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Following his memory, Fang Yuan took Jia JinSheng to the mountain crack.

As they entered the crack, the path was getting narrower, and their visions were now pitch-black. Jia JinSheng was suspicious. After all, this looked unfamiliar to him.

Finally, he couldn't contain himself, "I have a question. Jia Fu is a kind and friendly person, who bases on faith to work. He also has a reputation. I, on the other hand, am dishonest and deceitful. I buy and sell with force too. Why did you choose me as your customer but not him?"

Fang Yuan's reply was transmitted along the crack, "Because his cultivation base is too high. If he sees the cliff with the images, he could choose to make the transaction, or even give up the transaction to directly report the cliff to the Ancient Moon clan's head. I don't like giving the initiative to other people's hand. Moreover, I never believe what integrity is. The so-called integrity is just sh*t. The benefit is too small to move the other's heart."

The most important reason was his special position. The lower one's cultivation base was; the easier one could be manipulated. However, Fang Yuan naturally wouldn't have talked about such a point.

"Haha." Jia JinSheng beamed a hollow laugh, his doubts were reduced more than half, "Your last word has won my heart."

They had finally squeezed into the secret cave inside the mountain.

As soon as Jia JinSheng saw the images on the cliff, he couldn't help but laugh out loud, "Haha, I had bet on the right thing! You didn't trick me!"

Fang Yuan stood behind him and chuckled without saying anything.

Jia JinSheng looked at the ever-changing images on the cliff and retraced the scene of that year battle between Hua Jiu monk and the fourth clan's head.

After looking at it, he retrieved his look as he tilted his head to Fang Yuan, and mockingly said, "It seems the fourth clan's head of your clan is just like that."

Fang Yuan casually said, "It is nothing. The Ancient Moon clan needed a hero, so the fourth clan's head became the hero. Soon after, if the Bai family wanted a despicable villain, the fourth clan's head would then become one. Heroes or villains are nothing but the views of others."

"Good saying." Jia JinSheng was clapping and laughing while looking around the secret cave.

He landed his look on the remaining bones of Hua Jiu the monk and said, "It is a pity for a level five Gu Master. Junior, you have gotten lots of benefits from him, haven't you?"

The legacy of a level five Gu Master was definitely not a trivial matter. Thinking till here, Jia JinSheng couldn't help but feel a shake in his heart as he couldn't help but had asked about it.

Fang Yuan shook his head, "It has been too long as most of the Gus had died and I only found a Wine Gu."

Jia JinSheng didn't buy it, "Junior, you don't need to lie to me. We had agreed on this business together and we are complicitors. I will not leak anything out. Tell me the truth, how good is it?"

Fang Yuan sneered, too lazy to reply, so he didn't explain anymore.

Fang Yuan had soon predicted Jia JinSheng's reaction. This was also the reason why he had chosen Jia JinSheng but not Jia Fu.

Jia JinSheng continued, "Not talking about other things; I knew that Hua Jiu the monk had a famous Thousand Miles Crypt Tarantula. This is the mount Gu of a level five Gu Master. It has a giant figure and is very good at drilling the ground. Hua Jiu the monk was a person on the Demon Path. The reason why he could have gone on such rampage was because of this Thousand Miles Crypt Tarantula. It had helped him escape when he was surrounded by people from the righteous sects.

"Ah, there is such a thing?" Fang Yuan slightly frowned as he really hadn't heard much about the news regarding Hua Jiu the monk.

Jia JinSheng said triumphantly, "Last year when I came to your mountain stronghold, I had heard about such legend. I felt that this was every interesting. Hence, I went home and asked about it. The Thousand Miles Crypt Tarantula and Hua Jiu the monk are almost inseparable. This secret cave was what the Thousand Miles Crypt Tarantula had made. Otherwise, the Green Thatch Mountain is full of green soil, how could such a secret cave be formed? Junior brother, you don't need to cover it up. Since Hua Jiu the monk had died here, certainly, his Thousand Miles Crypt Tarantula is also here!"

