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"Didn't you hear? Fang Yuan has murdered someone!" A disciple whispered to his tablemate.

"I have also heard about that. He really has killed someone!" The tablemate covered his chest while his face was paled.

"Lots of bodyguards had seen it. Fang Yuan chased after that guy. He had asked for mercy but Fang Yuan didn't accept it. Hence, he directly chopped his head off!"

"Not only did Fang Yuan kill that man but he didn't even let the headless corpse off. He dragged it back to his dorm then dismembered it."

"Is it true?"

"Can't be more accurate. I came here early today only to discover blood stains in the gaps between the bluestone bricks."

"Haizz, why should I lie to you! The schoolhouse's Elder has just called for Fang Yuan because of this!"

The young men in the schoolhouse weren't in the mood to listen to the lecture but were whispering to each other.

Murder was something unfamiliar and something incredibly scary to these fifteen year old youngsters.

From when they were young until now, they had been put under the protection of their families. At most, they would have just learned by comparing fisticuffs or in killing useless animals.

Killing a person seemed to be at a remote distance to them."

"Who did Fang Yuan kill?"

"I heard he was a servant of the Mo family's line."

"Ah, I knew this. Last night, I saw senior sister Mo Yan of the Mo family bringing along a group of servants to trouble Fang Yuan."

"The Mo family? No good, Mo Bei will be troubled."

Several disciples were glancing at Gu Yue Mo Bei.

Mo Bei's visage was all pale. He sat still in his seat as he had just heard the news this morning. Fang Yuan had killed someone and that someone was Gao Wan, who he was really familiar with.

Mo Bei knew this Gao Wan well. He was very active among the other servants, good at flattering; his fisticuffs technique was accumulated from the training of his hardships. He was a capable lackey.

A while before, Mo Bei still used Gao Wan to practice his fisticuffs. He couldn't believe that Gao Wan was killed by Fang Yuan just like that!

Therefore, Mo Bei was terrified inside. As compared to others, the implausibility in his heart was twice as much as theirs.

The astonishment displayed was a type of anxiousness and fear.

Facing the murderer Fang Yuan, Mo Bei who was only at fifteen years of age, if he had said that he wasn't scared, it would be an outright lie.

In fact, there was not only him that was afraid, but the others were too.

Fang Yuan had already twice extorted them andevery one of them had fought with Fang Yuan at least once.

"I have fought with this incredibly cruel murderer? And I'm still alive." Lots of people were patting their chests and were feeling their post-traumatic stress.

Fang Yuan did not only kill him. The critical point was that he had even dismembered him and minced the corpse, as well as chopping it into a pulp.

This was too savage!

The fact that such a terrifying crime had happened, struck hard into the hearts of these naive young men.

In a room, there were only the schoolhouse's Elder and Fang Yuan.

The Elder sat down while Fang Yuan was standing. No one spoke up. The atmosphere was depressive.

The schoolhouse's Elder solemnly looked at Fang Yuan. A beam of complex light lit up in his eyes.

Early morning, a bodyguard had reported to him about the fact that Fang Yuan had committed a crime of murder. This news had made him startled yet be in doubt.

Being a level three Gu Master, not to mention that he was in charge of this schoolhouse, he definitely knew the fighting competency of a Beginner level one Gu Master.

Fang Yuan having killed Gao Wan; this could be considered as the weak overcame the strong.

As a matter of fact, at yesterday evening, a bodyguard had already reported to him about Mo Yan having seized Fang Yuan and intruded into the schoolhouse.

At that time, he didn't care, and also hadn't stopped them.

He was the schoolhouse's Elder. His goal was to nourish the future Gu Masters, not protecting them. As long as no disciples were to die, he would have silently encouraged the competitions.

He was happy in seeing Mo Yan having troubled Fang Yuan.

Firstly, he knew whether it was victory or defeat, that this fight would be helpful for Fang Yuan's growth. Secondly, he wanted to suppress Fang Yuan's limelight.

Fang Yuan had blocked the grand gates and extorted the disciples twice. The limelight was too bright; thus it needed to be suppressed.

However, he didn't expect that Mo Yan would return without any achievements and only leave the servant Gao Wan behind. Moreover, Gao Wan was not a match for Fang Yuan, and was killed by him!

In this world, power was above all else. There was nothing to be surprised about killing a person. Especially for Gu Masters, this could be seen as an extremely normal matter.

However, for a fifteen year old boy, murdering for the first time was not something trivial.

