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Chapter 989 - The Strongest Moment

Master Hollow Wind wasn’t sure if Wang Lin had created that spell that almost made him lose his wits. He only felt that the spell was very powerful, and he rarely saw a spell of equal power!

The reason Master Hollow Wind thought that Wang Lin had created his own spell was due to Master Hollow Wind’s countless years of cultivation experience and his early stage Nirvana Cleanser cultivation. While experiencing the spell, Master Hollow Wind felt a lack of proficiency!

This lack of proficiency wasn’t because of the caster not being familiar with the spell, it came from the spell itself. Just like how a jade that was just polished would look very smooth, if you touched it, you’d find that it was still a bit rough.

This resulted in Master Hollow Wind’s hoarse question after pondering for a long time.

Wang Lin calmly looked at Master Hollow Wind and nodded.

His nod caused a storm to sweep through Master Hollow Wind’s heart. He stared dumbfoundedly at Wang Lin and wasn’t able to say anything for a long time.

Self-created spells were not things just anyone could come up with. At least from Master Hollow Wind’s experience, he had heard that only those old monsters at the Nirvana Shatterer stage were qualified to make spells unique to themselves.

Basically, any self-created spells were powerful beyond imagination!

“Self-created…” Master Hollow Wind had a bitter expression. He would have never expected this Wang Lin to create a spell, and its power...

Thinking of the feeling of his body being torn apart, Master Hollow Wind’s face paled. The pain from his body being torn apart was still there. The pain was espeically strong from his right arm that had already collapsed. 

Master Hollow Wind understood that if it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Lin didn’t want to kill him, he would have already collapsed under that self-created spell.

While hundreds of ideas flashed through Master Hollow Wind’s mind, Wang Lin was pondering as well. The shock that Sundered Night brought to Wang Lin wasn’t any less than what Master Hollow Wind was feeling. In fact, he was even more shocked!

“My actual cultivation is still only at the peak of the mid stage of Nirvana Scryer, one step away from the late stage, but far from peak late stage Nirvana Scryer. The difference between me and a Nirvana Cleanser cultivation is huge, yet why was Sundered Night able to seriously injure Master Hollow Wind so easily…”

Wang Lin continued to ponder this problem.

While he pondered, he raised his right hand and his eyes shined brightly. The feeling of Sundered Night appeared in his mind and a golden light appeared in his right hand. This golden light was bright like the blazing sun!

Master Hollow Wind was terrified as he endured the pain to get up and retreat. He didn’t see that Wang Lin had frowned.

Wang Lin waved his right hand and the golden light dissipated.

Master Hollow Wind let out a sigh as he respectfully said, “I’ll remember Fellow Cultivator Wang’s mercy! I was reckless this time, and my losing right arm is a clear reminder of my mistake. I, Master Hollow Wind, swear with my dao that this won’t happen a second time!”

Although he admitted his defeat to Wang Lin, he still held a grudge. Originally, he decided to rebel in the Demon Spirit Land.

However, after seeing the power of Sundered Night and learning that it was a self-created spell, he gave up on such thoughts. He would focus on getting out from the Demon Spirit Land and regaining his freedom.

As for whether or not this spell was really created by Wang Lin, he didn’t bother asking too much. With his cultivation and experience, he could see some clues. He thought that 80% of what Wang Lin said was true.

However, whether it was true or false was no longer important. The shock of the spell made him discard any ideas of rebelling. In a way, he was relieved as he no longer had to think about it.

Moreover, after being shown mercy twice, Master Hollow Wind knew there wouldn’t be a third time!

Wang Lin calmly looked at Master Hollow Wind. They were both sensible people, so there was no need to warn or say too much. He merely nodded and let this matter pass.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang, with my understanding of the old monsters of planet Tian Yun, the Demon Spirit Land should be open soon. It could open within few months or at most half a year. I’m seriously injured, so I must go into closed door cultivation, and I won’t disturb you too much.” Now that he was sincerely going to help Wang Lin, Master Hollow Wind gradually started to consider what might happen in the Demon Spirit Land.

After saying goodbye to Wang Lin, Master Hollow Wind returned to his palace and began to cultivate.

After Master Hollow Wind left, Wang Lin frowned as he looked at his right hand. After a moment of silence, he used Sundered Night again and the golden light appeared once more.