Fang Yuan furrowed his brows deeper. He faintly felt a wrong feeling and said with deep eyes, "Exactly, there is no other cave that leads to the outside. The Thousand Miles Crypt Tarantula has a large figure. If it could go in the crack, it basically couldn't get out. However, it is possible that the Thousand Miles Crypt Tarantula had been killed by the fourth clan's head. Look at those images on the cliff, Hua Jiu the monk hadn't summoned the Thousand Miles Crypt Tarantula even though he was in the middle of his fight."

"This was even stranger as the secret cave couldn't have been naturally formed and it is certain that Hua Jiu the monk had made it. Without the Thousand Miles Crypt Tarantula, did he have any other methods?" Jia JinSheng skeptically looked at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's brows were almost swelling. He felt that something was getting worse. With the new information from Jia JinSheng, he had vaguely figured out something: It seemed that he had missed some other point.

He couldn't help but fall into his thoughts.

Jia JinSheng was also thinking. The images from the cliff could no longer satisfy his desire. Right when he believed that such a thing really did happen, he extremely wanted to find out the hidden legacy of Hua Jiu the monk.

However, they didn't expect that the abnormalities were happening right behind them!

The images that were going in circles on the cliff suddenly flashed.

The image of a bald head Gu Master who was seriously injured with a pale face was replacing the former images on the cliff.

He effortlessly collapsed on the ground with his back against the mountain. His chest and limbs were all covered with deep wounds. However, the weirdest thing was that his flesh could already be seen on these wounds, but there was no bleeding. It was as if the blood in his entire body had been sucked out.

"I am Hua Jiu the monk." The bald-headed Gu Master laughed as his face was showing a ferocious look, "The people who come here, no matter whom you are, if you can constantly play the images on the cliff for a hundred days; that is enough to prove that you have no favor for the Ancient Moon clan. Good, you will be my successor!! My legacy is left to you, under one condition. You have to destroy the Ancient Moon clan and destroy the mountain stronghold, without any mercy!"

Jia JinSheng was dumbstruck, standing in one place with astonishment on his visage.

"The successor of the level five Hua Jiu monk!"

He was stunned. For a moment, he could only hear buzzing sounds in his head as thoughts were rolling around in his mind.

"My god! Level five supreme master. What is this concept? An elder is at level three while a four level Gu Master can become the head of a clan. And the level five Gu Master is the lord of the mountain, who can tyrannically dominate the whole mountain. It's unimaginable that such a small place can possess the inheritance of the power of a level five Gu Master."

"Wait a minute, Hua Jiu the monk is a person from the Demon War. If I inherit his power, could it be worse? No, power has nothing to do with righteousness or evil. Hua Jiu wants his successor to destroy the Ancient Moon clan so should I do it or not? But he is dead and I just need to inherit his legacy. Then, I don't have to worry about other things."

"This is a big chance. Although I am just a grade D aptitude, after inheriting the hidden legacy of Hua Jiu the monk, maybe I could change my aptitude. This legacy might even have the rare aptitude enhancing Gu and in receiving this fortune, I could become a level four or level five Gu Master. Then I can compete with Jia Fu!"

"Wait a minute! I almost forgot, there is an outsider here. What should I do?"

"Should I share this inheritance with him? No, kill him! Only in killing him could I keep this secret. Yes, first, I need to reassure him, telling him I will share this inheritance with him to fool him, erasing the alert in his heart. Afterwards, I can abruptly use a deadly strike to kill him, and perishing him here. This place is secluded. Perfect! Even if I were to kill him, no one would know."

In just a short moment of a blink, he had consumed all of those thoughts.

Having decided, Jia JinSheng squinted his eyes and a wicked smile then emerged on his countenance.

He slowly turned around, looking at Fang Yuan and as soon as he wanted to open his mouth, two blue Moon Blades immediately shot over!

His pupils instantly shrunk into the size of a pin since the distance was too short; he basically didn't have time react!

"You..." His voice stopped abruptly.

The Moon Blade accurately hit the target, which was his neck. Right at that instant, his head flew up as blood was spurting out like springs.

His body collapsed on the ground after another one to two seconds.

Hot blood sprayed on the mountain cliff that was dying like the withered vine with a scarlet color.

"You don't need to think that much when killing a person." Fang Yuan casually glanced at the corpse on the ground before adverting his eyes to the image on the cliff.

"Unbelievable, such a turning point has appeared. Really interesting!" He muttered as faint light was flickering in his eyes.

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