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Others had to rack their brains and make countless plans to advance through the rounds; people like Wu Shen Tong and Wu Gui also had to meticulously plan and choose their options. But with the help of the land spirit, Bai Ning Bing just had to move forward.

The pitiful Wu Shen Tong, a grand rank four peak stage Gu Master, could not even see Bai Ning Bing's appearance at the end.

As for Fang Yuan's appearance, Bai Ning Bing was not in the least bit surprised because the land spirit had reminded her.

In fact, this was the cooperation of the two.

Fang Yuan needed Wu Shen Tong's aperture while Bai Ning Bing needed Wu Shen Tong's enslavement path Gu worms and these dog groups he had accumulated.

With Wu Shen Tong's death, his large dog beasts group was naturally incorporated into Bai Ning Bing's troops, increasing her enormous dog army by ten percent.

Looking at the vast dog group, Fang Yuan joyfully nodded: "Your dog beasts army has already become an initial formation. In this King Quan Inheritance, with this group, you can already snowball to the final round without any problems. Remember, at the last few rounds, there are a large group of lion mastiffs. These lion mastiffs are all mutated beasts and have much more battle prowess than the five great mountain dogs. They were the trump cards of King Quan. Besides them, there are two dog emperors, ancient mutated beasts which are more powerful than common mutated beasts. Back in the day, they were the left and right arms of King Quan, each of them can match a rank five Gu Master, you must subdue them!"

Bai Ning Bing nodded and left, continuing to charge through the rounds.

"You are indeed someone who came from the future, using Spring Autumn Cicada to come back to the past. You know about three kings inheritance inside out." The land spirit transmitted its voice and praised, "I need to remind you, the immortal essence portions are almost depleted and are only enough for you to kill two more people. Who do you plan on killing next?"

Fang Yuan nodded and said without hesitation: "Zhang San San."

Beast placenta Gu already had eighty-nine percent aptitude and shone like a gem. Compared to its previous rough muddy shape, the difference was like night and day.

Killing two more rank four Gu Masters was enough to achieve ninety percent aptitude.

Second aperture's aptitude could not be higher than the Gu Master's first aperture. Fang Yuan's first aperture was A grade of ninety percent. Thus, the second aperture Gu's current limit was also A grade ninety percent.

Even if he raised it to ninety nine percent, when it was used, Fang Yuan would only have ninety percent. The remaining nine percent aptitude would be wasted.

Of course, if Fang Yuan could raise his first aperture's aptitude in the future, the second aperture would also have the potential to rise.

Zhang San San was only a rank four upper stage Gu Master, a stage lower than Gu Masters like Yi Huo and Kong Ri Tian.

But in Fang Yuan's view, he was the enemy who possessed the most threat.

It was because he was an enslavement path Gu Master second only to Wu Shen Tong and Wu Gui.

Fang Yuan had a plan: "Bai Ning Bing is not an enslavement path Gu Master in the end and is a complete newbie at commanding the dog groups. Later, she will definitely be confused when commanding so many dog beasts, it will be remarkable if she doesn't make any mistakes. Fortunately, I don't need her to command and control the dog beasts, and only need her to form a huge battle formation to protect the main hall and wait quietly."

Like this, it would greatly fill up for her inadequacy in commanding ability.

However, such battle formation would be extremely rigid and in case she runs into a proficient enslavement path expert, the situation would turn into a mess.

For instance, Wu Shen Tong and Wu Gui would only need to command a small group of dogs to make several attacks and probe out the actual situation. They could then send troops to lure the dog beasts repeatedly and cause disorder in the battle formation, creating a hole in the defense.

Fang Yuan would need to concentrate all his attention at the crucial stage of refining Gu. Land Spirit would also become very weak and all the defense would lie in the dog group, so Fang Yuan naturally wanted to eliminate the enslavement path Gu Masters who possessed the most threat.

After a while, Fang Yuan killed Zhang San San very smoothly.

Even Wu Gui, Wu Shen Tong and the others were killed by Fang Yuan, Zhang San San naturally could not escape his claws.

But his death gave Fang Yuan an unexpected surprise.

From Zhang San San's aperture, Fang Yuan actually obtained a rank five slavery Gu.

Slavery Gu were available from rank one to rank five. Once these Gu were implanted on someone, it could control that Gu Master.

Rank five enslavement Gu could be used to control rank five Gu Master and was thus very precious and extremely rare. Back in the day on Qing Mao mountain, Gu Yue clan's fourth generation clan leader had a great battle with flower wine monk. After he lost the battle, he asked for forgiveness and said he was willing to be enslaved by slavery Gu and be at flower wine monk's disposal. In the end, flower wine monk was deceived by these words and during his moment of carelessness, he was counterattacked by the fourth generation clan leader, dying regretfully on Qing Mao mountain.

"Famous Gu Masters are not to be underestimated. This Zhang San San is an enslavement path Gu Master, it is not strange for him to possess enslavement Gu. The reason he had not used it was to wait for a good opportunity and get a rank five expert. After all, if a rank five slavery Gu were to be used on a rank four Gu Master, it would be a huge loss."

Fang Yuan slightly thought and guessed Zhang San San's thoughts.

He looked at the beast placenta Gu, its aptitude had already neared ninety percent, he only needed to kill one more.

Immortal essence portions were exhausted, so Fang Yuan could only kill one more anyway.

"With this enslavement Gu, I can control one person. Sigh, if I had known this Zhang San San had this Gu, I would have first killed him and used the enslavement Gu to subdue a rank five Gu Master."

Fang Yuan felt some regret. If he had used this Gu to subdue Tie Mu Bai, it would be greatly advantageous to his Gu refinement!

