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Blub blub blub blub…

In a huge five-man-tall cauldron, green-blue colored liquid was bubbling inside.

The liquid seemed to be boiling, but cold air was emitting from it, even a rockman's hand would turn into an icicle if he placed it in.

Fang Yuan stood before the large cauldron, multitasking as he controlled it while taking out a primeval elder Gu.

He multitasked, activating primeval elder Gu as primeval stones flew out from within.

Plop plop plop…

Primeval stones caused a splash when they entered the cauldron.

Primeval elder Gu was a rank three storage Gu, it could hold up to a million primeval stones. It was shaped like a crystal ball, half transparent with clouds forming into an old man inside. The old man smiled when there were a lot of primeval stones inside, and cried with there were few primeval stones.

As large amounts of primeval stones were thrown in, the old man's smile turned into a bitter expression.

Fang Yuan expended around half a million primeval stones for this refinement.

If it was the past, he would not be able to afford it. But now, he is affluent, after he sold the desolate beast swamp crab and bought quite a bit of things, he had around six million primeval stones left.

As primeval stones were thrown in, a large spiral formed inside the cauldron, causing the liquid to flow faster. The cauldron was slightly shaking.

At this crucial moment, Fang Yuan invested all his concentration into it, he could not be distracted anymore.

Sweat quickly formed on his forehead, he could only call out: "Land spirit."

"Yes!" Little Hu Immortal responded quickly, throwing pieces and pieces of silver ingots into the cauldron.

The ingots entered the liquid, causing the spiral to slow down.

One by one, the ingots fell in until the surface of the cauldron became still, forming into silver colored ice.

Eventually, all the liquid inside was frozen, large amounts of silver colored mist flew out, freezing the entire cauldron, in fact, it extended five steps from the cauldron, dying the ground silver.

Fang Yuan breathed heavily: "After refining Gu for three days, it's finally done. Up!"

Silver colored ice broke apart, and Gu worms flew out.

These Gu were all rank three, they were shaped like little cups, while also resembling trumpet flowers. Three of them could fit on one palm.

They were silver in color, used to hold liquid or store Gu worms.

Little Hu Immortal counted, smiling brightly, clapping her hands: "Hundred and thirty seven, hundred and forty-six, hundred and fifty-nine! Master, you are amazing, refining a hundred and fifty-nine rank three Gu worms at once. We can sell these for quite a sum, what are these Gu worms?"

"Hehe, these are silver cup Gu, we have to use them to refine Gu, they are not for sale." Fang Yuan smiled.

Three hundred and eighty years into Fang Yuan's previous life, these silver cup Gu were created by a Gu Immortal. Continuing to refine them until they were rank five, that was the Gu Fang Yuan needed.

Of course they could not be sold now.

"These days, I used a large number of guts Gu to raise my soul to fifty-two times of a normal person. Thus, I did not feel much fatigue, and was able to refine so many Gu at once." Fang Yuan was extremely pleased with the results of this refinement.

The benefits of having a strong foundation in his soul was shown here.

If He Feng Yang saw this, he would no longer underestimate Fang Yuan. Fang Yuan's ability at refining Gu had already greatly exceeded his own.

But his head was still dizzy.

Every Gu refinement caused a strain on the soul, it used a lot of mental energy, not to mention Fang Yuan's large-scale refinement.

If it was before, Fang Yuan could only sleep to rest his soul. But now, he had a better method.

"Land spirit, this cauldron is useless now, get rid of it, I am going outside to walk."

"Yes master." Little Hu Immortal immediately got to work.

Three to four days had already passed, large numbers of gutstones had formed on Dang Hun mountain.

Fang Yuan casually stepped on a few pieces, the guts Gu that flew out recovered his soul, even strengthening it.

Fang Yuan instantly felt the dizziness go away from his head, he could think at lightning speed.

He laughed heartily: "This guts Gu is truly a divine Gu, the effect is so amazing. In that case, I shall strengthen my soul to the limit today."

Sixty-eight times! Fang Yuan felt refreshed, his movements were extremely fast and light.

Seventy-seven times! Fang Yuan could think at lightning speed, every thought moved like a spark.

Eighty-five times! Fang Yuan's soul had already vaguely hit his body's limit.

Ninety-two times! Fang Yuan could clearly feel his own soul. In his perception, his soul was grey-white color, its outer appearance was just like Fang Yuan's appearance, except it was extremely strong, muscular and had a bear-tiger like body. As for Fang Yuan, although his body was muscular, he only had muscular shoulders with a thin waist. His soul was quite squeezed inside this body.

Was he at his limit?

Ninety-three times! Fang Yuan used one more guts Gu, his soul strengthened once again. This time, Fang Yuan felt an unprecedented feeling, it was amazing and comfortable. It felt a hundred times better than taking drugs, eating good food, or having intercourse! It made a strong man like Fang Yuan groan out in pleasure.

An indescribable sensation of comfort and addiction made him savour this feeling, unable to forget it.

Fang Yuan's eyes shone in a cold light, his heart became alert.

He stepped on a few more gutstone, and his soul got stronger again. The feeling of comfort this time was much more intense than before!

Ninety-seven times, ninety-eight times, ninety-nine times!

The feeling came from deep within his soul, it was so intense that Fang Yuan's body shuddered, his bones felt like they were melting and his muscles were twitching, it could not be described with words.

A hundred times!

