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"To think my luck is so good, I accidentally found this weakened zone." Long Qing Tian's gaze shone as he showed an excited expression.

After all, although the three kings inheritance had a hundred rounds, each one had multiple choices, like the branches of a gigantic tree.

Him arriving at this place was rarer than one out of ten thousand, his luck was maxed out.

"The heavenly power restricting this place is very weak, I can actually use one Gu. Haha, I will use the jade sky Gu and poison this blessed land, that way, I will be able to communicate with the main world and form a connection.

"Once the path is made, I will be able to use Gu worms here at will, I will not have to obey the three kings' rules. After that, I will use this place as my base and expand my influence, and get all the rewards. Hehehe, eh? Who is it!"

Long Qing Tian sensed something and turned around, seeing one person far away.

"Little beast king Fang Zheng?" Long Qing Tian squinted, feeling weird that Fang Yuan was here.

Fang Yuan did not reply, he waved his hand and a bone spike flew out.

Long Qing Tian snorted, activating his defensive Gu.

All around him was the jade-green jade sky Gu's poison, already invading a huge area. Fang Yuan did not have detoxification methods and did not dare to touch the Gu poison, thus he could only engage in long range battle.

At this time, Fang Yuan only had the mutated beast phantoms left, but he did not have the rank four all-out effort Gu, thus he could not summon them as he wished.

But he had killed so many Gu Master experts, and obtained many different Gu worms that could be used for long range attacks.

In a few rounds of battle, Long Qing Tian was defeated by Fang Yuan.

Long Qing Tian could only use one Gu at any given time. Fang Yuan could use any number of Gu with the help of the land spirit. The difference between the two was huge.

Although he won, Fang Yuan's expression was ugly.

Long Qing Tian's corpse was a pale jade-green color, already poisoned by the jade sky Gu poison.

This demonic expert, before his death, smiled at Fang Yuan darkly, before activating the jade sky Gu and killed himself with poison.

Fang Yuan did not kill Long Qing Tian, he knew he had no hopes of surviving and suicided.

"As expected of a demonic head." Fang Yuan breathed out deeply.

Jade sky Gu contained a special poison from the immemorial era, it is already extinct. In the current southern border, only the four great doctors can cleanse it.

If Fang Yuan wanted to devour his aperture, he would have to make contact with the poison. If he got poisoned, in less than two hours, his whole body will fade into a green light.

Very few Gu Masters could survive after getting hit with the jade sky Gu poison.

Wu Shen Tong from Wu clan was extremely lucky.

Even if Fang Yuan risked getting poisoned, he might not get any Gu. With the weak heavenly power here, Long Qing Tian could easily self-detonate his Gu worms one by one.

The benefits were not proportional to the risks, Fang Yuan would not do it.

"But because of this, my last portion of immortal essence has been expended on Long Qing Tian. The beast strength placenta Gu's aptitude can only reach eighty-nine percent."

Fang Yuan felt great pity, after working so hard, he did not reach his desired ninety percent.

"I am after all too weak. The execution of these kind of plans can only be left to chances.

This unexpected situation that Long Qing Tian caused caught him off guard.

Fang Yuan was human, not god, he did not expect this to occur.

Although he had his previous life's memories, and could clearly recall the details, for such minor details, if nobody mentioned it, who would know?

Moreover, after his rebirth, he changed many events. Whether this incident by Long Qing Tian happened in his previous life was unknown.

"Nevermind about the beast strength placenta Gu, what's worse is that the land had already been infected by the jade sky Gu poison, the poison will eventually break out! By then, this land will rot, and turn into green-blue light, creating a huge hole."

Fang Yuan looked at this area, as the green color darkened and spread further out.

Such a loophole would accelerate the blessed land's destruction. That also means that the land spirit will get even weaker.

"If it was a younger blessed land, as long as immortal essence is sufficient, even if the poison cannot be cured, it will be able to cut away this rotten area and fix the hole. But this blessed land is already too old, and lack in immortal essence. Forming a hole here now is like the last straw that breaks the camel's back . Sigh, I have little time left to refine Gu, I must hurry."

At this point, Fang Yuan's merciless slaughter had reached its end. He returned to the hall, and fought against time, refining his Gu!

As days passed, Spring Autumn Cicada's pressure intensified.

Fang Yuan only slept an hour a day, forcing himself to the limits.

As he worked hard like his life was on the line, other than a few unavoidable failures, his process was rapid. Even the land spirit was full of praises.

While Fang Yuan moved closer towards success, his younger brother was extremely high-spirited.

Central Continent, Tian Ti mountain.

At the middle of Hu Immortal blessed land, on Dang Hun mountain, Fang Zheng climbed with great effort, surpassing people after people.

During this period, he became the center of attention, attracting many people's gazes.

"It's him, that Fang Zheng from Immortal Crane Sect! He surpassed another person again!" Someone was jealous and envious.

