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Chapter 231: Addicted to cultivating!

Fang Yuan quickly stopped out of fear.

Although he used the liquor worm before, it was used to refine the primeval essence and raise its quality by one small realm. When had he ever used the snow silver primeval essence which was of a much higher quality?

With no choice, Fang Yuan could only reduce the amount used each time, and also slow the waves crashing into his aperture walls.

"To think there would also be problems when the primeval essence's quality is too high." Fang Yuan was slightly aggravated.

In the darkness, Bai Ning Bing heard this and rolled her eyes.

What sort of godsend opportunity was this!

If anyone else knew, they would probably slap him to death out of anger.

This was really a blissful worry.

After four hours, this 6% snow silver primeval essence was finally expended.

His rough stone aperture walls were already showing a glimmer just from this one round of cultivation. It was like a rough jade that had started to give off a lustre worthy of its quality after processing.

"Quick, transfer another 10%." Fang Yuan urged.

Like this, they cultivated the whole night.

When the rooster crowed in the morning, light had started to shine through the window, and Fang Yuan slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes were shining with unconcealable excitement.

He looked at his palm and clenched his fists: "Rank one peak stage!"

Just a night of cultivation, caused him to rise from rank one upper stage to rank one peak stage.

What divine speed is this!

Ever since Fang Yuan started cultivating, he had never felt so comfortable and carefree, even in his previous life!

Such a feeling was almost addictive.

For example—

When he had C grade aptitude, he cultivated like a snail. Using the liquor worm, he walked. With A grade aptitude and heavenly essence treasure lotus, he sprinted.

But what the heck was this! With this bone flesh unity Gu, it was like he was soaring with two wings!

Even Bai Ning Bing was stunned.

She was smart and quickly realized that this Gu had another greater use.

"This Gu can also help in breaking through a large realm!"

Liquor worm can only raise the cultivation by a small realm, and the Gu Master had to rely on their own primeval essence when breaking through a big realm, thus aptitude was crucial.

But with this bone flesh unity Gu, they could use another person's primeval essence when breaking

through to another realm,.

This was an insane advantage!

"With this Gu, Bai Gu mountain was a complete success, even if I sacrifice the heavenly essence treasure lotus, it would be worth it."

At this time, the morning light entered the farm house, and Bai Ning Bing sighed loudly: "This world holds so many great geniuses!"

Grey bone scholar was only a rank 4 Gu Master, but he managed to invent the bone flesh unity Gu, he was a true genius!

All Gu Masters with titles had their specialities. In comparison, Fang and Bai were living in obscureness.

Under the blazing sun, in the fields.

"Auntie, take a rest, I'll help you!" Fang Yuan grabbed the hoe from the old lady's hand.

The old lady could not compete in strength against the young and strong Fang Yuan, she felt happy seeing her hoe snatched away, smiling till her teeth was exposed: "Ah, where can I find such a wonderful lad."

Since the first dual cultivation, two days had passed.

The original plan was to stay a night and leave, but after using the bone flesh unity Gu, Fang Yuan was enjoying the rapid cultivation speed and decided to change his plans, to leaving only after he reached rank two at least.

After all, there were still two to three years before that rock is discovered, he was in no rush.

Bai Ning Bing had no objections, there was a huge difference between rank one and rank two. Becoming a rank two Gu Master would be a great help to their journey.

Thus, they stayed in the village and didn't leave.

The old lady also did not chase them away.

The truth was she wanted the two to stay there forever. They worked so diligently, and although one was slightly dumb while the other was ugly, they were honest kids.

Fang and Bai worked in the day, one had the strength of two boars, while the other had the strength of a crocodile; among mortals it was like having divine strength. Farmwork was a breeze, as easy as pie. Furthermore, it was an old lady's house, what tough work could there be?

Everyday Fang and Bai only slept a little, but were still full of energy.

Such a lifestyle - in comparison to moving in the wilds and living in harsh conditions, while worrying for their safety - was like heaven.

Fang Yuan used all his free time

time to cultivate, like he was addicted.

With the bone flesh unity Gu, his speed could only be described with a proverb, a thousand miles a day!

He reached rank one peak stage in the first night. And in the past few days, he was steadily building on his foundation, and his aperture walls had already turned crystal clear. At this rate, he would reach rank two in a few days.

As the number of times they cultivated increased, the bone flesh unity Gu's status rose in Fang Yuan's heart, surpassing the blood skull Gu and heavenly essence treasure lotus, only lower than the spring autumn cicada.

There was no need to even mention Liquor worm which could only raise one small realm, it was nothing compared to the bone flesh unity Gu.

As for blood skull Gu, it required too much investment and time. Although the heavenly essence treasure lotus was good, it could only provide help to Gu Masters who were alone.

As for this bone flesh unity Gu, according to Bai Ning Bing's phrase, it was a Gu that could change even the very structure of society.

