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Chapter 988 - The Power of Sundered Night

What appeared before Master Hollow Wind was a red sun, and below the red sun was the raging waves of the sea. At this moment, Master Hollow Wind had an illusion that his body had dissipated and turned into the endless night.

However, at the moment the sun rose up from the sea, he felt an intense amount of pain come from his body. It was like his body was being torn apart. Even his origin soul was caught in this. It was a pain he had never felt before; he felt himself being torn to pieces!

A powerful sense of life and death crisis appeared in Master Hollow Wind’s heart. He was aghast at the situation before him, causing him to open his arms. A storm of origin energy descended from the sky as he attempted to resist the power of Sundered Night.

However, just as his origin energy spread out, it was pierced by the blazing sun just like the darkness of the night.

The storm shattered as if it had been torn apart. In just a short moment, none of it remained.

“This… This is impossible!” Master Hollow Wind was pale, and at this moment, unspeakable pain filled his body. Blood came out of his orifices and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood. He retreated, but he was terrified to find that no matter how much he moved, the sun was always before him.

“All I can do is risk it!” Master Hollow Wind’s hand formed a seal and his Nirvana Cleanser cultivation exploded. The ability to gather origin energy was something only Nirvana Cleanser cultivators could do, and he quickly used this ability.

Strands of origin energy came from the void and gathered before Master Hollow Wind like roaring dragons. Soon, they formed a ball of origin energy before him.

Although this ball wasn’t big, the destructive force inside it was not something any Nirvana Scryer cultivator could resist!

The instant the ball of origin energy appeared, the world changed colors and the planet trembled. The expression of the three Chen brothers changed and they had to retreat.

Big Head and company also retreated. They didn’t dare to linger too close to a spell of a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator!

Master Hollow Wind’s hair was a mess. The life and death crisis and the terror he felt had forced him into a corner like a trapped beast. He no longer thought about killing Wang Lin; he only wanted to find a way to survive this unbelievable spell.

“This… What kind of spell is this? It contains an unimaginable law of the world. This is not the kind of spell a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator should have!” Roaring, Master Hollow Wind pushed the ball of origin energy forward.

This ball of origin energy shot out like a ray of lightning at the blazing sun!

“Only by breaking this blazing sun can I save my life!” Master Hollow Wind was frightened as he watched the ball of origin energy fly forward.

The ball of origin energy was very fast and shot directly at the blazing sun. When it got closer, a powerful force erupted from the blazing sun and mercilessly collided with the ball of origin energy.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the world. This sound even echoed through the space around planet Water Spirit, and large amounts of cracks appeared on the earth of planet Water Spirit.

The ball of origin energy collapsed!

Master Hollow Wind let out a miserable smile and coughed out another mouthful of blood. At this moment, there was a sound of things tearing as countless wounds appeared on his body and instantly soaked his clothes in blood.

Bursts of unimaginable pain came from his body. If not for his amazing perseverance from all his years of cultivation, he would have groaned in pain. Now he could only feel as if he was the darkness of the night that was torn apart by the light of the blazing sun. This feeling became so strong that he couldn’t tell if this was an illusion or if it was real.

Not only did a large amount of wounds appear on his body, even his origin soul was covered in injuries. It felt as if countless people were trying to tear him into pieces!

His origin soul also had this feeling!

He was in a trance as the blazing sun rose up from the sea. There seemed to be a vague figure inside the sun, and the figure became clearer the higher the sun rose.

“Wang Lin…”

The person inside the sun was Wang Lin!

At this instant, Wang Lin was that blazing sun. Bursts of golden light came from his body. This light was too strong, making it impossible for anyone to see the real figure inside!

The sea under the sun vaguely reflected the peak Wang Lin was on!

All of this caused fear to fill Master Hollow Wind’s eyes. That wasn’t the blazing sun at all, but Wang Lin! That wasn’t the sea, but the mountain’s peak!

However, the feeling that was tearing him apart told him that the force tearing the night sky was real.

