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At present. The Mo family.

"What did I tell you? Look at the good thing you did!" In the study room, Gu Yue Mo Chen was angrily slamming the table.

Mo Yan was standing in front of him, lowering her head. Astonishment and rage could be seen in her eyes. She had just known of the news that Gao Wan was killed by Fang Yuan!

That fifteen-year-old boy could have such method and will. Gao Wan was the Mo family's servant. Fang Yuan having killed him had meant that he did not even bother to look upon the Mo family!

"Grandpa, you don't need to get angry. This Gao Wan is just a servant. So what if he dies? He won't carry the surname of Gu Yue anyway. Nonetheless, that Fang Yuan really has a big gut. Before you beat a dog, you should know who its master is. He did not only beat our Mo family's dog; he had beaten it to death!" Mo Yan indignantly said.

Gu Yue Mo Chen yelled out as he abruptly stood up, "You still talk! Your wings are firm now; you don't want to listen to my words anymore, do you? What have I told you? You have forgotten it all!"

"Granddaughter doesn't dare to." Mo Yan was frightened and startled. She knew grandfather had now really become angry. She then knelt down.

Gu Yue Mo Chen pointed at the window and criticized, "Humph, not talking about the death of that servant, you still fix your attention on that Fang Yuan. Your vision is too narrow; you know nothing about the degree of seriousness in this! Do you understand the meaning of this action? The competition among the juniors is their matter. You are a senior; you don't need to be involved in it. This is the rule! Right now, you came to Fang Yuan and looked for trouble, you have violated the rule. You don't know how many people on the outside that are laughing at our Mo family right now!"

"Grandpa, please don't be mad, anger is not good for your body. It is Mo Yan's mistake; I've encumbered the Mo family. Whatever grandpa wants to do, Mo Yan will follow! It is just because I can't swallow his manner. That Fang Yuan is really repulsive and shameless. Firstly, he had tricked me into entering the schoolhouse. Then, he hid inside his room, no matter how much I cursed him, he refused to come out. As soon as I left, he killed Gao Wan. He really is extremely insidious and shameless!" Mo Yan reported to him.

"Ah, so it was like that?" Gu Yue Mo Chen slightly furrowed his brows. Light couldn't help but flickered in his eyes as he first heard such news.

He inhaled deeply, suppressed the flame of anger in his heart, stroked his beard then muttered, "I have soon heard about this Fang Yuan. He can write poems at youth; he is an early boomer. It is unexpected that he is only a grade C aptitude. It is quite hard to empower him, so I had given up the invite for him. However, right now, it seems somewhat interesting."

Gu Yue Mo Chen stopped for a while before he used his finger to tap on the tabletop, "Servant, take that box over here."

The servants, who were standing outside, quickly held up a box, and came in. The box was neither big nor small but it was quite heavy. The servant was holding it with both hands while standing beside the table.

"Grandpa, what is this?" Mo Yan looked at the box, feeling suspicious.

"Why don't you open it?" Gu Yue Mo Chen squinted his eyes and talked with a complicated tone.

Mo Yan stood up, lifted the wooden lid open, then looked inside.

At that moment, her visage drastically changed. Her pupils instantly shrank to the size of a needle. She couldn't help but quickly retreat and unconsciously cried out in fear. The wooden lid had slipped out of her hand and was falling to the ground.

Without the lid, the interior of the box was immediately exposed to everyone that was present.

It was a mass of pulp!

The flesh had obviously been scraped into strips and chunks, and was then put into the box. The red blood stains were accumulated inside. There was white pale skin along with long strips of stomach with an addition of two bones, and if it weren't the leg bones, then it would be the ribs. In the pool of blood, one could still see two fingers and half a toe floating atop.


Mo Yan's pretty countenance had changed. As she quickly strode back, something was boiling in her stomach, making her almost vomit.

She was a level two Gu Master. She had trained and also killed some people. However, this was the first time she had ever seen such a disgusting scene.

The flesh inside this box was obviously a corpse that had been chopped up, broken into pieces, and was squeezed inside.

A sky-soaring bloody smell instantly burst out and flooded the entire study room.

The hands of the servant who was carrying the box were trembling as his face became pale. Although he had already looked into it and vomited after that, holding it in his hands right now, it still made him felt waves after waves of fright and nausea.

Among the three people in the study room, only Gu Yue Mo Chen did not change his expression. He casually glanced over the flesh box, then turned to Mo Yan and slowly said, "This box was put in front of our house's back door by Fang Yuan."

"What? is it really him?!" Mo Yan was scared. She couldn't picture Fang Yuan's appearance in her head.

The first time she had ever seen Fang Yuan, was at the tavern.

At that time, Fang Yuan sat beside the window, and silently ate his meal. He had a plain face, deep eyes, thin, and weak body, with a pale skin that particularly belonged to young people.

He was obviously a young man who was normal and quiet, but he had done such a disgusting and frantic action!

After fright was rage, as Mo Yan shouted out loud, "This Fang Yuan is too savage, he really has big guts! He had dared to do that; it means he has provoked our Mo family! I will go over there, detain him, and condemn him!!" She intended to leave as she finished.

"Disgraceful! Stop right there for me!" Gu Yue Mo Chen was even angrier than her. He casually held up an ink well, that was made from stone on the table, then raised his hand, and threw it outside.