The moment this golden light appeared, the origin energy in Wang Lin’s body gathered in his hand like uncontrollable wild horses.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he waved his right hand, then his origin energy gradually returned. However, just this moment had almost used more than 10% of his origin energy.

“Just like before, all my origin energy is used up when I use the spell… It will be impossible to use Sundered Night with the amount of origin energy I possess! However, I didn’t consume any origin energy and was able to display the shocking power of Sundered Night a little while ago…” Wang Lin frowned.

“Could it be…” Wang Lin suddenly raised his head and his eyes lit up. He seemed to have realized something.

In the blink of an eye, the day passed and night arrived once more. Wang Lin still sat in the palace and pondered late into the night. It wasn’t until the time dawn was about to arrive that Wang  Lin’s eyes lit up and he stood up and walked out.

His body suddenly disappeared and reappeared on the peak where he comprehended Sundered Night!

The ocean breeze blew by and bursts of coldness fell on Wang Lin’s body. However, Wang Lin wasn’t bothered by this at all as he stared at the rising sun in the distance. The comprehension he had while using Sundered Night filled his body and then moved to his right hand.

At this moment, golden light flashed from his right hand. He didn’t use any origin energy in his body. The moment he raised his right hand, Wang Lin he found that boundless origin energy from the rising sun had gathered in his right hand. This caused the golden light in his hand to suddenly expand!

As more origin energy came from the rising sun and gathered in his right hand, the golden light spread from his right arm to his whole body!

Wang Lin was covered in this golden glow, and he became as bright as the sun. A moment later, he replaced the real sun and became the sun rising over the sea!

Enlightenment appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. With a thought, the golden light around him slowly disappeared until it was completely gone.

“So that was indeed the case! My pool of origin energy isn’t enough to use this shocking self-created spell. I can only borrow the power of the sunrise to use it…” Wang Lin pondered for a long time before shaking his head. He then took a step and disappeared.

“Although there is a limit, if someone battles me during sunrise, then along with the third eye and the God Slaying War Chariot, I should have the power to battle an early stage Nirvana Shatterer cultivator!

“The moment the sun peaks over the horizon is when I’m at my strongest!”

When Wang Lin returned to the palace, his eyes turned cold and he muttered, “Not counting Master Hollow Wind, I wonder who will be the first to encounter me at my strongest!"

Wang Lin sat in the lotus position. Then his hands formed seal and countless restrictions filled the palace. Then he pointed to between his eyebrows to activate the heart restriction and countless black lines flew out.

As large amounts of restrictions filled the area, the palace was completely sealed.

After doing all this, Wang Lin was still a bit worried. He slapped his bag of holding and a compass appeared in his hand! This compass was something only the heir of the Annihilation Restriction could have!

After blowing origin energy at the compass, the needle on it began to spin. The compass flew up and grew until it was 100 feet wide. It floated above Wang Lin, and when Wang Lin jumped up, the compass descended, sinking into the ground. Wang Lin sat down in the middle of the compass.

“This should be enough!” Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and the silver corpse appeared before him. Looking at the corpse, Wang Lin pondered for a moment before mercilessly pressing down between her eyebrows!

At this moment, the female corpse suddenly opened her eyes, revealing a cold gaze at Wang Lin. Also, a vortex appeared between her eyebrows, stopping his finger one inch away from her skin.

A vicious gaze appeared in the eyes of the female corpse and she retreated. However, the moment she retreated, the compass below her trembled and rotated. Restrictions flew out from the compass and seamlessly linked together with all the other restrictions in the room. If she triggered one restriction, it was tantamount to triggering them all!

There was a vicious gaze in her eyes, and also an unexpected hint of intelligence. She slowed her retreat and charged straight at Wang Lin!

The female corpse was seriously injured, and although her cultivation level had fallen, her fierceness hadn’t decreased at all. She rushed up to Wang Lin and mercilessly clawed at him.

Wang Lin’s expression was still calm, and as her claw closed in, a ray of blue light shot out from Wang Lin’s eyes. Her hand immediately touched the blue light.

After letting out a miserable scream, the woman quickly retreated. Although she was retreating, her movement was light and she unexpectedly didn’t touch any of the restrictions. She stopped few dozen feet from Wang Lin. There was a hint of intelligence in her eyes as she bared her teeth at Wang Lin and let out a roar.

This female corpse was already beautiful, so not only did this action not give people sense of danger, she gave off the impression of a cat because of her two eye teeth.

The two chains on her body clattered as she moved, and the sound echoed across the palace.

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