Master Hollow Wind struggled to roar as he endured the pain and touched his bag of holding. However, the moment he touched the bag of holding, his right arm shattered and dissipated.

Large amounts of treasures flew out from his bag in an attempt to stop the force tearing his body. However, those treasures were far too weak and all exploded the moment they appeared!

Master Hollow Wind’s eyes were bloodshot. At this moment of life and death, his mountain of flesh body that he had recovered quickly disappeared in a second. A giant, black stone tablet instantly appeared before him.

There were countless runes carved on the stone tablet, and there was a giant black python coiled around it. The python had a horn on its head; it was clearly about to become a real dragon!

As Master Hollow Wind roared, the giant python opened its mouth and charged at Wang Lin. The black stone tablet tipped over and seemed to be falling down on Wang Lin!

The stone tablet was so big that it covered the sky as it fell, making it seem as if the sky itself was falling!

Wang Lin was still sitting on top of the peak. From beginning to end, he sat there without moving an inch. He calmly looked at Master Hollow Wind and softly said, “Sundered Night!”

The moment he uttered those two words, the world rumbled. Wang Lin’s body turned into the sun and the peak turned into the sea. The sun rose completely above the sea and an endless power that could tear the night apart swept forward!

The sun rises over the sea, Sundered Night!

The night collapsed as it was torn apart. It was… sundered!

The giant python painfully struggled as it was torn to pieces!

The stone tablet shattered into countless pieces and collapsed!

Master Hollow Wind coughed out a large mouthful of blood and countless more wounds appeared on his body. There was no part of his body that wasn’t injured, but his body no longer collapsing. A powerful force pushed him back and he smashed into the ground kicking up a large amount of dust into the air.

The night no longer existed and everything disappeared. Everything returned to normal as if nothing had happened. The three Chen brothers’ scalps tingled as they watched all this unfold before them, and they felt fear from the bottom of their hearts.

“Even Master can’t use a spell like this…”

“This… This is the spell he spent two month comprehending… It’s terrifying! If this kind of spell was used on me, the only thing awaiting me would be death!”

“Master Hollow Wind is a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator, yet he was forced to retreat. If it wasn’t for the fact that Senior Wang didn’t have the intent to kill, it would’ve been difficult for Master Hollow Wind to escape this calamity!”

The three Chen brothers looked at each other and saw the fear in each other’s eyes.

Big Head gasped as he looked at the indifferent Wang Lin. His heart held a very complex feeling.

“The difference between us is getting larger and larger… This trip to the Alliance has caused a huge increase in his cultivation level!”

Passion filled Lei Ji’s eyes, and he thought, “The stronger Master is, the more confident I get in taking back planet Giant Demon.”

Ta Shan was still as indifferent as before.

The surroundings were completely silent. No was dared to speak under this oppressive atmosphere.

As Wang Lin silently looked at the sun in the sky, clarity filled his eyes. He took a step and arrived before Master Hollow Wind. He grabbed Master Hollow Wind by the hair and charged straight ahead.

Before he left, he nodded at the three Chen brothers and disappeared.

“After more than two months of waiting, I finally managed to catch that moment. It was similar to the time I entered that mysterious space provided by Ancient Demon Bei Lou in the Demon Spirit Land…. However, it was just similar; compared to this, Ancient Demon Bei Lou’s mysterious space was really insignificant…”

As Wang Lin pondered, he appeared before his palace and walked in.

“What realm was that… Even though I was only in a that realm for a moment, I was able to comprehend the power that tears through the darkness of the night, Sundered Night. This can also be considered the first spell I’ve created!” Wang Lin put Master Hollow Wind to the side and began to ponder.

He kept replaying the scene from before and gradually engraved the feeling of Sundered Night into his mind.

Master Hollow Wind struggled to sit up as he looked at Wang Lin with a complex expression. Right now, he was a bag of bones; it was as if he was a skeleton. After a long time, he asked with a hoarse voice, “You…. Did you create that spell just now?”

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