The heavy and solid ink well hit Mo Yan's shoulder, then fell down on the ground with a thud.

"Grandpa!" Mo Yan covered her shoulder and cried out.

Gu Yue Mo Chen stood up, pointed at his granddaughter then spoke up with an agitated tone, "It seems that your training during these past few years is useless. You have really disappointed me! To handle a tiny Beginner level one Gu Master, not to mention that you had dragged in lots of people, but you are still being led by the nose. Right now, as anger has overwhelmed your mind, could you still understand the meaning behind Fang Yuan's action?"

"What is the meaning?" Mo Yan did not have a clue.

Gu Yue Mo Chen snorted, "If Fang Yuan wanted to provoke us and amplified the scale of this matter, why did not he put this box at the crowded main door, but at the back door where only few people would see it?"

"Could it have been a conciliatory act? Not right, if he wanted to reconcile, confronting and apologizing are good enough. Why did he want to give this box of flesh? This is basically provocation!" Mo Yan said.

Gu Yue Mo Chen shook his head then slightly nodded, "He wants to reconcile, but is still provoking us. If he had placed the box at the back door; then this is considered reconciliation. But putting dismembered flesh inside the wooden box, this means provocation."

"Look." The Elder pointed at the box, "This wooden box is not too big; it couldn't contain an entire corpse. Hence, inside are all pieces of one corpse. He wanted to tell us that he did not want to amplify the scale of this matter. He wanted to make concessions to avoid trouble. However, if the Mo family wants to grab on this matter without letting go, he would put the remaining dismembered parts at the front door, completely accelerating this matter. When that happens, both sides would suffer. The whole clan knew that it was our Mo family that had first violated the rules. The future heir of the Mo family is too weak he needs the pamperedness and protection of his seniors."

As Mo Yan heard this, she couldn't help but open her mouth in awe. She could never guess that Fang Yuan would have implied such deep intentions in his actions.

"This method is truly profound." Gu Yue Mo Chen exclaimed, "With only an action, he has tempered inflexibility and yielding, combining with a sense of propriety. This simple wooden box has shown off Fang Yuan's compromise, yet displayed his threat toward our Mo family. Our Mo family has been threatened by him, time after time. If the reputation of our Mo family is damaged, quickly after, the Chi family would rise in revolt, and strike on the clan head's line."

Mo Yan suspiciously asked, "Grandpa, are you overestimating him? He is just a fifteen-year-old brat."

"Overestimate?" Mo Chen glared at his granddaughter with a displeasing look, "It seems you have gotten used to drifting with the wind for the past few years and nourished a bad habit. You can't even see the truth. Firstly, this Fang Yuan was calm in the hour of peril, tricking you in entering the schoolhouse. Then, he thought of an excellent idea at the crucial moment to hide at the dorm. Next, he did not boast even after hearing your cursing; this was patience and cool-headedness. After you left, he immediately killed Gao Wan. This was determination and bravery. Right now, bringing this box over, he has cleverly schemed it. You still say I am overestimating him?"

Mo Yan widened her eyes and mouth in hearing this. She truly did not expect that grandpa would have taken an interest in Fang Yuan, she said unwillingly, "Grandpa, he is only a grade C."

Gu Yue Mo Chen stoked his bread, sighed, "True, he is a grade C. With wisdom like that but only has a grade C aptitude, such a pity. His aptitude only needs to be a level higher. At grade B he definitely will become an awe-inspiring person in our Ancient Moon clan. It's a pity that he is only a grade C."

His deep sigh was brimming with lament. It sounded pitiful, but also lucky.

Mo Yan did not say a word. She couldn't help but recall Fang Yuan's appearance in her head. Under the effects of her mental reaction, Fang Yuan's frail-looking face from before was covered by a layer of a mysterious and ruthless shadow.

"You have created this yourself. How do you intend to fix this?" Gu Yue Mo Chen suddenly broke the silence as he started to ask Mo Yan.

After thinking for a while, with a cold tone, she said, "Gao Wan is just a servant, he had died anyway. Fang Yuan is just a grade C aptitude. This is also trivial matter. The critical thing here is to protect our Mo family's reputation. To settle this, we can kill Gao Wan's whole family, old and young, to show the clan our attitude in maintaining the clan's rules."

"Right, you can still start from the general situation, temporarily give up your own emotion, and protect the family's benefits instead. This is good. However, your method of handling this is still lacking." Gu Yue Mo Chen stroked his bread while commenting.

"Grandpa, please enlighten me." Mo Yan kowtowed.

Gu Yue Mo Chen muttered, "Since you are the person who raised up this matter, you are grounded for seven days. From here onwards, don't look for trouble with Fang Yuan. Gao Wan has offended the higher status. A servant that had dared to offend his owner; he was worth dying. He should be killed for such a crime! Because he is the Mo family's servant, the Mo family will also take up the responsibility of not strictly disciplining him. We will compensate Fang Yuan with thirty Primeval Stones. About Gao Wan's family, give them fifty pieces of Primeval Stones, then expel them from the mansion."

He continued after stopping for a while, "In these seven days, rest at home. You don't need to go outside. Also, think about the meaning behind grandpa's method."

"Yes, grandpa."

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