The memory of his first time in having killed someone was still fresh inside the schoolhouse Elder's mind. He was a nineteen year old level two Gu Master then. While being in a conflict, he had killed a Gu Master of the Bai family's mountain stronghold.

After murdering that person, he was muddled, and almost collapsed. His heart was a mess. After several days later, he lost his appetite, and didn't want to eat anything. Sleeping didn't help either, especially when he could only see that person's indignant pair of eyes as he was facing death whenever he had closed his eyes.

Looking at Fang Yuan right now, his visage was calm as normal, where was the frenetic feeling? He didn't even look unwell in any sorts. It was as if he had had a deep sleep last night and the person who had killed that servant was not him.

Particularly when the schoolhouse's Elder heard that after Fang Yuan had killed this servant, he didn't let him off, but dragged his corpse back to the dorm, using a saber to mince it into a pool of pulp to release his anger. Such a cruel method sounded even more terrifying!

Therefore, complexity could be seen in the eyes of the Elder while he was looking at Fang Yuan.

He exclaimed in admiration that Fang Yuan was indifferent towards people's lives, having an attitude that was solid and cold as ice. At the same time, he was quite enjoying the fact that Fang Yuan was an innate fighting seed. It had not been long since he has mastered the Moonlight Gu but he had already used it to kill a person. To a normal disciple, even if he was a grade A aptitude genius, it was still impossible for him. This was a talent in fighting! If he was nourished to fight for the clan, he would be the nightmare of their enemies.

The third aspect was in being worried and distressed.

He worried that as Fang Yuan had done such a thing, that his momentum was increasing even more, as he soon wouldn't be able to suppress him as time went on. Fang Yuan had a big gut. Not only did he violate the clan's regulation of using Gu in the schoolhouse but he also killed a person. He had to stop his limelight, if not, how could he himself, be able to manage this schoolhouse?

He was distressed because no matter how good he had dealt with the aftermath, it was still related to the Mo family's line.

"Fang Yuan, do you know why I called you in?" The schoolhouse's Elder used a low tone to break the silence in the room.

"I know." Fang Yuan nodded, "I urged the Moonlight Gu in the grounds of the schoolhouse and this had violated the clan's regulations. According to the rules, at the first violation, I have to compensate thirty Primeval Stones as a punishment."

He evaded the crucial point as he didn't even mention Gao Wan's death.

The schoolhouse's Elder was dumbstruck for a while. He didn't expect that Fang Yuan would have answered like that.

His face turned solemn and he sneered, "Don't act dumb in front of me! I ask you, what had happened with Gao Wan's death?"

Fang Yuan furrowed his brows, "Humph! This Gao Wan dared to go against me with a vicious intention. Last night, not only did he block me at the doors of my room but he also wanted to kill me. I had no choice but to use the Moonlight Gu to defend myself, then luckily killed this thief. I suspect that this guy could be a person from another mountain stronghold that came here and became an undercover. I'm sure Elder will understand!"

As the schoolhouse's Elder heard this, he furrowed his brows. At the moment, he didn't know how to reply.

Right now, Gao Wan had died; Fang Yuan could say whatever it is that he wanted. He had a different surname. Hence, he was not a clan member. To the fact that he was dead, the schoolhouse's Elder didn't care. However, he was worried about the Mo family's reaction. Gao Wan was the servant of the Mo family and he had died on the schoolhouse grounds. As the one in charge of the schoolhouse, he needed to give the Mo family a reasonable explanation.

After thinking for a while, the Elder attentively looked at Fang Yuan and interrogated, "I ask you, what did you do with Gao Wan's corpse?"

The corner of Fang Yuan's mouth raised up to form a cold smile, "I dismembered him, then threw it in a small wooden box, and left it at the Mo family's back door."

"What?!" The schoolhouse's Elder was startled. He had almost jumped up from his seat.

Not to mention the fact that Fang Yuan had killed their servant but he had also minced his corpse, and sent it to the Mo family's back door. This was clearly provoking!

For the Elder who wanted to settle this dispute, this news was truly a bad one.

Fang Yuan was just a small level one Gu Master, what would the giant Mo family do then?

Thinking about this, the schoolhouse's Elder felt his head aching. The matter had exceeded his control. This Fang Yuan was really good at stirring up trouble!

"Haizz, if it has already happened, then it would be useless to waste words on it. Take your leave first. Prepare your mentality well to receive the punishments several days later." The Elder's thoughts were in a whirl. He raised his hand signaling Fang Yuan to leave as he wanted to silently and carefully consider a countermeasure.

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