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Chapter 230: Dual Cultivation

In the dark room, Bai Ning Bing let out an annoyed snort.

Fang Yuan changed the subject: "At this stage, Shang clan city is the most suitable place for us.There are many stores there from where we can buy the Gu worms suitable for us. Although the Gu worms we have now are excellent, they don't match with each other. Only with Gu worms that can complement each other, can we exhibit stronger fighting prowess and even fight higher ranks."

Bai Ning Bing was in complete agreement.

All excellent Gu Master would have a set of complementing Gu worms.

For instance, when Bai Ning Bing possessed Northern Dark Ice Soul Physique, the Gu worms she had were ice blade Gu, icicle Gu, water shield Gu, blue bird ice coffin Gu, ice muscles Gu, frost demon Gu…

They all belonged to ice and water series, and easily complemented each other when mutually paired and used.

Now however, Fang and Bai only possessed an assortment of Gu worms, if they were to complete a set of complementing Gu worms, their fighting prowess would at least double.

Fortunately, Fang Yuan had stored large numbers of bone spear Gu and spiral bone spear Gu. All these could be sold in Shang Clan City.

Even if there were none of these Gu, Fang Yuan had Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus and could use it to produce primeval stones.

The first objective in going to Shang Clan City was to lay low. The second objective was to purchase and exchange Gu worms. Fang Yuan's third objective, however, wasn't convenient to tell to Bai Ning Bing.

This involved rock gambling.

At a dark corner of a certain rock gambling site, there was a rock hiding a legendary rainbow colored Gu!

The Gu worms in Fang Yuan's possession were as high as rank six Spring Autumn Cicada, Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus which was involved with a rank nine immortal venerable, blood skull Gu which could change one's aptitude and also bone flesh unity Gu.

Leaving aside the bone flesh unity Gu, Blood skull Gu had already lost its worth because there was almost no blood relative left of Fang Yuan now. Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus might have excellent results, but it didn't have any advancement prospects since Fang Yuan didn't have its fusion recipe; the higher his cultivation becomes, the lesser the help it would provide.

Let's not even talk about Spring Autumn Cicada.

Right now it is still hibernating. If one said to use it, it would

be full of danger; but if one does not use it, once it recovered, it would blow up the aperture.

It was a ticking time bomb.

Spring Autumn Cicada, Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus, blood skull Gu and bone flesh unity Gu were the most valuable Gu in Fang Yuan's possession.

In addition, these four all had a common point; they were all involved in assisting with cultivation.

How big of a help they were to Fang Yuan? Big, very big!

However, their use in battles weren't that obvious.

That Gu in the Shang Clan City was different in that it was a trump card for battle. With it and some other Gu worms to complement it, Fang Yuan could only then be considered to have rebirthed; he would have some confidence in being unrivalled among those at the same rank, recovering some of the bearings of his previous life as one of the big shots of the demonic path.

"It's a long journey to Shang Clan City, no need to think about this now, you should first refine the bone flesh unity Gu." Fang Yuan stopped this topic.

Bai Ning Bing felt slightly at ease after knowing Fang Yuan's plan.

Having been in contact with Fang Yuan for so long, she was becoming more and more aware of how treacherous and crafty Fang Yuan was.

Especially his performance today, such simplicity and honesty even nearly fooled her! Not long ago, she had witnessed how Fang Yuan had refined the bone flesh unity Gu and after connecting all of his behaviour, she was beginning to feel a chill in her heart.

She reminded herself to be careful and learn from the mistake of that miserable Bai Clan leader! If she doesn't have some vigilance against Fang Yuan, who knows one day she might be sold by Fang Yuan while still counting the money for him?

She shook her head to put her mood in check and began to refine the bone flesh unity Gu.

This pair of Gu had strange shapes with one green and another red. Bai Ning Bing chose the red one and began pouring her primeval essence into it.

This bone flesh unity Gu had already been refined by Fang Yuan at the very beginning. Now, Fang Yuan removed his imprint from the Gu and cooperated with Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing didn't take a lot of time to refine it.

The moment she finished refining the Gu, there was a change in bone flesh unity Gu.

This pair

pair of linked jade bracelets suddenly completely dissipated in the air. And almost instantly, there appeared circular marks on Fang Yuan's and Bai Ning Bing's wrists.

What was different was, the mark that appeared on Fang Yuan's left wrist was green, whereas it appeared on Bai Ning Bing's right wrist and was red.

A mysterious connection emerged from both Fang and Bai's hearts.

This connection allowed Fang Yuan to sense Bai Ning Bing and Bai Ning Bing similarly could sense Fang Yuan, as if their blood and flesh were linked and couldn't be divided.

This feeling wasn't good and it made Bai Ning Bing feel nauseous as if she had swallowed a housefly.

Fang Yuan's brows also tightly furrowed.

This hadn't been mentioned in the scroll left behind by Grey Bone Scholar.

Fang Yuan thought about it before being relieved: "The gray bone scholar had researched this only in theory and never put it into practice. Not knowing this is very normal…"

This feeling was only a minor detail, the important thing was the next stage.

The two endured the odd feeling and sat cross legged facing each other on the bed, starting their dual cultivation.

They both stretched out their hands, the four palms touching each other.

To be on the safe side, the weaker cultivation Fang Yuan experimented it.

He took out a portion of his green copper primeval essence and cautiously poured it into Bai Ning Bing's aperture.

