal Blessed Land for two days before setting off to eastern sea.

He was afflicted by the death sentence awaits Immortal Gu, and had promised an immortal zombie of eastern sea, Shark Demon, to explore Yu Lu blessed land, he had no choice but to set off.

Fang Yuan stayed in Hu Immortal blessed land, he deduced Gu recipes to earn immortal essence stones, while also placing priority on settling the important matter of feeding Immortal Gu.

After he completed the sixth deal, he had more than sixty immortal essence stones.

His Woman's Heart and Connect Luck were showing signs of weakness, they were evidently famished. Together with cleanse soul Immortal Gu, he had a total of three Immortal Gu to feed.

Cleanse soul Immortal Gu needed ten thousand white lotus giant silkworm Gu as food. Connect luck Immortal Gu needed five thousand kilograms of sand from the ancient desolate beast, worldly sand gull's, resting area. Poison path Immortal Gu Woman's Heart needed the hearts of women as food.

He had no idea how to get the first two, Fang Yuan decided to settle the easiest one first.

Western Desert.

Sand dunes were continually connected together, forming a huge and wide area of land.

The sun was high in the sky, the air was dry and hot, it felt like a person could be cooked in this weather.

A large sized caravan was moving forward.

The camel bells ringed, and the sounds of the vehicles could be heard constantly.

The accompanying Gu Masters used all types of Gu worms, some to reduce the temperature, some to summon winds, some to create fresh water, and some to navigate.

"Who is this?" The caravan leader shouted. There was a gruesome monster in front of the caravan.

This monster was six meters tall, it had bulging muscles and a large body. It had eight arms, a green face and sharp fangs, with eyes red as blood. With one look, people felt their hearts tighten as they felt a formless pressure.

The caravan went into a commotion.

"Two rank five, seventeen rank four, forty over rank three... This is quite a number." A hoarse voice could be heard from the monster's mouth.

"Sir, who might you be? I am Mo clan's caravan leader, Mo Yan." One of the rank five Gu Masters in the caravan cupped his fists and asked nervously.

Fang Yuan laughed ruthlessly, his eight monstrous claws opened instantly, the name of the super influence, Mo clan, could not deter him.

He was like the incarnation of a demonic god, he rushed into the caravan and whipped up a storm of blood and flesh.

Howling, screaming, crying, begging, all these noises tangled together, after a while, they went silent.

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