Even if he did not get Tie Mu Bai, Wu Gui, Ku Mo, Wu Lan Shan or Chou Jiu were also extremely good choices.

However now, they were all dead, Fang Yuan at best could only subdue rank four Gu Master, but using rank five enslavement Gu on rank four Gu Masters was equivalent to using an ox-cleaver to kill chicken, a complete waste of its value.

However, despite the rank five enslavement Gu being extremely precious and it would be a waste of its value, Fang Yuan was still going to use it!

He would be facing enormous risks while refining second aperture Gu, and would no doubt be much safer with a second rank four Gu Master beside him.

But there were so many rank four Gu Masters in the blessed land, who should he subdue?

Yi Huo, Kong Ri Tian, Long Qing Tian, Yi Chong along with Li Fei Le, Tao Zi, Feng Tian Yu, Yan Jun, Li Xian, Hu Mei Er, Tie clan's four old-timers, Tie Ruo Nan and others; some were powerful, some were cunning, some were sinister, some were brave, some specialized in long ranged attacks, some had outstanding movement ability, some were superior in healing, some had huge wealth, some had large connections…

Every choice had its consequences.

Fang Yuan's thoughts rumbled like lightning and after thinking for a good while, he decided upon a choice.

"It shall be him. Land spirit, transport me." Fang Yuan decided and said with no hesitation.

After about three minutes, Feng Tian Yu was kneeling in front of Fang Yuan and wholeheartedly said: "This subordinate Feng Tian Yu greets master!"

"Feng Tian Yu, you could refine rank five Gu when you were at rank three. Although the rank five Gu died after half a day, you achieved instant reputation from this. Now, things have changed, your clan is dwindling and facing extinction, you are no longer the young clan leader that had infinite prospects once." Fang Yuan looked at the kneeling Feng Tian Yu and said indifferently.

Feng Tian Yu raised his head: "Having lord as my master, it is this subordinate's honor and fortune."

"It is good that you understand this point. Next, continue to charge through the rounds according to my instructions. King Xin inheritance has an undefeated hundred battles Gu, bring it to me." Fang Yuan instructed.

"Yes, this subordinate will exhaust all his strength to do this task for master!" Feng Tian Yu promptly replied.

Under the control of the enslavement Gu, he had become a loyal and devoted slave of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan felt reassured at Feng Tian Yu.

He was not only a famous and talented grand master of the refinement path in Southern Border, he was the biggest beneficiary of King Xin's inheritance in his previous life.

In Fang Yuan's memories, it was him who obtained undefeated hundred battles Gu.

Now after rebirth, Fang Yuan was not only going to obtain undefeated hundred battles Gu, but also take the original owner as his subordinate.

"Feng Tian Yu will be guided by the land spirit, it won't be a problem for him to charge through King Xin's inheritance. Like this, I have already acquired two of three kings inheritance."

However, this was also not Fang Yuan's main reason.

The reason why he chose Feng Tian Yu was because of his innate talent at refinement path.

After all, it was the first time Fang Yuan was refining the second aperture Gu. With such a grandmaster of refinement path beside him, it would definitely be a huge help in refining the Gu.

After taking in Feng Tian Yu, Fang Yuan began to consider his last target to kill.

Kill who?

Fang Yuan's first thought was not the strongest Yi Huo and was also not the influential Hu Mei Er and Tao Zi, but rather Tie Ruo Nan.

Like Tie Mu Bai, Fang Yuan also thought highly of Tie Ruo Nan's future prospects. Such a genius that had already been sharpened through trials, if she was allowed to grow, she was bound to be a huge threat. She was more terrifying that even Yi Huo and others.

However, the problem now was, the threat Tie Ruo Nan brought to Fang Yuan was far lower than Gu Masters like Yi Huo, Kong Ri Tian and others.

For the second aperture Gu refinement, if Fang Yuan killed Yi Huo, it would absolutely be more helpful than killing Tie Ruo Nan.

To kill Yi Huo just to be safe, or root out Tie Ruo Nan in consideration of the future?

Fang Yuan's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the land spirit: "Not good, something happened!"

"What?" Fang Yuan was surprised, the land spirit's tone hid a trace of panic.

"A rank four Gu Master has discovered a weak area of the blessed land. That area had been seriously damaged due to earth calamity, the heavenly power at that area is the weakest and the Gu Masters can use one Gu there. Now, he is using a rank five Gu to spread poison all over the place. He will open a passage to the outside world in around eight minutes at this rate, and create a hole in the blessed land!"

Fang Yuan immediately sensed the seriousness of the matter.

In his previous life, he was a rank six Gu Immortal and had once possessed a blessed land, naturally knowing the importance of this.

If there was a hole in the blessed land and it connects with the outside world, the immortal essence expenditure would double. If it was not stopped and repaired in time, the hole would grow bigger and bigger, finally attracting winds of assimilation.

Once the winds of assimilation blew, the blessed land would be destroyed.

"I have already separated and cut off most of the areas with holes in the blessed land. But there are three places that are in crucial areas and can't be cut off. To think this person's luck is so good to actually bump into one of the areas and even be aware of the hole. For the actual situation, take a look." The land spirit heaved a sigh.

A scene appeared in front of Fang Yuan.

In the scene, there was a Gu Master wearing dark blue robe, he was thin and his gaze was gloomy.

It was none other than Long Qing Tian!

Right now, he was activating his sole rank five poison Gu — jade sky.

Everywhere around him, the land and the sky were all suffused with a layer of pale green light.

He who once dyed the sky jade green!

Jade sky Gu was Long Qing Tian's core trump card, a Gu from the immemorial times and was fundamental extinct now. Long Qing Tian had used this Gu to roam Southern Border and gain terrifying reputation for poisoning countless people.

Now, he was poisoning this part of the blessed land!

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