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"Not selling gutstones, but selling rockmen instead?" He Feng Yang looked at the letter in his hand with a grim expression.

In Hu Immortal blessed land, the guts Gu from Dang Hun mountain was the thing Immortal Crane Sect needed the most. Once they had the guts Gu to raise the foundation of their disciples' soul, Immortal Crane Sect's strength in terms of disciples would rise by thirty percent.

Furthermore, gutstones could not leave Dang Hun mountain, they could only be used on the spot. Thus, with this reason, Immortal Crane Sect disciples could freely enter Hu Immortal blessed land. As time passed, Fang Yuan's alertness would gradually fall, and Immortal Crane Sect would be free to set up some traps inside the blessed land.

But Fang Yuan adamantly refused to sell the gutstones, He Feng Yang was very troubled: "Since when did great Gu Immortals like myself have to be subjected to such difficulties from a mere mortal rascal?!"

He gritted his teeth as he thought, his handsome young face distorting with anger.

He had battle strength, but he could not display them. Fang Yuan was hiding inside the blessed land like a tortoise, he also had fixed immortal travel Gu and could leave at any time. He Feng Yang, and even the entire Immortal Crane Sect were afraid of his trump cards, and thus did not dare to attack.

"It seems the rockmen that Hu Immortal brought into her blessed land are still alive. But this Fang Yuan is selling so many of these rockmen now, just how many guts Gu did he use to create them!"

Thinking of this, He Feng Yang's heart was bleeding.

Several months had passed since the last transaction. The time in Hu Immortal blessed land was five times faster, thus he had around a year or so.

Fang Yuan nurtured so many young and strong rockmen, if these expended guts Gu were given to Immortal Crane Sect, and used to nurture disciples, how good would that be?

But this rascal Fang Yuan, he would rather nurture rockmen than give these guts Gu to Immortal Crane Sect. His motives are execrable, execrable!

What made He Feng Yang most furious was not just this. Most importantly, he was angry at himself — these rockmen that Fang Yuan was selling, even if he was a Gu Immortal, his heart was moved.

In a blessed land, if there were ample rockmen, Gu immortals could develop their underground land and excavate large amounts of resources.

All sorts of metals, gems, ore, as well as Gu worms, underground animals, they could be endlessly obtained.

Other than that, if they had enough rockmen, they can build an underground city, this was, in a way, expanding the blessed land's territory.

If there was no manpower in the blessed land, the resources Gu Immortals excavate would mostly be from the surface, it was limited. But if they had rockmen, and could even use the resources underground, the profits would be many times more than before.

Thus, in the market, rockmen were in high demand and low supply.

A rockman's life is mostly spent on sleeping. An ordinary rockman lives to a thousand years old, in one life, they have four children.

It was not impossible to use soul path Gu worms on them to raise their soul's strength, many Gu Immortals tried it, but none succeeded.

There was only one reason, cost.

The value of a soul path Gu worms greatly exceeded a single rockman.

Unless a Gu Immortal has a special need for rockmen, they would never profit from this.

In this world, only Fang Yuan who controlled Dang Hun mountain could nurture rockmen on such a scale.

Furthermore, the price Fang Yuan quoted in this transaction was also very appealing. Even if Immortal Crane Sect did not need it, they could resell it and earn at a huge profit.

But because this was such a good deal, He Feng Yang felt extremely troubled.

He knew this was bait from Fang Yuan.

Not afraid that you aren't moved, just afraid you won't take the bait!

Just as Fang Yuan had expected, He Feng Yang was already inclined towards the deal, not just him, Immortal Crane Sect would also be moved, and other Gu Immortals would also want this deal. The rockmen trading business could flourish for at least a hundred years.

"This wicked little rascal Fang Yuan, he is really devious. But with this batch of rockmen, I could show some results to supreme grand elder, second elder, and third elder, I can also make Lei Tan shut up. I can catch a breather in that case." He Feng Yang breathed heavily, calming his mind.

He squinted his eyes, his mouth curling into a cold smile: "But don't be too smug Fang Yuan. Tit for tat, if you don't sell guts Gu, I will not sell relic Gu. Didn't you want yellow gold relic Gu and purple crystal relic Gu? No way in hell!"

Fang Yuan laid on his chair, looking at Immortal Crane Sect's reply.

Because blue charm lightning shadow was still guarding Tian Ti mountain, little Hu Immortal did not dare to open the blessed land's doors, thus Immortal Crane Sect used the flying sword letter Gu this time.

Fang Yuan took a look and understood the content.

In He Feng Yang's letter, other than agreeing to the deal, he also stated his objective: to buy guts Gu. For the guts Gu, he could sell relic Gu, or even lend a hand to help survive the seventh earthly calamity.

Fang Yuan chuckled continuously.

Letting He Feng Yang into Hu Immortal blessed land was a greater danger than the calamity itself, that was impossible.

As for the relic Gu, did he think that threat would be Fang Yuan's weakness? What a laughable idea.

"I will definitely not sell the guts Gu, but I can sell rockmen, I have no worries about attracting Immortal Crane Sect. But I cannot just deal with Immortal Crane Sect alone, I also need to expand my business further." Fang Yuan considered.