"Fang Zheng…" Looking at Fang Zheng's ascending silhouette, Fairy Bi Xia had a complicated gaze.

"Something weird is going on with this lad! At this rate, he might be the first to reach the peak!" Wei Wu Shang who has some rivalry with Fang Zheng had to admit that Fang Zheng had a high chance of success.

Fang Zheng used both his hands and legs, climbing laboriously.

He breathed raggedly, with Lord Sky Crane's help, he surpassed the ten sect elites one by one.

Eventually, there were only three people above him.

Xiao Qi Xing, Ying Sheng Ji, Feng Jin Huang!

"This lad is finally at the front, I did not use one's own way Gu in vain." He Feng Yang was watching closely, after seeing this, he sighed in relief.

"Without any accidents, the victor will be one of these four." A Gu Immortal said mentally.

"Immortal Crane Sect's speed is fast, but hehe, it is still uncertain who wins until the last second."

"Indeed, Immortal Crane Sect is only fourth now, and had a huge difference with the first three. Now, it depends on whether he can surpass them in the limited time ahead."

The Gu Immortals conversed.

The entire inheritance competition had reached its final stage!

In the grand hall, a lump of multi-colored light about the size of a water tank floated in the air as it spun.

Fang Yuan controlled it as his eyes were bloodshot, muttering: "Retrieve ninety grams of willow orpiment."

At once, a relief sculpture moved away from the flooring, and turned into solid mass, it was the willow orpiment.

This was a material was from ancient times, rarely seen in today's world, it was retrieved by land spirit, carving out ninety grams and placing it into the rainbow-colored light.

Fang Yuan concentrated, not having any carelessness, as the light turned yellow, he spoke: "Retrieve thirty snowball Gu."

Thirty snowball Gu flew into the yellow light, the light lump that was water tank size was still yellow, but its volume was shrinking.

Eventually, it turned into a tiny inconspicuous soil-yellow rock.

Fang Yuan carefully held this rock, breathing in deeply. To refine this Gu, he spent two days and one night, it had finally ended.

He was extremely tired, lying down and falling asleep immediately, wanting to sleep for an entire week straight.

But after an hour, he was woken up by the land spirit.

This rock could not exist for long, after another fifteen minutes, it would evaporate. By then, Fang Yuan's hard work would have gone down the drain, and he would need to start over.

"Refining Gu is difficult, it has to be a strength path Gu Master that has mastery over the refinement path. Even I, who has my memories and foundation, found it hard, and almost failed many times before, it was truly nerve wrecking. No wonder no one managed to refine the second aperture Gu in my previous life."

Fang Yuan sighed as he patted his cheeks, waking himself up.

After resting for an hour, he felt much better, but his head was still heavy. He had used up too much mental energy, and he was mentally drained.

The second aperture Gu was a rank six Gu, refining an Immortal Gu was not an easy task.

Fang Yuan did not need to look at the mirror to know that he definitely looked pale with deep eye bags, having messy hair and an extremely exhausted expression.

"Land spirit, how much immortal essence left?" He asked.

"Five portions left." Land spirit answered, weakness could be felt from its voice.

Eighteen days had past since Long Qing Tian was killed.

The rate of weakening of the blessed land shocked Fang Yuan secretly.

To sustain the three kings inheritance, immortal essence was expended greatly. Such a phenomenon had caused the outside world to go wild.

At this period, more and more Gu Master came to explore to blessed land, some were established experts.

"Only five portions of immortal essence are left, but the Gu refinement is only two-thirds done. Land spirit, what day and month is it?" Fang Yuan asked with a grim expression.

"According to your calendar, today is the nineteenth of October."

"Nineteenth of October, according to my calculations, the second aperture Gu's refinement will reach the last step in five days. October twenty-fourth… eh? In history, isn't this the day where Feng Jin Huang attains victory and inherits the Hu Immortal blessed land?" Fang Yuan thought of Feng Jin Huang.

This girl had exemplary talent and a strong background, after inheriting Hu Immortal blessed land, she shot up rapidly. In future, she cultivated to Gu Immortal realm using this, and spread her influence throughout the world, shining with a brilliant light.

In Fang Yuan's previous life, he escaped southern border and arrived at central continent, becoming a Gu Immortal and after creating the bloodwing demonic sect, this woman was his mortal enemy. They had at least a few hundred battles, and eventually, Fang Yuan allied with numerous demonic path Gu Immortals and attacked Hu Immortal blessed land together, paying a painful price to kill her.

"My influence now should not have reached central continent yet. Feng Jin Huang obtained Hu Immortal blessed land, the benefit was as great as the heaven! Even second aperture Gu cannot compare to it."

Fang Yuan sighed, his previous life's enemy was about to soar to heaven, yet he was too far away and could not stop it.

Fang Yuan did not know that his brother was still alive, and was engaging in a fierce competition with Feng Jin Huang and the others.

The influence of his rebirth, had already affected central continent's ten sects.

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