This was no exaggeration and was deeply acknowledged by Fang Yuan.

Bone flesh unity Gu was a low rank Gu, even rank one or two Gu Masters could use it. Although it had many refinement requirements, the standards were really not high, and a clan with enough resources could easy refine this Gu.

This Gu was useless to a loner, but to clans or sects, this was a divine weapon!

Using this shortcut, clan elders could nurture the juniors, reducing the time and funds required to raise a Gu Master, by many folds.

With this bone flesh unity Gu, it was no longer nurturing Gu Masters, but creating Gu Masters in batches.

It was a difference between heaven and earth.

Because of this Gu, Fang Yuan even had a change of thought the night before, getting the urge to change his plans of fighting alone to establishing a force of his own.

On that topic, an organised force was just a tool to be used.

Fang Yuan had created the bloodwing demonic sect in his previous life, and if he wanted to establish an organization in this life, it would be a lot easier because he had already experienced it.

But to establish an organisation, the most important thing was — occupying territory filled with

filled with resources. And under layers of control, gather people and use their strength to cultivate together.

Gu Master cultivation was like swimming upstream, it was a journey of accumulation and naturally required resources.

Thus to rank five Gu Masters and below, having an organisation's help would aid in their cultivation. However, once they reached rank six and experienced a qualitative change, turning from mortal to immortal, with the might of heaven and earth gathered in them, an organisation became useless to them.

Knowing this, it was easy to understand Fang Yuan's plans.

In his previous life, Fang Yuan established the bloodwing demonic sect to gather resources. In this life, with his knowledge of many inheritance and secrets, he could simply devour these resources and rise to rank six much more quickly. Why would he need to waste time and effort to create a force of his own?

But now that he possessed the bone flesh unity Gu, it would be much quicker than he previously assumed if he created an organization. There would be less investments, but greater rewards, creating Gu Masters in batches and quickly form a large strength.

But after Fang Yuan thought about it until morning, he dispelled his notion of creating a force.

If he really relied on the bone flesh unity Gu to create an organisation, it would be courting death.

Such a divine weapon would definitely attract the greed of all the large forces, if revealed.

Not to say that he was starting from scratch, even a clan leader with some foundation would not dare to use the bone flesh unity Gu so openly.

It truly attracted the jealousy of others!

Even Wu clan, the number one clan in the southern borders, would not dare to use it alone.

Fang Yuan estimated there needed to be an alliance of at least Wu clan, Fei clan, Tie clan and Shang clan to guard against the greed of all the Gu Masters over the world, if they were to use bone flesh unity Gu in large scale.

"If I want to create a force, even if it starts to look bright, I will get exterminated from all sides. By then, even if I escape, the foundation that I created would be lost. At the end, I would even become a complete loser, pursued by everyone."

Fang Yuan had completely calmed down, knowing that this was a dead path, thus dead path, thus he affirmed his will of fighting alone in a large scale battle.

"But to be honest, Bai Sheng and Bai Hua were quite intelligent. In their previous life, although they used the bone flesh unity Gu and became the righteous twin stars, they did not use this power to grow their clan's force. With their intentional misleading, although the bone flesh unity gGu's reputation was established, people greatly underestimated its ability."

Fang Yuan recalled, and sensed the wisdom in these two twin stars. Being able to come to Bai Gu mountain this time and killing the siblings prematurely, could be considered a great accomplishment.

But Fang Yuan thought again: "This bone flesh unity Gu can only be used by two people. Bai Hua and Bai Sheng must've used the refinement method on the scroll. Without my unique alteration, the difficulty in defining the bone flesh unity Gu is greatly increased. It is possible that they did not even think of this prospect..."

After thinking for so much, Fang Yuan's head was starting to hurt.

He plowed the fields under the intense sun as he shook his head, collecting his dispersed thoughts.

After all, these things were not important and it was useless to think about it.

"Unfortunately, I do not have Gu worms that aid in thinking like creative thinking Gu, intelligent heart Gu, tactful Gu and lightning thoughts Gu. Even at the very least, the bookworm would suffice. It seems I can only purchase them when I get to Shang clan city."

The old lady's field was small, Fang Yuan quickly plowed half of it, when Bai Ning Bing felt interest and started to help on her own accord.

She had seen farmers plowing fields on Qing Mao mountain, but back then she was still muddle-headed, and now that she was in this state, she wanted to experience the wonders in it.

Only when the night approached, did they start eating in front of the old lady's house.

You must be hungry, there are still sweet potatoes in the pot, it will definitely fill you up!" The old lady grinned as she scooped two bowls of rice.

This rice was not the superior rice from the rice bag grass, but rough grains.

However, the two were not picky eaters anyway.

"Eat slowly, I have good news to share with you two." On the table, the old lady smiled mysteriously.

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