With his five hundred years of experience, Fang Yuan knew that his sale price was lower than the market value.

Immortal Crane Sect would definitely profit from this trade.

But this was also arranged by Fang Yuan.

That is because at the moment, he needed his identity as an Immortal Crane Sect disciple, thus he also needed to maintain and sustain this fictitious relationship.

"With this profit, He Feng Yang's pressure would be lifted off him, he wants my blessed land, but I also need time to grow. After I become a Gu Immortal, would I still be afraid of Immortal Crane Sect?" Fang Yuan laughed plainly.

He looked at the letter again, at the end of it, He Feng Yang decided on a time, and requested Fang Yuan to open the door, to send in the hole earth Gu.

This was a very large scale transaction, Fang Yuan was going to sell sixty thousand rockmen. But these rockmen could not leave from the blessed land's doors.

At the moment, that blue charm lightning shadow was still moving around Tian Ti mountain. If the doors were opened, and it managed to rush in, Fang Yuan would be in huge trouble.

Thus in this situation, he needed to use hole earth Gu.

This Gu was rank five, and consisted of two Gu, the main Gu and the sub Gu.

Its biggest use was to connect the two places with one tunnel. The Gu Master will enter from the sub Gu, and come out from the main Gu, similarly for the opposite direction as well.

Hole earth Gu was often used to connect two blessed lands. Normally, hole earth Gu was used to transport and send resources. During war or battles, reinforcements could be sent in via the hole earth Gu, assisting immediately.

"To undergo the transaction and send these rockmen away, hole earth Gu has to be used inevitably. But I am worried that your hole earth Gu might have some traps in it, I'd rather refine it myself."

Fang Yuan thought about this and leaked the Spring Autumn Cicada's aura, refining the flying sword letter Gu and rapidly writing a letter back to He Feng Yang.

Half a day later, He Feng Yang received the letter, looking at it only to find large amounts of Gu worms listed in it, and all sorts of ingredients.

"Oh? You don't want to use my hole earth Gu, but you improved on the recipe and want to refine the new version yourself?" He Feng Yang was furious.

"Bullshit! Hole earth Gu has already been used for five hundred years, the recipe is known by all Gu Immortals, you think you can refine it further? Fang Yuan, this rascal's alertness is too high, he wants to use this chance to extort me, so that I would not dare to reject his deals again. I don't need to see to know that the relic Gu or spring egg Gu or some rare Gu worms in the strength path is included… eh? None?"

He Feng Yang gave it a glance, but did not see any relic Gu, spring egg Gu, or any strength path Gu listed.

But there were a lot of uncommon Gu, and even some low ranking Gu worms. The highest was rank five Gu worms, the earth path build a mountain Gu, normally used to increase the success rate of Gu refinement. Other than that, he requested a lot of rank four Gu, the commonly seen moving form Gu, and the very useful another perspective Gu.

He Feng Yang wavered: "Looking at this list, it seems he really is going to refine Gu. As long as his luck is okay, the materials are enough to refine three hole earth Gu. Don't tell me, he really improved the recipe of hole earth Gu? No, Fang Yuan is a mere mortal, how can this be? But what if he has a Gu Immortal behind him?"

If it was an improved recipe, then the new Gu would definitely be far stronger than hole earth Gu.

He Feng Yang's heart wavered.

Even if he could not get the recipe, after Fang Yuan succeeds the refinement, he would have to give the sub Gu to him. By then, he as a Gu immortal would be able to infer many details about the Gu from that sub Gu, and he has a high chance of recreating the same recipe.

Two days later, Fang Yuan received the letter.

Fang Yuan opened it and looked, just as he expected, He Feng Yang made all sorts of excuses inside the letter, intentionally reducing the amount of many materials and Gu worms, his motive was clear, he wanted to probe Fang Yuan's true recipe.

Fang Yuan laughed and shook his head while sighing, this He Feng Yang was too meticulous in this thoughts, this was both a strength and a weakness.

Although they had interacted for merely a few times, Fang Yuan had already seen through him.

Fang Yuan replied blandly that He Feng Yang was not to reduce any of the materials, otherwise the refinement would fail.

But He Feng Yang continued to argue and bargain, he said so much garbage that he almost believed his own excuses.

After a few times, Fang Yuan "helplessly" chose to give in, writing another list.

"Lad, you are too young to compete with me." He Feng Yang saw this letter than handed over a portion of the materials, while finding excuses to delay the others.

With the constant stalling, they wasted about eight to nine days.

Only until Fang Yuan showed an extremely helpless and angry attitude did He Feng Yang stop, realizing that the time was ripe, using the sixth list which had far less materials to do his research.

But his Gu refinement skills were not good, even after researching it thoroughly, and trying a few times, he did not get any results.

Half a month later, in central continent's time, he received the hole earth Gu from Fang Yuan.

He received it like a treasure, going into deep research again.

But this time, he spent three days before successfully reverse-engineering the recipe.

Looking at this recipe, He Feng Yang screamed: "Fang Yuan, you little bastard! This is the normal recipe for hole earth Gu!"

Immediately, he screamed and scolded Fang Yuan calling him shameless, unscrupulous, devious, vile, and his insults even extended to Fang Yuan's ancestors.

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