The intense sensation and addiction assaulted like a tornado, Fang Yuan almost fainted from this.

"This is the limit, I cannot use the guts Gu anymore!" Fang Yuan bit the tip of his tongue, using the pain to keep himself conscious, not falling into addiction.

Normal people could only strengthen their soul by a hundred times, it was called hundred man soul!

This was also the extreme limit. If the soul strengthened just a bit more, it would explode in a loud bang. Like a stomach that burst from overeating.

But the explosion of the soul was many times more severe than the bursting of a stomach. The soul would complete disperse in the air, completely destroyed, the flesh would be preserved for a while before rotting away, revealing the white skeleton.

If Fang Yuan indulged in the feeling, and used one more guts Gu, he would not even have the time to use Spring Autumn Cicada, he would die immediately, wiped off from this world.

Too bad I don't have Luo Po valley, inside it, there is the bewilderment fog that can loosen the soul. There is also the Luo Po wind that can cut the soul. After torture and trials, the soul will become more refined and condensed." Fang Yuan sighed in his heart.

Simply strengthening the soul was a quantitative advantage. Only through refinement and purification can there be a qualitative advantage.

In this world, there were many Gu Masters who cultivated their soul, they were called soul path Gu Masters. Soul path and strength path were at the same level, glorious during the ancient times. Except, strength path was now at its lowest point, while soul path was staying strong, it was the largest path in the current world.

The Gu Master who created the soul path is renowned in the entire world's history.

He is Spectral Soul Demon Venerable!

Rank nine Gu Master, standing at the top of the universe, looking down at mortals plainly, he was truly invincible, a legend who dominated his era.

At the same time, he was the rank nine Gu Immortal with the greatest killing nature.

Among all Immortal Venerables and Demon Venerables, he killed the most people. During his dark era, he made the five regions into his personal slaughterhouse. All living beings were his livestock, they had no way to resist.

Spectral Soul Demon Venerable once said: In this huge world, Dang Hun mountain is the best at strengthening soul, and Luo Po valley is the best at refining soul. One mountain and one valley, if one had both, they would achieve great success in the soul path, and they would be able to dominate the world.

Thus, Dang Hun mountain and Luo Po valley were the two sacred lands of soul path Gu Masters.

Fang Yuan obtaining Dang Hun mountain was a huge blessing, he got a great deal from his rebirth. If he wanted to get Luo Po Valley, there was little hope, he did not know where it was.

"But, even without Luo Po valley, I can use other soul path Gu worms to replace it. Divine soul Gu, dragon soul Gu, ice soul Gu, dream soul Gu, moon soul Gu, general soul Gu, grudge soul Gu, poem soul Gu and others, they can all refine my soul and allow me to continue strengthening my soul, to break through hundred man soul, to reach thousand man soul, or even ten thousand man soul."

He could not get these Gu from Immortal Crane Sect. That is because these Gu that were directly used on the soul, if Immortal Crane Sect did something to them, it would be too dangerous.

But Fang Yuan knew very little of these Gu worms' recipes. Most importantly, he has not decided on which Gu would suit him the most.

"For now, hundred man soul is sufficient to deal with my problems, I should place my energy on how to trade rockmen." Fang Yuan's train of thought came back to the matter at hand.

He had already sold swamp crab, but next, he did not intend to sell the gutstones.

If he sold gutstones, that would strengthen Immortal Crane Sect, that was not favorable.

For the following days, Fang Yuan continued to refine Gu while cleansing his aperture.

A month passed quickly, with the nine eyes liquor worm's help, Fang Yuan successfully advanced to rank four peak stage.

At the same time, he refined a hundred and fifty-five gold cup Gu.

Gold cup Gu and silver cup Gu were about the same, they were rank three Gu used to store fluids.

Next, he used both silver cup Gu and gold cup Gu in refinement, after seven days and six nights, his luck was not bad, he obtained three rank four gold and silver cup Gu.

He put down his work at hand, and turned his attention to the rockmen: "So many days have passed, the rockmen should've reproduced already."

In a rockman's life, most of the time was spent on sleeping.

Normally, when a rockman reaches three hundred years old, his soul would accumulate to a degree, and he would produce an offspring. Next, every two hundred years, he will produce one young rockman.

Without accidents, a rockman can live to a thousand years, and they would have four offsprings when they die.

But because of the gutstones, the rockmen tribes expanded rapidly, they had around three hundred thousand tribesmen now.

The increased numbers caused the internal conflicts among rockmen to increase, intensify, and erupt.

Rockmen's social system was very relaxed, it could at most govern a hundred thousand people. As expected, after some political strifes, the rockmen split into three groups, each with around a hundred thousand people, each occupying one spirit spring, making their new homes there.

Fang Yuan took out the new slavery Gu that he made and handed them to the little Hu Immortal.

Slavery Gu, ranged from rank one to five. Fang Yuan refined rank three slavery Gu only, it was enough to enslave the rockmen tribes.

Little Hu Immortal teleported the slavery Gu for about ten thousand miles away, using them on the most crucial rockmen.

The rockmen's soul were not Fang Yuan's match, they were easily enslaved.

In the blink of an eye, Fang Yuan controlled three rockmen tribe leaders including Yan Yong, as well as over a dozen rockmen tribe elders.

At once, the three hundred thousand rockmen were under his control.

Governing many lives and making great changes with just a wave of his hand, this was already showing the ability of a Gu Immortal!

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