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Chapter 970 - Break the Finger

As the finger fell, the earth caved in and collapsed. The center of the collapse was the valley Wang Lin was in. Thunder rumbles echoed and large cracks appeared within the valley. The cracks continued to extend until the valley was split into pieces!

Even more cracks appeared, and in just an instant, the valley collapsed. Countless shattered stones exploded and exploded into dust due to the pressure.

As a result, Wang Lin’s surroundings became a flattened ruin. The dust from the collapsed valley couldn’t even fly up due to the pressure from the descending finger; it was pushed away with Wang Lin as the center. This dust moved like a python that was being held down.

At this moment, seven people flew out from the Ghost Eye City, including the Chen brothers. Shock filled their eyes and their minds trembled when they saw the giant finger.

The seven-colored light that came from the finger lit up the night!

The seven didn’t hesitate and arrived at seven different locations in Ghost Eye City. As they roared, a pillar of light shot out from the center of the city. There was a loud rumble and the city actually flew into the sky!

It lifted into the air like a disc and flew south. However, under the pressure of the giant finger, it was slow down and large amount of cracks appeared all over the city.

Ghost Eye City struggled to escape. The few old monsters of Ghost Eye City felt depressed to be caught in such a calamity without reason, but none of them dared to say anything.

Everyone could see that the giant finger belonged to the real ruler of planet Tian Yun, the All-Seer!

“The All-Seer wants to kill Wang Lin?” The Chen brothers looked at each other but didn’t speak. However, there was dread in their eyes. After pondering a bit, Master Yi Chen clenched his teeth and charged off toward the giant finger.

The seven-colored light covered the sky. Even if you were far away, you could clearly see it. After all, this finger was simply too big!

Master Yi Chen didn’t go to help Wang Lin but to witness the battle between a Nirvana Shatterer and Nirvana Cleanser cultivator. If he missed this due to a moment of timidness, he would regret it for the rest of his life!

There was another person who had the same thought, a black-robed youth. Although he looked young, he gave off an ancient aura and charged forward.

As for everyone else, they didn’t have the guts!

As Master Yi Chen moved forward, he perceived the youth in black. He was shocked and thought, “The city lord of Ghost Eye City has guts!”

Wang Lin opened his arms and stood at the center of the valley. Bai Wei’s body, which was wrapped in the ice crystal, was not far away. Although he had already died, his body wasn’t damaged at all by the All-Seer’s spell.

The Summon the Rain crystal floated before Wang Lin and gave off a gentle glow. There was also a vortex of water vapor that seemed to rotate around the crystal.

Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the finger that was getting larger and closer until he could clearly see the fingerprint on it. When the finger crashed down from the sky as if it was crushing an ant, a shocking coldness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes and he shouted, “Summon the Rain!”

The moment Wang Lin said “Summon the Rain,” an illusion appeared behind Wang Lin. Although it was impossible to see the appearance of this illusion, given its cold demeanor, it was not difficult to recognize it as Qing Shui. This was a phantom Qing Shui left inside the crystal!

Qing Shui’s phantom raised his right hand and formed a seal. Then he pointed at the crystal before Wang Lin. The crystal shook and rotated rapidly before a brilliant light shot out toward the giant finger descending toward Wang Lin!

When it closed in on the finger, the crystal released a burst of unimaginable light. This light was very strong, and if a mortal looked at it, their eyes would fester and they would die. Even if a cultivator saw it, their eyes would sting. If their cultivation was lacking, their body would directly dissipate.

Even with Wang Lin’s ancient god body, his eyes felt pain when looking at the light. Luckily, it disappeared in a flash.

However, Master Yi Chen, who was watching in the distance, wasn’t so lucky. He only felt pain in his eyes, and it immediately felt like countless silver needles were penetrating him. Terrified, he quickly cycled the origin energy inside his body and only recovered after a while.

As for Ghost Eye City’s lord, the young man in black, his cultivation level was inferior to Master Yi Chen’s, only at peak Corporeal Yang. He let out a miserable groan and quickly retreated with his eyes closed. Tears came out of his eyes, but he didn’t panic. Instead, he slapped his bag of holding and a large amount of pill bottles appeared. He swallowed them and then closed his eyes to cultivate.