The green and red circular marks suddenly let out bright radiance.

The foreign primeval essence - when transferred to Bai Ning Bing's aperture - immediately changed to Bai Ning Bing's aura.

"It really worked!" Bai Ning Bing softly exclaimed in delight.

"I clearly transferred ten percent of my green copper primeval essence, but you only received three-fifth of it of it; two-fifth of it was lost in conversion." Fang Yuan's observation was even more detailed.

Bai Ning Bing wasn't surprised though: "What's hard to understand? Didn't the scroll say it? This bone flesh unity Gu can be divided into five types of quality depending on how deep the relation between the two refiners is. From low to high, it is divided into: fratricidal, friendly relation, indissoluble relation, familial relation, blood kin relation."

She analyzed and continued: "If that pair of brother and sister became Gu Masters, and refined the blood flesh unity Gu by themselves, with how deep the relation was between them, I estimate they would obtain the highest quality 'blood kin relation'.If we had refined it by ourselves, hehe, it would

it would definitely be the worst quality 'fratricidal', considering our relation. These two neutralized each other and we have thus obtained the mid-quality 'indissoluble relation."

The bone flesh unity Gu referred to a series Gu. Just like how in the boar Gu, there were black boar Gu, white boar Gu, pink boar Gu and so on.

According to what the scroll mentioned, bone flesh unity Gu contained five types of Gu worms.

The worst quality was the fratricidal Gu which converted ten percent primeval essence into one-fifth of it; above it was friendly relation Gu which converted ten percent of primeval essence into two-fifth of it; indissoluble relation Gu could transfer three-fifth; familial relation Gu could transfer four-fifth ; and the top blood kin relation Gu could transfer a hundred percent of the primeval essence without any loss in conversion.

By relying on his previous life's experience, Fang Yuan had tampered with the recipe at the last moment, obtaining the rank three indissoluble relation Gu which could be considered a pretty good luck.

Researching refinement recipe was not easy. It required continuous deductions and experiments along with many Gu worms.

Fang Yuan was able to succeed with his tampering, one factor was due to the insight from his experience and another factor was luck.

However, he had never liked to rely on luck.

This didn't mean he was born a jinx or his luck was bad all the time. Fang Yuan's luck was the same as ordinary people; sometimes good, sometimes bad. Why he didn't like it was because it was a factor which he couldn't control.

He was a person who strongly desired being in control; he liked to control the situation, control others and naturally control himself.

"That's it. Your turn now." Fang Yuan said.

On the whole, he was satisfied getting the indissoluble Gu.

Bai Ning Bing transferred ten percent of her snow silver primeval essence into Fang Yuan's aperture.

What happened next was shocking!

Just before, when Fang Yuan transferred his dark green primeval essence into Bai Ning Bing's aperture, it formed into a green water which was swallowed by the snow silver primeval sea in just a while; her primeval sea increasing by a bit.

Now, when she transferred ten percent primeval essence into Fang Yuan's aperture, before her primeval essence had yet to land into his primeval sea, his aperture started shaking.

Fang Yuan immediately shouted to stop.

This was not a problem in bone flesh unity Gu, but rather was the problem of his cultivation; he was cultivation; he was only at upper stage of rank one Gu Master and had stored hundreds of bone spear Gu, and now that he was receiving the snow silver primeval essence, the whole burden was too much to handle for his aperture.

Bai Ning Bing hesitated, if she continued to transfer the primeval essence now, she might be able to break Fang Yuan's aperture.

But even if she broke his aperture, Yang Gu could still be destroyed with one thought from Fang Yuan.

She thought for a moment before finally deciding to withdraw her primeval essence.

Originally, ten percent of silver snow primeval essence was transferred to Fang Yuan's aperture, which should have been converted into three-fifth. Now after Bai Ning Bing withdrew her primeval essence, only about a fifth of the converted primeval essence remained.

What made Bai Ning Bing inwardly sigh was the ability of this bone flesh unity Gu.

Fang Yuan transferred all the bone spear Gu to Bai Ning Bing's aperture, and then accepted the snow silver primeval essence.

When this portion of snow primeval essence was in Bai Ning Bing's body, it had her aura. Now that it had been transferred into Fang Yuan's aperture, it suddenly shrunk and changed to Fang Yuan's aura.

The converted snow silver primeval essence sank towards the bottom of Fang Yuan's aperture and his green copper primeval essence could only helplessly float above it.

The two existed peacefully, as if this portion of snow silver primeval essence was birthed by Fang Yuan's aperture.

If it was foreign primeval essence that came this close in contact, it would immediately explode and cause damage to the aperture.

Hence, the normal primeval essence imparting was like walking on a steel rope; very dangerous and exhausting.

Fang Yuan tried moving this portion of the white silver primeval essence to rush at the aperture walls.

Gu Masters were divided into nine ranks of great realms, each great realms were further divided into four small realms; initial stage, middle stage, upper stage and peak stage.

Initial stage was light membrane aperture walls; the light was thin and flickering.

Middle stage was water membrane aperture walls; the light flowed freely.

Upper stage was stone membrane aperture walls; the light was condensed to solid state.

Peak stage was crystal membrane aperture walls with ethereal and pure radiance.

Fang Yuan was now a rank one upper stage; his aperture walls were of stone membrane.

However, with one wave of impact from the snow silver primeval essence, this stone membrane wall actually started shaking violently!

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