But his divine sense still spread out to carefully observe this battle!

The moment the crystal shined brightly, it rapidly shrank. In an instant, more than 30% of it disappeared. The 30% of the crystal that disappeared formed into a drop of rain and fell.

The instant it dropped, the drop of rain continued to spread. In an instant, there were countless raindrops before Wang Lin!

Qing Shui’s phantom waved his sleeves and then the countless raindrops whistled before they charged at the giant finger. Large amounts of origin energy gathered like crazy and entered each raindrop.

A heaven-shaking explosions echoed across planet Tian Yun as the endless raindrops collided with the finger descending from the sky!

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

The endless rumbles echoed across the sky. The giant finger actually paused for a moment under Qing Shui’s spell.

However, seven-colored light shined brightly as the raindrops hit the finger and collapsed. The finger only paused for a moment before pressing down even faster. It was as if everything that got in its path would be mercilessly destroyed!

The countless raindrops all collapsed and the finger suddenly touched the Summon the Rain crystal!

Just at this instant, Wang Lin’s hand formed a seal and he pointed at the crystal while shouting, “Summon the Rain!”

The crystal exploded, and the moment it shattered, the phantom of Qing Shui behind Wang Lin stepped out. Its speed was very fast, leaving behind an afterimage. It entered the crystal the moment it shattered and turned into more raindrops that gathered at the finger!

This time it wasn’t the countless raindrops that collided, all of them condensed into one drop of rain! This raindrop released a red glow and a hint of Ji realm. It directly collided with the All-Seer’s spell!

The moment they collided, the red raindrop released a fierce aura and unexpectedly formed a vortex. The rotating vortex collided with the seven-colored ripples outside the finger.

The seven-colored ripples immediately collapsed but then turned into seven different colored dragons that circled the finger and roared like crazy.

After breaking the seven-color ripples, the red raindrop directly touched the finger the All-Seer sent!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

This giant finger didn’t pause and descended from the sky toward Wang Lin as if it wanted to crush an ant!

However, there was a small, red dot in the center of the giant finger. It went deeper and constantly destroyed everything in its path. Then it suddenly collapsed and set off a storm inside the finger.

As the finger pressed down, Wang Lin became gloomy. He felt like the sky was collapsing, but there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

“The All-Seer didn’t even ask me for the extreme Yang. There is more to this!” Wang Lin let out a sigh, but his battle intent didn’t diminish. His eyes lit up as he slapped his bag of holding and a hand-sized fragment appeared in his grasp.

This fragment was gifted to Wang Lin by Master Flamespark after Wang Lin achieved great merit for Allheaven!

As the giant finger descended, a powerful gust of wind appeared as if it wanted to extinguish Wang Lin’s life. The land around Wang Lin collapsed once more. The area around him had already caved in, and now it caved in even more!

Under the thunderous rumbles, Wang Lin’s body sank into the ground. His eyes were unyielding as he roared and his right hand formed a seal. The Celestial Realm fragment flew into the air and grew until it unexpectedly became a continent!

At a glance, this continent seemed to extend forever. It was like a thick shield that separated Wang Lin from the giant finger! 

The finger instantly pressed down on the Celestial Realm fragment. A loud rumble spread across planet Tian Yun, setting off a shockwave on the earth. It looked as if an earth dragon was moving underground.

Large amounts of cracks appeared on the Celestial Realm fragment. However, the Celestial Realm fragment didn’t collapse!

The finger lifted, and just as it was about to press down again, the power inside the Summon the Rain crystal suddenly exploded. Strands of light light shot out, and it was extremely shocking!

The giant finger was pierced by the red lights. It was riddled with holes, causing the vast origin energy inside it to rapidly dissipate.

As the finger rose, the number of red lights increased. The giant finger trembled and seemed like it was about to collapse.

Just at this instant, Wang Lin’s body entered the Celestial Realm fragment and appeared above it. His eyes were extremely cold as his right hand formed a fist and he threw a punch.

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